The Dirty Dozen Alpha Edition Book Blitz #Giveaway

The Dirty Dozen: Alpha Edition
Publication date: December 21st 2019
Genres: Adult, Fairy Tales, Paranormal, Romance
13 Authors ~ 12 Novellas ~ 12 Alpha Men
A Cop
A Soldier
A Lumberjack
A Fighter
A Business Executive
A Firefighter
A Dom
A Warrior
A Doctor
An Architect
A Bar Owner
A Rockstar
None of them stood a chance against the women who would bring them to their knees.
Possession raged through their blood like a live wire.
Nothing will stop them from claiming what should be theirs, but
Can the women gain the upper-hand, or will the Alphas dominate all?
Participating Authors:
The Fighter S.E. Rose
Hes an alpha, a fighter, and a loner. He never expected to be a protector.
The Doms Sammy King
They wanted her, from the minute she walked through their door.
She was a virgin, who was ready to submit, to two masters.
The British Hunk Gemma Arlington
You hurt me, more than I deserved, and thats because I loved you more than you deserved.
Londyn for Christmas Lana Cohen
Officer Shawn Banks likes his life exactly the way it is, with his job being his only true commitment.
The hot spitfire he gave a ticket to this morning wont get in the way of that, or will she?
Doc Steel DL Gallie
Autumn White is the girl Griffin Steel walked away from twenty years ago when he enlisted. Now hes back and that spark is still there and its just as strong. Nothing will stop him from getting the girlnot even her ex.
Going Down in Flames Natasha Thomas & Kay Maree
The flames burn hot, but their love burns hotter.
But what happens when the blaze is extinguished and all that is left is the ashes?
Come the Fall Jolie Vines
On the run, protecting her baby nephew is all Autumn cares about.
Until, in a small snowy town, she meets a glowering alpha bar owner she cant resist.
Plucked MV Ellis
Rome: angry, edgy, rudely talented, broken Slavic bad boy.
King: book-smart, emotionally repressed all-American boy.
Quincy: hot as sin, and the reason this super-sexy duo is utterly, and thoroughly Plucked.
Coming Home Cari Robe
Thomas Granger has out his military career behind him and is ready to start his life.
He never expected to also get a second chance with the love of his life.
How About Never -Leela Lou Dahlin
What happens when two non-believers of love try to teach each other a lesson? Will they change each others minds and be in love foreverHow About Never.
Jasper Gemma Arlington
When Jasper returns home for his parents anniversary, the last thing he expects is to find someone from his past.
His Warriors Heart Ann Mickan
Sam Cullinan never knew he was a warrior until he was faced with the battle to protect everything that was important to him including his warriors heart.
*Please Note: This collection is recommended for those aged 18+ as it contains coarse language, sex scenes, and content that may be uncomfortable for some readers. It is also important to note that one or some of the stories contained within this box set end on a cliffhanger, so please be aware of this when purchasing/borrowing.*