The 19 Best Men’s Robes That Will Make You Feel Like a King This Christmas

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What’s the best men’s robe? Of course, the answer depends on your personality. What we’re sure of, though? The best robes for men make for some of the best Christmas gifts that money can buy, full stop.

The Dude’s robe tied his outfits together perfectly in The Big Lebowski. Tyler Durden’s pastel plush robe in Fight Club was unforgettable. On-screen wise-asses like Deadpool and Ferris Bueller like to lounge around in loud striped terry cloth robes that are as bold as their personalities. Finally, we have Tony Soprano’s bathrobe wardrobe, which ranged from soothing plaid flannel to seductive silk. This just goes to show that the best men’s robes aren’t just for toweling off after a shower. They can be an integral part of your lifestyle and not just something you slip on with your house slippers.

Always rushed? Wear a classic men’s robe made of terrycloth. It’s like wearing a bath towel with sleeves. Or if you consider lounging an art, then opt for a lightweight robe made of cashmere or a luxury cotton blend. If style is your watchword, then slip into a tailored dressing gown-style men’s robe or one made from luxe materials like cashmere or silk. Typically, these soft fabrics make for the best quality robes for men. Always cold? Then take the chill off with a warm flannel, fleece, plush or wool bathrobe.

If we’ve learned anything from the stay-at-home era, it’s that nothing beats clothes that feel good. We’ve always loved robes. For guys that can never be too comfortable, there are tons of great options, from classic ones from Ugg and Brooklinen to new products from Coyuchi and Lunya.

In this post, we’ll break down the different styles you can choose from, as well as the best men’s robes you can gift and wear this Christmas.

The Different Styles of Men’s Robes

Men’s robes can run from floor-sweeping to ending a bit below the butt. Most are belted and all have at least two pockets. More formal versions have a breast pocket.

  • Kimono: Inspired by the traditional Japanese robes, this style has wide sleeves, a collarless neckline and a belt. Fabrics range from polyester to thick terry.
  • Classic: Oversized robes with wide cuffs, the classic bathrobe also has a shawl collar, patch pockets and is belted. This option can be found in every type of fabric including flannel, cotton and lined wool.
  • Spa Robes: Cut like a classic bathrobe, these men’s robes are made for hanging out awkwardly before a massage. They come in lightweight fabrications that range from modal, bamboo, broadcloth, seersucker, Egyptian cotton or lightweight cotton.
  • Hooded Robe: Made from either terrycloth or lightweight material, they provide style and an easy way to dry wet hair. Hoods can be incorporated into any bathrobe style.
  • Dressing Gown: The bathrobe’s stylish brother. They’re tailored, made from silk or weighty silk brocade, and are detailed with everything from piping and contrast lining to fine embroidery.

Brooklinen Waffle Robe

From the brand that makes some of the most comfortable, highly luxurious sheets the world of bedding can offer, meet the Brooklinen Waffle Robe. It’s so cozy that the second you put it on you’ll want to slip into bed and take a nap. Featuring a wide shawl piped collar, cuffed edges, deep pockets for holding your phone and keys and a sturdy waist tie, you’re not only going to look good, but you’ll feel great, too.

In addition to naming this one of the best men’s robes ever created, we’ve also featured these popular Brooklinen robes in many of our gift guides, and it’s proven to be one of the most popular products ever featured on SPY. This, right here, is the best men’s robe. Full stop.

Brooklinen Waffle Robe

Brooklinen Waffle Robe

Price: $99.00 $84.15

Buy Now

Parachute Linen Robe

Parachute’s soft linen men’s robe is so handsome, you’d be tempted to use it as a summer trench coat. It floats to your ankles and has a deep V-neck and a wide tie. It’s light enough for the hottest summer day. Yet, it’s so soft it immediately makes you feel relaxed. It comes in two solid colors this holiday season, off-white and olive.

Parachute men's robe

Coyuchi Unisex Organic Waffle Robe

This organic waffle robe is sourced and woven in Turkey, so you know this is expertly crafted by folks who know comfort. Haven’t you ever used a Turkish robe? If so, you’ll know this luxe men’s robe is well worth the price.

Coyuchi men's robe

Coyuchi Unisex Organic Waffle Robe

Price: $128.00 $96.00

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UGG Robinson Robe

If you’ve ever thrown a pair of UGG slippers on your feet, you’ll know that they have some of the coziest footwear options in existence. That must mean their robes have got to be super cozy too. This soft jersey robe has a gorgeous-to-the-touch texture that will make you want to wear it every second you’re in the house. Slip into this bathrobe the second you wake up on a Sunday morning and never feel the need to get dressed until Monday.

Ugg men's robe

Buy: UGG Robinson Robe $147.95

L.L.Bean Terry Cloth Organic Cotton Robe

Don’t you just love those plushy bathrobes that come in your hotel suites? This L.L.Bean Terry Cloth Organic Cotton Robe mimics your favorite hotel’s robe in all the right ways. Functionality and comfort are combined in this cozy piece and quickly dries your skin after a shower. So comfortable, you could snooze in it. It comes in blue, plum, navy, grey and the stylish spruce color you can see below.

L.L.Bean Terry Cloth Organic men's robe

Lunya Washable Silk Robe

Lunya’s (formerly Lahgo) ethos is that men should be able to experience the same luxurious comfort and thoughtful design that women have in their loungewear. They choose premium materials and take their time designing clothing that fits incredibly well. Take this soft men’s robe made with washed silk. Heck, if you want to dress it up, pair it with dark joggers, a light-colored tee and slip-on shoes, now you’ve got your relaxing Sunday outfit.

Lunya Washable Silk Robe, best robes for men

MeUndies Unisex Hooded Modal Robe

Me Undies makes super-soft and stylish underwear, so it’s no shocker that they also make some of the best men’s robes you can buy in 2022.  This easy-care micro-modal hooded robe has big pockets to store your phone, snacks, keys and more. It also comes in 21 colors.

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MeUndies men's robe

Nautica Long Sleeve Lightweight Cotton Robe

First, there were dad shoes, then dad hats, and now there is the dad robe. Dads love plaids. Can you blame them? Plaid robes are old-timey, comfortable and fun. This plaid men’s robe has a snazzy navy piping on the cuffs, pockets and around the spacious shawl collar. Made with cotton, it’s got big pockets and a tie. Not to mention a dad-approved price tag.

Nautica men's robe

Nautica Long-Sleeve Lightweight Cotton Robe

Price: $65.00 $33.52

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Nautica Signature Lightweight J-Class Robe

You don’t need to know how to tie a line knot to appreciate this soft cotton robe. White sailboats skim across a navy sea on this ankle-length robe. Piped in white, it has a shawl collar and nice-sized pockets. And it looks much more luxe than its price tag.

Nautica men's robe

Nautica Signature Lightweight J-Class Robe

Price: $65.00 $39.00

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Ross Michaels Bathrobes for Men

Who doesn’t love a little bit of plush? Or, in this case, a lot of plush. This super-soft kimono-style robe will keep you comfy and cozy day in and day out, all while giving you that Hugh Hefner look at the same time. With over seven thousand, yes, 7k rave reviews on Amazon, you can’t go wrong.

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Ross Michaels men's robe

Buy: Ross Michaels Bathrobe $29.99 (orig. $39.99) 25% OFF

Cariloha Bamboo Bathrobe

Bamboo is an eco-friendly material that’s durable, great for the environment, and feels like silk on the skin. Oh, it’s naturally odor-resistant too. Cariloha uses it to make a plush unisex robe that gently wicks away moisture from your body.

Cariloha Bamboo men's robe

Land’s End Full-Length Turkish Terry Robe

Turkish terry and cotton are some of the softest kinds of cotton on the planet. The terry is handmade, and that’s just one of the reasons why this fabric is accompanied by a high price tag. Land’s End uses artisans who have worked with this stuff for generations, and the price tag is wallet-friendly.

Styled with a shawl collar that can be worn open or up around your neck. It also has two huge pockets that can fit anything, from a remote to your kid’s toys.

Land’s End Full-Length Turkish Terry Robe

Buy: Land’s End Full Length Turkish Terry Robe $67.17 (orig. $104.95) 36% OFF

OAS Company Berry Robe

Looking for something as colorful as yourself? Check out the Berry Robe from OAS Company. Coated in vertical green and pink stripes, this short jacquard-woven terry robe is a fashionable must-have in your home’s interior. Although it’s more towel-like than other robes we’ve thrown at you today, it is definitely still very comfortable.

OAS Company Berry Robe

OAS Company Berry Robe

Price: $180.00

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The Company Store Plush Men’s Robe

It features a super soft plush that’ll easily become your favorite robe/blanket combo. In addition to softness, you’ll get two classic pockets for keeping your phone and the TV remote and a bunch of colors to choose from.

The Company Store men's robe

UGG Beckett Fleece Robe

Can you go wrong with a UGG robe? Given that this is the second time we’re calling out the ultra-cozy brand, not in this universe. This cozy fleece robe is perfect for chilly days when you only want to drink hot tea in front of your fireplace as the snow falls outside. Each robe has a hood to stay extra sheltered from the comfort of your couch.

UGG Beckett Fleece Robe

NY Threads Hooded Fleece Robe

NY Threads is creating soft, well-loved robes available on Amazon at less than half the price we see from alternatives. Starting at just $22, this hooded fleece robe comes in several colors and sizes, hitting your shins for ultimate warmth. It’s a classic tie-around robe that you really can’t go wrong with. Don’t believe us? Just check the almost 22,000 5-star reviews for that extra push.

NY Threads Hooded Fleece Robe

NY Threads Hooded Fleece Robe

Price: $25.99 $21.99

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Pendelton Tucson Hooded Robe

You might have noticed that the Southwestern or Cowboy trend is back. Western boots and cowboy hats are worn with everything. Based in Oregon since the early 1900s, Pendelton has been making some of the best men’s robes for generations. Their hooded robe, inspired by the history of the west, has a plush velour exterior and cotton terry loops inside.

pendelton men's robe

Pendelton Tucson Hooded Robe

Price: $179.00

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California Cowboy El Garibaldi Robe

California Cowboy’s robe comes in seven snazzy prints. The outer is made with cotton, and the inside is lined in terry toweling. This men’s robe has kimono sleeves and is equipped with a sunglasses loop, bottle pocket, Koozie, bottle opener and Conversation Stopper cards. It’s one of the best men’s robes for the guy who likes to go to the after-party after the after-party.

california cowboy men's robe

California Cowboy El Garibaldi Robe

Price: $168.00 $117.60

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Versace Baroque Bathrobe

You’ve likely seen this designer bathrobe on social media, and it’s been popular among guys that aren’t afraid to show off their wealth. For this reason, it’s the only men’s robe you can wear as a flex. Whether you think it’s tacky or worth every penny, there’s no denying that this is one of the most famous robes of our times. Versace’s Baroque designer robe is made in Italy with the finest cotton, and it’s an instantly recognizable piece of loungewear.

Versace Logo Baroque Bathrobe

How We Chose the Best Men’s Robes

Over the years, SPY editors and product reviewers have tested a lot of men’s loungewear and athleisure apparel. We’ve compared the best underwear for men in every style, informed our readers on the best fabrics for boxer briefs, reviewed the world’s most comfortable t-shirts, and tried on so many joggers. Starting last year, our team also started testing and reviewing men’s robes, and we’ve selected only the best products in this category for our shopping guide.

When evaluating men’s bathrobes, we considered the following criteria:

  • Fabric/material
  • Overall fit and comfort
  • Style
  • Price

We did rule out several luxury options because of the latter category. You can find lots of designer and luxury bathrobes from brands like Paul Smith. Still, there’s a limit to how much we’re willing to spend on clothing that we’ll never wear outside the house, especially when sites like Amazon and Nordstrom have dozens of excellent bathrobes that cost just $25 to $50.

Where Are the Best Places To Buy Men’s Robes?

Department stores like Nordstrom and Macy’s always have a large selection of the best bathrobes for men. Today, you can also find the best men’s robes for sale on e-commerce sites like Amazon.

If you’re hunting for a specific type of robe — like something eco-friendly or monogrammed robes — you’ll want to go directly to a linen brand such as Cariloha, Brooklinen or Coyuchi. Upscale men’s retailers will carry a variety of luxury styles and designer bathrobes as well. Finally, bath and bedding shops often carry spa bathrobes and terry robes.

Of course, the very best place to buy men’s robes is online via retailers like Nordstrom and Amazon or directly with your favorite brands such as Parachute or Brooklinen.