The 17 Best Gifts for Football Fans You Can Order on Amazon Right Now

Football fans can never have enough football gear, which makes them easy to shop for during the holidays.

However, there are almost too many football-related gifts out there, including accessories, decorations, football games and actual gear for playing the sport. This can be a little intimidating, so we rounded up 18 of the best football gifts that you can order right now on Amazon. Whether their team is heading for the playoffs or destined for another losing season, these football gift ideas are sure to delight any NFL fan.

Weve found something for every kind of football fan, from team coolers for tailgating to videogames. Plus, we made sure to find an option for every gifters price range. Check out our top picks for the best gifts for football fans below.

1. YETI Roadie 20 Cooler

If you love football, then you also love tailgating, which is why the best gifts for football fans are travel-friendly coolers. And when it comes to coolers, YETI is the top brand for a reason. These durable, heavy-duty coolers are perfect for any occasion, but theyre especially handy on the road. For a tailgate or backyard party, this is the cooler you want. YETI coolers are pretty much indestructible and have a 14-can capacity. We suppose you could put soda in it, but why would you? The $200 price tag isnt super easy on your budget, but for the football fan you really care about, this is the ultimate gift.

yeti cooler

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Buy: YETI Roadie 20 Cooler, Reef Blue $339.97

2. Finger Flick Football Game

Downtime at the office can get boring. Upgrade your football fans messing-around-time with this flick football set. It consists of two goals and two flick footballs, which offer way more fun than you might imagine. It costs just $12, making it another great budget-friendly gift or stocking stuffer for any football fan.

Finger flick football desktop

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Buy: Finger Flick Football Game $12.15

3. The Football Fanbook

Buying a gift for a young football fan? Try The Football Fanbook. It features all the football lingo, trivia, stats, and skills needed to be an expert on the game. Its also fun for football fans to look at together and only costs $15 for the digital version.

Football book for fans

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Buy: The Football Fanbook

4. Sportula NFL Stainless Steel Coasters

These stainless steel NFL coasters make a great gift because theyre actually a handsome piece of decor, which cant be said for most sports-themed art. Theyre made with a cork backing and premium laser-cut stainless steel, giving them a high-end look that can upgrade any man cave or bar area. To find the coasters for your team (plus tons of other great team-specific merchandise), head to the YouTheFan Amazon store.

NFL coasters team logos

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Buy: Sportula NFL Stainless Steel Coasters $15.44

5. Tipsy Tubes Hidden Flask (3-Pack)

Having a drink (or a few) at the football game is great. Emptying your bank account is not. Thankfully there are other solutions for the creative drinker, like these flasks disguised as sunscreen tubes. Its a fun gift that your football friend (and his bank account) will thank you for.

Hidden Flask Sunscreen Bottle

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Buy: Tipsy Tubes Hidden Flask (3-Pack) $14.95

6. Coleman NFL Soft-Sided Cooler Bag

Cold drinks are an absolute necessity at any tailgate, football watch party or park scrimmage. This Coleman cooler bag lets you transport beers, sodas and cold water bottles. Its a fun upgrade to the boring travel cooler and comes with your team logo and color scheme. It features a carrying strap and a compact design for easy transportation but packs a surprising 16 cans and ice to keep the party going.

soft cooler NFL team

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Buy: Coleman NFL Soft-Sided Cooler Bag $29.99

7. Seibertron Ultra-Stick Football Gloves

If your giftee actually plays football, theyll appreciate a nice pair of gloves to up their game. We recommend these best-selling gloves from Seibertron. They feature an ultra-stick material on the palms and fingers for snatching the ball, plus breathable fabric on the back to keep your hands from sweating too much. Reviewers say the gloves are comfortable and well-built especially considering their incredibly low price tag.

football gloves sticky

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Buy: Seibertron Ultra-Stick Football Gloves $18.99

8. Aminco NFL Logo Cufflinks

Another easy gift for football fans is this set of officially licensed NFL cufflinks. They have a classic look with the team logo of choice in the middle, allowing die-hard fans to rep their favorite team even when theyre all dressed up.

cufflinks football teams

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Buy: Aminco NFL Logo Cufflinks $22.70

9. Wilson Composite Football

This one is a no-brainer. Any football fan would be happy to unwrap a fresh pigskin this holiday. For the best gifts for football fans they can actually play ball with, we recommend Wilsons composite football. Its great for everything from serious practice to backyard catch with your kids and comes very highly-rated with 4.8/5 stars on Amazon.

football wilson composite

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Buy: Wilson Composite Football $32.06

10. NFL Team Pride Light

Every football family wants to have the most spirited house on the block during the big game. This clever NFL pride light lets your giftee really fly their teams colors by projecting the team logo all over their house. The projector is very handy because you dont need to unpack, set-up and store a bunch of banners and decorations. Just set it up on the day of the game using the tripod and lawn stake.

football team projector

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Buy: NFL Team Pride Light $33.50

11. Boelter Brands NFL Pint Glass Set

When youre watching the game at home or at a friends house, chances are you have a glass in your hand. Thats why a dedicated NFL glass is a great way to rep your team. This set from Boelter includes two 16 ounce glasses with your teams logo etched right on the front. Its the best way to cheers your mates and wish for a win. To find your teams glass set and a ton of other great football gift ideas, head to the Boelter Amazon store.

NFL beer glass

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Buy: Boelter Brands NFL Pint Glass Set $33.04

12. DisplayGifts Mirrored Football Display Case

Most football fans have a prized pigskin with some sentimental value or a signature from their favorite player. However, many of them dont take the time to go out and buy a nice display case for showing off and protecting their treasure, which makes this one of the best gift ideas for football fans.

Football Display Case

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Buy: DisplayGifts Mirrored Football Display Case $42.95

13. The Northwest Company NFL Robe

This robe allows you or your giftee to rep their team while lounging on Sunday morning. Its made of silky 100% polyester fabric, ensuring maximum lounge-i-ness. Reviewers are big fans, saying the robe is seriously soft and very well-made for just $43. The robe is an especially good idea for husbands, boyfriends or dads that desperately need a loungewear upgrade (because that stained hoodie needs to go).

men's robe football teams NFL

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Buy: The Northwest Company NFL Robe $42.99

14. Sport Squad Endzone Challenge

Get ready for barbeques, tailgates and backyard parties with this endzone challenge game. The stand-up game allows you to test your throwing arms accuracy with seven holes. Along with the frame and net, the game comes with a carrying case, 4 foam footballs and 4 frisbees to practice with. This is perfect for tailgates or backyard fun with the kids.

football endzone game

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Buy: Sport Squad Endzone Challenge $44.95

15. Madden NFL 20

If your football fan giftee is also a gamer, then the newest edition of Madden NFL is a no-brainer as a gift idea. The latest and greatest installment of the popular video game features an incredible new game engine for smooth, addictive gameplay and crisp graphics.

Madden NFL 20 xbox one

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Buy: Madden NFL 20 $59.99

16. WinCraft NFL Snack Helmet

Snacks and the Super Bowl are a match made in heaven. To make sure everything at your party is on-theme, give your host this NFL snack helmet. It features removable, microwave-safe trays that fit three different snacks. And when not in use, the helmet makes a great football decoration as well.

football helmet snack tray

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Buy: WinCraft NFL Snack Helmet $55.41

17. GrowlerWerks uKeg

GrowlerWerks uKeg has blown-up recently as a man cave and tailgate must-have. It keeps your favorite beer cold and carbonated for up to 2 weeks and looks great wherever you put it. Needless to say, any football fan would be thrilled to get it as a gift.

Beer Keg GrowlerWerks

Image courtesy of Amazon

Buy: GrowlerWerks uKeg $111.75

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