The Best Anniversary Gifts Your Wife Will Love

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Your wife is likely the most important person in your life. But anniversary gifts are tricky territory. An anniversary gift is a unique beast, and most people don’t really adhere to Emily Post’s traditional gifts for each year (paper for the first year, tin for the tenth, and *checks notes* wax for the sixteenth). If anything, the thought counts a little extra, here, because it’s very likely that the longer you’re married, the harder it gets to truly wow each other with gifts. 

“If the intention and good will is there then the thought absolutely counts,” says Portland-based creator Ashley Hosmer. “But be mindful of the holiday or occasion. For example, a vacuum would be a wonderful housewarming gift but not a great anniversary gift.” Words to live by.  

So consider the occasion. Anniversary gifts should be thoughtful, meaningful, or just something nice. As with many gifts, a great option is something you can do together. Hopefully that gives you some inspiration. What follows are some specific suggestions to show your wife you love her on your anniversary. 

logo of spafinder against white background

A Spa Day

Go to the spa together. You’ll both enjoy it. Writer Ashwin Rodrigues and his wife just celebrated their first anniversary. “It was my first time taking a spa day,” he says. “We got to luxuriate in various steam rooms and saunas, and also take intermittent dips in a cold plunge.” This is the kind of gift that’s a gift for her, but really it’s a gift for both of you. You’re just the one who thought of it. 

You can give your wife a Spafinder gift certificate so she can find a spa in your area that fits the vibe you’re looking for. And you can add more to the experience, based on the place you choose. “Our steaming and sauna-ing was split up by a nice lunch in the spa that consisted of pickled herring, dumplings, and beer,” says Rodrigues. “It was the perfect gift and the best way to spend a Monday.”

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Broadway World Gift Card (or Tickets to a Show)

Consider buying your wife tickets for a show—or a gift certificate to somewhere like Broadway World or something that works in your area so she can choose the show herself. “I’ve always struggled with anniversary gifts,” says Dan Oshinksy, an email newsletter consultant who runs the company Inbox Collective. “My wife really doesn’t need anything and rarely asks for stuff. So I often look for experiences: Tickets to something I know we’ll be able to enjoy together, or reservations for a dinner she’ll love.”

custom painted wedding photo of couple

Wedding Photo Painting

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been married — a little artifact that reminds your wife of your wedding is a sweet and sentimental choice. And Hosmer says going for sentimental gifts for your loved ones is a good bet. This Etsy shop, the Sweet and Savage, will take a photo from your big day and turn it into a custom piece of art. And they can also do the same with photos of your house, your kids, whatever. Your wife will love it. 

blue away luggage against beige background

Away Luggage

An anniversary is an opportunity to give a big-ticket item, and luggage (the good stuff at least) has a tendency to be expensive. If her suitcase has seen better days, consider buying your wife a bag from Away. Bonus points if you buy her luggage with the promise of a trip to somewhere exciting, like the Amalfi Coast or Turks and Caicos. 

outside of the seven hotel in paris, france

A Big Trip

Speaking of travel, taking a trip is a fitting way to commemorate the years you’ve spent together. Tablet Hotels is the hotel curation arm of Michelin guides, so you know the hotels they show you are good. You can book stays in cities all over the world, from Paris to Greece to Southeast Asia. 

mixtiles photo frames hung on wall


“Take photos together and get one framed — that memory may mean more than a physical gift,” says Hosmer. Anniversary gifts are sentimental by nature, and photos are a reflection of your life together. As a gift, they’re foolproof, and Mixtiles is a service that helps you build a photo wall, so you can give your wife a curated look at the love you share. 

custom wedding photo book by artifactuprising against white background

Artifact Uprising Photo Book

A photo book can be a huge hit for the same reasons listed above. Pick a specific time frame: it could be the past year or past five years if you’re celebrating a milestone. Or you could organize the photos from your last trip into a book. Whatever you choose, this may bring out the tears (happy ones, of course). 

2017 bottle of ornellaia wine

A Bottle of Wine from the Year You Were Married

This obviously gets more expensive the longer you’re married, but getting a bottle of wine from your wedding year is a thoughtful way to commemorate a milestone. If you’ve been married for a long time and buying something in that vintage is cost-prohibitive, worry not. Pick something from your honeymoon destination, or, back to the theme of travel, grab something from a location you’re planning to visit together in the future. 

Boll & Branch Embroidered Sheet set on top of pillows

Boll & Branch Sheets

Sure, we’ve established that traditional anniversary gifts are played out. And cotton technically is the traditional second anniversary gift. But sheets wear out, and there’s nothing like a nice, crisp set of organic cotton sheets. Who doesn’t want to go to bed in a soft cocoon? And you’re going to bed together, so this is a gift you both can enjoy. 

Williams Sonoma Waterford Lismore Essence wine glass

Waterford Crystal Wine Glasses

Nothing says I love you like something beautiful (and sure, a little frivolous). If you give your wife a couple of these gorgeous Waterford wine glasses, you can continue to add to her collection year after year, until she has a full set. Sticking to tradition, crystal is technically the traditional fifteenth anniversary gift, but feel free to go off-script and give these for any year you’d like. 

the last line gold bezel necklace against white background

The Last Line LA Diamond Bezel Necklace

An anniversary is an opportunity to go big or go home, and jewelry is the perfect vehicle by which to do so. “I love to gift items that make me think of that person,” says Hosmer. “I recently read a book that had so many lines in it that reminded me of a friend so I ordered it for her and included a little note — no occasion, just because.” Jewelry is not the same thing as a book, but the principle applies here: Look for something that makes you think of your wife. The Last Line is a company that carries trendy jewelry made of colorful gemstones, as well as the classic stuff with delicate diamonds and gold. With a little browsing, you’ll easily find something that fits your wife’s taste.

woman wearing pink eberjey silk robe

Eberjey Silk Robe

A robe? That’s technically a utilitarian item. But a silk robe? That’s something beautiful and soft that your wife may not buy herself. That, in fact, makes for a great anniversary gift: something she didn’t necessarily think of but you did. Look at you, great spouse.