The Best Robes for Women of 2020

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Now that we’re all spending more time at home, a good bathrobe is worth adding to your daily rotation of loungewear and sleepwear. Whether you’re stepping out of the shower or cozying up on the couch, there’s something so luxurious and comforting about wrapping yourself up in a plush, fluffy robe.

There are hundreds of styles, brands, and types of bathrobes out there, from cozy Turkish cotton robes to super warm sherpa robes. So how do you know which one is the right robe for you? To help you upgrade your at-home attire this winter, we put some of the best bathrobes for women to the test, from the cult-favorite Parachute robe to the super soft Ugg fleece robe.

Of all the robes, however, none were as comfortable or as well-fitting as the Nordstrom Bliss Plush Robe(available at Nordstrom for $69.00). It's as stylish as it is soft and is cozy without being too warm. However, if you're looking for something more absorbent that's ideal for post-shower wear, we like the Parachute Classic Bathrobe(available at Nordstrom for $69.00), which we dubbed the best terry cloth robe you can buy.

Here are the best bathrobes for women we tested ranked, in order:

Nordstrom Bliss Plush Robe
Parachute Classic Bathrobe
Ugg Miranda Robe
L.L.Bean Plush Robe
Crane & Canopy Plush Bathrobe
Brooklinen Super Plush Robe
Nordstrom Frosted Plush Robe
Alexander Del Rossa Plush Fleece Robe

Best Overall Nordstrom Bliss Plush Robe
Meet the robe I’ve been wearing every day since I received it in the mail. The Nordstrom Bliss Plush Robe was by far my favorite of the bunch thanks to its cozy fabric and comfortable fit. It’s made of the same sumptuous fleece as Nordstrom’s wildly popular Bliss Plush Throw Blanket so it is exactly like a blanket, and I could (and do!) wear it for hours on end without ever feeling too cold or too hot. As Goldilocks would say, it’s the only robe that was just right for me. While I’ve only washed it twice so far, it’s held up incredibly well, without shrinking or pilling, which leads me to believe it will be a robe you can wear for many seasons to come before needing to replace it.

The tie never came undone while I was wearing it, and it even has pockets that are conveniently big enough to hold a phone or snacks. Both the sleeves and the length of the robe itself were perfect for my 5’5 frame (i.e. it fit true to size), and I never found that I had to adjust any part of the robe during wear thanks to the secure tie that stayed in place. It’s exactly what you want in a robe: It feels like you’re wrapped in the warmest, yet still lightweight and breathable, fabric. If a hug came in robe form, this would be it. Another perk is that at $69, it’s considerably less expensive than most of the other robes we tested, which averaged closer to $100+. The Bliss Plush robe also comes in a rainbow of pretty colors, from neutrals to bright hues.

Fits snugly and comfortably

Softest fleece

Has pockets

Less expensive than other options


Not super heavy

$69.00 from Nordstrom

Best Terry Cloth Robe Parachute Classic Bathrobe
In the world of robes, the Parachute Classic Bathrobe, which comes from the popular bedding brand, is one of the most coveted. It has nearly 2,000 glowing reviews, is featured on almost every list of top robes, and is also beloved by Reviewed writer, Camryn Rabideau. It’s also unisex, so it’s designed to fit all different body types. When I tried it for myself, I liked that the Parachute robe fit well and stayed securely closed—I didn’t have to adjust the sleeves or tie while I was wearing it.

I found that the Turkish cotton material had some pros but also some cons. Turkish cotton, compared to fleece, is more absorbent and heavier weight. This is a positive because it means the robe is warm and great for wearing after showering. However, it can also be a negative. While the robe felt good against my still-damp skin, it wasn’t as soft as the fleece robes, and I found the heavy material to be a little cumbersome for long-term wear. Overall, this robe feels more like a bath towel than a cozy robe, so if you’re looking for a terry cloth robe that you can comfortably wear when your skin is still wet from the shower, it’s a solid investment.

Absorbent enough for post-shower wear

Fits true to size



Not as soft as other robes

Heavier weight makes it less ideal for long-term wear

$99.00 from Parachute

How We Tested

The Tester

I’m Amanda Tarlton, the style and trending editor at Reviewed, and more importantly, an avid robe-wearer. I’m so obsessed with robes, in fact, that growing up, my mom had to set a “robe curfew” for me, which involved limiting my robe-wearing to mornings and nights only. As an adult now, I wear robes at free will, which occasionally ends up being all day (no shame). To say I know a lot about robes is an understatement. And I don’t just know a lot about robes — I know a lot about style and trends, too. After all, I spend all day every day researching and writing about all the brands that people are buying and all the things that people are wearing. Using both my knowledge of the brands people love and my vast experience wearing (and buying) robes, I set out to test robes for science.

The Tests

If you think testing robes sounds like a cool job, you’re absolutely right. First, I shopped for them online, ordering the most popular robes based on customer ratings and reviews. Then, with the help of Reviewed’s Senior Scientist, Julia MacDougall, and our in-house materials expert, Jamie Ueda, I came up with a rubric for judging the robes. It included examining all of the factors that everyone looks for when picking out a bathrobe: fit, comfort (both short- and long-term), material, quality of construction, and any special features.

To get a (literal) feel for the robes’ quality, fabric, and comfort, I wore each one for an entire day while I went about my usual activities (i.e. working, walking around my apartment, lounging post-shower, and making trips from the kitchen to the couch). I paid attention to things like how the robe felt against my skin, whether or not it was too warm when worn over a long period of time, and how often I had to adjust the belt or the sleeves.

I then washed all of the robes according to their care instructions. Before washing, I measured the length of the robe, the width and length of the sleeves, and the length of the tie. I compared these measurements to the post-wash measurements to see if the robes shrunk at all during washing. Fortunately, none of the robes changed noticeably in size after washing so this ended up not being a huge factor in the final results.

Other Robes for Women We Tested

Ugg Women's Miranda Fleece Robe
Ugg might be best-known for its culty sherpa-lined boots, which are making a serious comeback this year, but the Australian brand also makes apparel—including robes.

I had high hopes for this robe (based on my experience with Ugg footwear and it being one of Ugg’s most popular robes), and it didn’t disappoint. While it’s shorter in length, hitting around mid-thigh, this makes it something you can comfortably wear year-round (as opposed to longer robes which tend to be for winter wear only). I.e. it lets your legs breathe while keeping your upper half nice and toasty. It’s also made of some of the softest fleece (not as soft as our winner, the Bliss Plush robe, but a close second!), and it comes in plenty of colors and fun prints.

I like that it kept me warm and was great for lounging around the house yet was also stylish enough that I wouldn’t be embarrassed to wear it around guests, either. At $130, it’s the most expensive robe I tested, but it isn’t that much pricier than other top picks so I consider it most definitely worth the splurge.

Very soft

Fits well

Has pockets and a hood

Available in a variety of colors and patterns



Shorter length not ideal if you’re often cold

$130.00 from Nordstrom
Buy now at Amazon
$168.29 from Walmart

L.L. Bean Women's Wicked Plush Robe
The L.L. Bean Plush Robe is one of the softest that I tested, ranking right up there with the Bliss Plush Robe in terms of feel. The luxurious, sherpa-trimmed fleece robe was something I wanted to snuggle up in 24/7 (or at least while watching Netflix on a snowy night in front of the fire).

It even has a hood if you’re someone who can’t decide if they want to wear a hoodie or a robe. While I didn’t use the hood, I can understand its appeal, and it’s a nice added feature.

There were a few things that turned me off from the L.L. Bean robe, however. First, it was very long. Because it was the second-longest robe at 47 inches long, the regular size might be a better option for taller folks. I’m not short (5’5), and the regular size was too long for my liking, almost dragging on the ground. They do have petite sizing, but these sizes might be better suited for people who are a bit taller than those of actual petite heights 5’2 and below.

The long length also made it a little too warm during extended wear and made me feel hot after wearing it for longer than 30 minutes. It felt like I was wearing a blanket, and not in a good way—it trapped in too much heat and my skin couldn’t breathe.

Super soft and plush fleece material

Spacious hood

Comes in petite and plus sizes


Very long

Not breathable

$99.00 from L.L. Bean

Crane & Canopy Plush Cotton Bathrobe
Crane & Canopy makes my all-time favorite pair of pajamas, so I was excited for the bedding brand’s robe option. While I found it to be very comfortable with a snug (yet not too tight) fit around the waist, the sleeves were oddly very wide, which allowed drafts to get in, and kept falling down whenever I lifted my arms.

However, the Turkish cotton material is absorbent, making the Crane & Canopy robe a good “just out of the shower” robes of the bunch. I will say that the Turkish cotton here, though, isn’t as soft as that of the Parachute robe. Additionally, while the Crane & Canopy robe only comes in white and grey, it does have pretty detailing on the shawl collar and cuffs that add an extra touch of elegance.

Snug fit


Stylish collar and cuff details


Very wide sleeves

Belt didn’t stay tied well

Only available in white and grey

$99.00 from Crane & Canopy

Brooklinen Super-Plush Robe
I’ve long been a fan of Brooklinen’s apparel (their loungewear is some of my favorite) and the Brooklyn-based brand also makes the best sheets we’ve ever tested. But unfortunately, I’m not crazy about the Brooklinen plush robe. I found the sleeves to be extremely wide and the robe itself to be very oversized.

This isn’t the first time I’ve had this experience with Brooklinen robes, either—I also own the brand’s waffle robe and, while it’s comfortable, it was equally larger than normal.

My recommendation? If you want to buy this robe, I would size down but I would be wary that while a smaller size might fix the wide sleeves and oversized fit issue, you could end up with sleeves that are too short. Not only that, but there are only three size options (XS/S, M/L, and XL/XXL), so in my case, for instance, I cannot size down.

I’m also skeptical of how well this robe will hold up over time as after I washed it, I noticed a few loose threads already. That being said, however, I did like that the Turkish cotton is soft (ranking up there with the Crane & Canopy robe, but still behind the Parachute robe) and that the robe has added features like a stylish piped collar and roomy pockets. It’s also unisex and comes in four muted colors (white, light grey, dark grey, and pale blue).

Quality Turkish cotton

Very deep pockets

Absorbent enough to wear post-shower



Sleeves are very wide

Not true to size

Only comes in three sizes

Some loose threads after washing

$98.00 from Brooklinen

Nordstrom Frosted Plush Robe
While the Nordstrom Bliss Plush Robe was our overall winner, the retailer’s other highly-rated robe didn’t fare so well. The fluffy sherpa material is some of the softest I’ve felt, similar to that of the L.L. Bean robe and much thicker and plusher than our winning robe. But it’s something I’d want in a blanket, not in a robe.

This robe is what I would call all-consuming. Even on the coldest day, I got very hot within 30 minutes of wearing the robe and even broke a sweat (just while sitting on the couch, too). The fabric is too thick and heavy, and I found the cuffed sleeves and collar to be very bulky. However, it’s good quality (the seams are tight and the fabric holds up well in the wash) and incredibly soft so it might be a good pick for someone who is always cold.

Super soft sherpa

Good for people who are always cold


Too heavy and thick for long-term wear

Very bulky

Sleeves are too tight

$79.00 from Nordstrom

Alexander Del Rossa Women's Plush Fleece Robe with Hood
It might be the best-selling robe on Amazon with over 5,500 reviews, but I was less than impressed with the Alexander Del Rossa hooded fleece robe. While the price starts as low as $49.95 (just a fraction of the cost of most of the other robes we tested, with the exception of the Bliss Plush Robe), the quality of the robe isn’t as good as the others. The fleece felt low-quality and thin, and the seams didn’t seem like they’d hold up well over time.

Not only that, but the robe was incredibly long for my 5’5 height. At 52 inches long, it was the longest robe by five inches and a full eight inches longer than our top pick. The cumbersome length was annoying when trying to move around without tripping over it or having to push up the sleeves. However, despite the length, it didn’t keep me very warm due to the super-thin fleece. This turned me off from wearing the robe—it was too long for it to be worn in warmer weather yet not thick enough to keep you warm in colder weather.

Less expensive than other robes

Has a hood

Available in plus sizes

Comes in a lot of colors


Very long

Poorly made

Thin fleece

$59.99 from Amazon
$59.99 from Walmart

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