The 27 Best Personalized Gifts to Show Dad You Know Him Best

Whether for birthdays, Father’s Day or just to say “Dad, you’re rad,” every man can appreciate personalized gifts for dad for the same reasons we all love personalized gifts: When something has your name or initials on it, it’s totally yours.

Thankfully, there are a million options these days for customization and personalization. You can find manufacturers big and small on places like Amazon and Etsy or you can turn to specialty websites that focus on personalization, such as Things Remembered, Uncommon Goods or Mark & Graham.

If you think your dad would appreciate a more personal gift, we went ahead and rounded up a few options that would make great personalized gifts for dad. We’ve got some tried-and-true favorites like a wallet, a knife, a phone case and a bathrobe, but we also found a few products you might never have even considered.

So whether for inspiration or to buy, check out some of the best personalized gifts for dad below. Every time he uses your gift, he’ll be reminded of you.
   1. Customizable Phone Case

What’s the one thing your dad most definitely touches every single day? His phone. So, what’s the best way to remind him of your love on a daily basis? Make him a customized phone case. With this customizable iPhone case from Casewear on Etsy, choose pretty much any model of iPhone from the last seven years and select either one or four photographs to make your Dad smile every time he looks at his phone. The sky’s the limit, and you probably know what your dad would like the best.

Buy: Customizable Phone Case $14.35

   2. Bone Handle Damascus Knife

Personalized knives are a dime a dozen already, so if you’re going that route, go for something a little more exotic like this Bone Handle Damascus Knife. The blade on this folding knife is more than sharp enough to handle basic everyday tasks, the handle has actual bone in it and the brass bolster can be personalized with three initials for a personalized tool that’s as useful as it is memorable.

Buy: Bone Handle Damascus Knife $38.65

   3. Mark and Graham Pigskin Leather Catchall Tray

Dad always losing his keys and wallet (and newly received personalized folding knife)? He could probably use a good leather valet, like the Mark and Graham Pigskin Leather Catchall Tray. Measuring at 5 x 5 inches, this beautiful leather tray is the perfect size for a door stand or nightstand, and it’ll only become more beautiful and unique to your dad over time as it natural patinas. And it’ll be unique to your dad already, thanks to the gold foil monogramming in the center of the tray. Unfortunately, you do have to pay extra for personalization, but with a tray this nice already, we think your dad is worth it.

Buy: Mark and Graham Pigskin Leather Catchall Tray $99.00

   4. WoodPresentStudio Personalized Leather Wallet

Created uniquely for your dad, a personalized men’s wallet is an ideal way to show you care. These leather wallets from WoodPresent Studio have a number of possible customizations. In addition to the monogram or name on the front, you can choose to have an additional saying printed on the inside. You can also pick between four different colors from whisky to walnut, and between two different styles. The first style has space for cards and coins, while the second only has space for cards. With so many options, you can surely create a wallet that’s exactly right for your dad.

Buy: WoodPresentStudio Personalized Leather Wallet $41.95
   5. Custom Leather Patch Trucker Hat

Every dad needs a good dad hat and this Custom Leather Patch Trucker Hat from WelshMtnCo on Etsy fits the bill. You can choose the color of this trucker-style hat and personalize a leather patch on the front with a name or logo.

Buy: Custom Leather Patch Trucker Hat $27.50

   6. Personalizable Hoodie

If your dad enjoys living casually or always seems to be rooting around for his beater hoodie, get him this personalizable hoodie from StichesANDPrinting on Etsy. This vendor offers personal embroidered text on the front, back and wrists of the hoodie, so not only will the text be personal, but the design will be too. And, because the text is embroidered, it’ll last a heck of a lot longer than those cheap custom print hoodies.

Buy: Personalizable Hoodie $19.99

   7. Personalized Microfleece Plush Bathrobe

This Personalized Microfleece Plush Bathrobe from MarieandRoseBoutique is the definition of luxury. It’s ultra-soft and comfortable, like wearing a cloud, and it offers 12 characters of personalization on the front left of the robe so nobody will ever jack your dad’s robe again.

Buy: Personalized Microfleece Plush Bathrobe $49.99

   8. Brooks Brothers Solid White End-on-End Sport Shirt

No man can ever have enough dress shirts but not every man can boast about having a monogrammed button-down, which your dad will surely do if you get him the Brooks Brothers Solid White End-on-End Sport Shirt. You can customize it with three monogrammed initials on one of three possible spots to give your dad a personalized shirt that will never go out of style.

Buy: Brooks Brothers Solid White End-on-End Sport Shirt $37.13

   9. MyPupSocks Custom Face Socks

If your dad lives far away, remind him of your love by gifting him these adorable and perfectly obnoxious personalized socks. With personalization, each of the polyester socks will feature a repeating pattern of your head. The socks themselves boast a reinforced heel and are just over 15 inches long, providing plenty of space for your photo to shine. Furthermore, this gift is available in 28 different colors and patterns, and these socks are a great choice for pet dads, too.

Buy: MyPupSocks Custom Face Socks $11.59
   10. Uncommon Goods Personalized Socks

Monogrammed clothes never go out of style and that includes these Personalized Socks from Uncommon Goods too. You get five pairs, each made from high-quality Pima cotton, and you can personalize them on the ankle and toes. Pairing socks together after laundry will never have been so easy for your dad.

Buy: Uncommon Goods Personalized Socks $50.00

   11. Mega Dad Personalized Comic Book

We all know dads are our true superheroes. They help us grow big and strong while imparting their wisdom at the same time. Show your dad that he’s your hero by putting him front and center in his very own comic book. With the Mega Dad Personalized Comic Book, you’ll get to add your name (a.k.a. the dad’s child’s name) and pick from three different skin tones for Mega Dad. In the book, the superhero goes on adventures big and small, creating happy endings as he goes. This would make a great gift from a child to a parent or for a new dad.

Buy: Mega Dad Personalized Comic Book $35.00

   12. Personalized Record Doormat

If your dad is more comfortable in a pair of Chucks and worn-out jeans than a suit and is frequently found jamming out to the Rolling Stones or Led Zeppelin, treat him to his very own LP doormat. While it won’t make beautiful music, it will remind him of his passions every time he steps out the door, and it makes a pretty awesome interior design piece, too. The indoor rug, which measures 23 inches in diameter, can be personalized by adding your dad’s family name as well as the title of his record.

Buy: Personalized Record Doormat $35.00

   13. Framebridge Custom Frames

Sometimes the best gift a young child can give to his or her father is a piece of original artwork. But, preserving those pieces can be tricky, especially as they don’t typically fall into standard frame sizes. The best way around this is to use Framebridge to create a custom frame for the drawing or painting. All you have to do is pick out the style and size of the frame you want, send in your child’s masterpiece to the company headquarters and they’ll make sure it’s beautifully presented. Framebridge makes creating a memorable gift super easy.

Buy: Framebridge Custom Frames From $39.00

   14. The New York Times Custom Front Page Puzzle

The New York Times Custom Front Page Puzzle makes an ideal gift idea for a dad commemorating milestones, birthdays or anniversaries. When you order this jigsaw puzzle, you can choose the exact date of The New York Times front page you want printed on your puzzle (starting from 1851), meaning you can tailor the puzzle to a special date or significant event in history. This is a fun way to celebrate your dad and provide hours of leisurely fun as he puts together a 500-piece puzzle.

Buy: The New York Times Custom Front Page Puzzle $49.95

   15. Personalized Whiskey Barrel

Is your dad the type of person who’s always up for a wine tasting or distillery tour? He would probably love the chance to flavor his own whiskey in a custom barrel. These miniature oak barrels provide notes of vanilla, marzipan and coconut during the aging process. And, because they are smaller, they age whiskey about ten times faster than a normal barrel. As an added bonus, each of the whiskey barrels can be personalized with one or two names, a date and a city and state.

Buy: Personalized Whiskey Barrel $85.00

   16. MyCustomBobblehead Personalized Bobblehead

For a personalized gift for dad unlike any other, the personalized bobbleheads from MyCustomBobbleHead are sure to blow your dad’s mind. The custom bobblehead maker has tons of personalizable bobbleheads at every price point, depending on how many details you want to include. You basically send in some front and back photos for accuracy, fill out some personalization info and then go back and forth with the brand throughout the process to give feedback to the bobblehead design in real time. The end result? A bobblehead gift for dad unlike any other. For one pick, we love the superhero one because every dad (and every man, really) is the superhero of his own story and, to some extent, probably your story too.

Buy: MyCustomBobblehead Personalized Bobblehead $64.00

   17. Personalized Etched Pint Glass

Once your dad’s opened his beer with his personalized bottle opener, he’s going to need a personalized pint glass to go with it. Add a monogram on the front and three lines of text on the back of this Personalized Etched Pint Glass from SpottedDogCompany for the gift that will keep on giving.

Buy: Personalized Etched Pint Glass $11.99

   18. Frederick Engineering Engraved BBQ Grill Set

If your dad is a big grill guy (as so many of them are) order the Frederick Engineering Engraved BBQ Grill Set for him.  He’ll have some shiny new utensils with which to man the grill and think of you as he uses them. This set comes with a spatula, tongs and a BBQ fork neatly presented within an engraved bamboo box. When ordering, you can choose to add two or three initials to the box in a pattern of your choice.

Buy: Frederick Engineering Engraved BBQ Grill Set $69.99
   19. Personalized Gift Land Custom Photo Coffee Mugs

Is a dad even a father if he doesn’t have a personalized mug? This is exactly the type of cheesy gear every dad should be required to have. The Personalized Gift Land Custom Photo Coffee Mug allows the buyer to personalize the cup with text and a photo. Plus, the 11-ounce ceramic mugs are double-sided, so you can add two different photos or a larger body of text if needed. It’s also important to note that these coffee cups are top-shelf dishwasher and microwave safe and come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Buy: Personalized Gift Land Custom Photo Coffee Mugs $18.95
   20. SweenksCustomLaser Personalized Luggage Tag

Whether your dad travels frequently for business or adventures around the world, getting him a personalized luggage tag is an affordable and easy way to show you care about his hobbies. These faux leather tags can be customized with monograms, pictures or full names. They boast the engraving on one side, and a clear plastic window for your dad’s contact details on the other. Plus, having a personalized luggage tag means it’s far more difficult to mix up bags at the airport or for someone to take a bag without realizing it.

Buy: SweenksCustomLaser Personalized Luggage Tag $11.99

   21. Star Map on Wood

Not all dads are the commemorative type, but those fathers who get sentimental around birthdays, anniversaries and holidays might enjoy this Star Map on Wood from EtchCraft on Etsy. You choose any names you want, the date, the address or name of the location you want (which will be changed into geographical coordinates) and a short message. EtchCraft takes care of the rest to deliver your Dad a personalized star map with the constellations as they were at the place and time you specified.

Buy: Star Map on Wood $44.95

   22. Personalized Family Cameo Portrait by Shelly Klein

Dads with an office need wall hangings to decorate said office. And, of course, those wall hangings should definitely remind him of his kids. The Personalized Family Cameo Portrait by Shelly Klein is the ideal addition to any workplace. It’s a modern take on a traditional, Victorian cameo, and each portrait includes every member of your family, from your dad right down to the family dog. Each person in the picture can be customized in terms of hairstyle, skin color, hair color, clothing, glasses and eye color. In addition, the portrait features your family name and date established.

Buy: Personalized Family Cameo Portrait by Shelly Klein $75.00

   23. PaintYourLife Custom Painted Family Portrait

What beats a printed photo? Why a painting, of course! Yup, with, which we’ve used before, you can arrange to have a real-life painter make an actual painting of any photo you send. PaintYourLife must know what it’s doing when hiring too because the results, at least in our experience, were fantastic. Even picky gift receivers have to appreciate this one.

Buy: Learn More About PaintYourLife

   24. Custom Ink Oakley Gym to Street Duffel Bag

For gym-going dads, a gym bag or duffel is a super practical gift. These bags allow him to carry all his workout essentials from home to work to the gym and back again. But, you don’t want to buy your dad any old gym bag. Give him one that you’ve personally designed for him. The Custom Ink Oakley Gym to Street Duffel Bag allows you to add a name, a logo or any artwork to the side of the bag. It also features iconic Oakley branding as well as a side pocket and extra features to keep everything organized. The durability of the bag means it will be around for years to come, constantly reminding your dad of your love for him.

Buy: Custom Ink Oakley Gym to Street Duffel Bag $111.41

   25. Personalized Family Member Signpost by Chris Crooks

You and the rest of your family may be scattered across the country or around the world, but that doesn’t stop your dad from thinking of you every day. The Personalized Family Member Signpost by Chris Crooks allows you to show everyone you care about on the same sign yet give information about how far away they are at the same time. The sign is topped with the family name followed by five arrows pointing to the members of the family who no longer reside on the official homestead. The sign is painted in warm colors and finished for a weathered look that sit well in the average flower garden.

Buy: Personalized Family Member Signpost $125.00

   26. Things Remembered Fossil Men’s Gold Plated Dean Chronograph Watch

A family watch is already a keepsake on its own, but throw in some personalization and it becomes a bona fide family heirloom. Give your dad the chance to pass down something that lasts with the Fossil Men’s Gold Plated Dean Chronograph Watch. Classy gold watches never go out of style and the free engraving on the bottom of the timepiece will make your dad’s watch one of a kind and a treasure for the next generation.

Buy: Fossil Men's Gold Plated Dean Chronograph Watch $169.99

   27. Things Remembered 14K Gold-Plated Sterling Silver Cuff Links

Whether your dad keeps it fancy on the regular or just for special occasions, make those moments even more special for him with these 14K Gold-Plated Sterling Silver Cuff Links from Things Remembered. They’re your classic rectangular cuff links, the only difference being you can put a monogram, short name or date in each link.

Buy: Things Remembered 14K Gold-Plated Sterling Silver… $109.99

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