The Best New Mom Gifts for Mothers Day

Spoiler alert: Anewborndoesnt count as a notable new momMothers Day gift. Sorry. And while flowers are a fine start, your partner didnt just endure a long pregnancy (or long adoption process) and months of sleepless nights for a bouquet of garbage carnations or even worse, a stuffed animal orshower gel you grabbed at the drugstore.

Of the all theMothers Days to come, none are as important as this inaugural one. Here are the presents that let anew momknow youll never be close to understanding what she went through, but at least you have decent taste, and actually put some thought into what you bought her. We cant claim to have seen every single product new moms would want, but our picks will make her life easier, help her feel appreciated, or simply, and equally importantly, allow her to unwind.

As simple as it is stunning, this 14 karat gold necklace is a statement onto itself. The chain is adjustable and it has a lobster-claw clasp.

Start her mornings off right with this smart coffee mug. It keeps her java hot for up to 1.5 hours on a single charge. Plus, she can choose the specific temperature she prefers. The mug goes into sleep mode when it's empty and wakes up when she fills it up.

Whether she pushed the baby out, or had a C-section, believe it that clothes don't fit the same. And comfort is paramount. But that doesn't mean she needs to look frumpy. These cozy pants check all the right boxes. They're laid-back enough to wear at home, but sharp enough that she can leave the house.

The gift of time is second only to the gift of great hair. This unassuming towel provides both. It dries her hair twice as fast as traditional towels. And through its magical formulation, it does so while leaving it shiny and glossy.

Crescent moons are said to represent birth cycles and fertility. Hence you won't go wrong with this 18K gold-plated brass 18-inch necklace. Bonus: The chain length is adjustable.

There's nothing more thoughtful thank giving her the gift of free time. And you can do so buy getting her a housecleaning service. Pick the one that's best for you, in terms of level of cleaning, the size of your home, and the stuff she'll want done. And then, let her read a book. While her bathroom gets scrubbed.

Instead of loading her down with a diaper bag, get her this insert. She'll fill it up with all her baby essentials and can transfer it from one bag to another. It simplifies mom life, and lets her hang on to some sense of style. The larger size has 11 pockets: 8 interior pockets and 3 exterior pockets to fit everything from diapers to wipes to her tech.

Not only does this ball look like a work of art, but it also activates back and core support muscles which promotes good posture. Meaning, it'll give her back a break after toting the kid around. You can choose from a slew of colors. And because most new moms don't have time to go to yoga classes, she can get a nice stretch at home. Just note, this does need to be inflated.

A gloriously soft robe that feels like wearing a warm hug. She can wear it lounging it around the house, while breastfeeding or watching a movie or having dinner, and she'll look as chic as she feels comfortable. Because there's really nothing sexy or appealing about being covered in spit-up.

Not only is this cami so pretty, but it has a built-in nursing functionality; the cups fall away so she can easily feed the baby. The soft micro modal feels gorgeous against her skin.

Weighted blankets have no proven therapeutic value, but anecdotally, they do help you sleep better. And this sleep mask has the same basic functionality. This sleep mask is filled with microbeads that can help promote deep, restful sleep and best of all, this sleep mask contours to your face and stays in place, meaning it doesn't shift around at night. Plus, it fully blocks out light that can impact sleep. For new moms, every second is precious.

Here's an idea: You watch the baby, and let her zone out with these sleep headphones. It's a headset, made of soft fleece. The thin built-in speakers are slim enough that she can lay down while listening to music, without being bothered. She controls it from a connected device.

A quietly beautiful sterling silver cuff bracelet that showcases your commitment, not that she needs proof or anything. It has a threaded screw closure, so she'll likely need your help putting it on.

Toting a baby around is a workout. One that kicks your ass and your back. Help banish those knots with this back and neck massager. It features four massage nodes to sooth tired muscles and has a built-in heat function for added stress release. It's lightweight and portable, so she can use it anytime.

Spoiler alert: juggling motherhood and the rest of her life ain't easy. She can spray this tension reducer before bed, before hitting the road, or before going back to work. Lavender, arnica and magnesium help her refocus.

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