The robe you didn’t even know you needed...

Hey, Hey you blissful babe.

My grandmother always taught me that you need to look fabulous at home, you can’t throw on sweat pants and ugly night clothes to run a household. You’ve got to dress up for your family and teach them how important it is to present yourself well. I always loved that perspective but at times find it really difficult to look good when I am exhausted, one eye open, getting up with baby early in the morning or super tired from a long day just ready to throw on something that isn’t tight and restricting, you know?

For me, ease and comfort is key so I’ve always loved having a fabulous robe to walk around the house with in leu of lounge clothes. It just feels more glamorous. However, I run into so many problems when shopping for the perfect robe.

When I dry my hair, I sweat, so I need a robe that isn’t too hot. There is nothing more cozy than a fluffy robe but honestly, it doesn’t work for me. I tried robes without sleeves but it didn’t feel as glamorous to me. I also tried a few short robes which are always just a little too short, if you know what I mean. I actually first found this robe at a thrift shop and fell in love with the color (it was the teal one). It seemed soft and I LOVED the chinoiserie pattern, very Auntie Mame. So, I brought it home, washed it and it was so soft and still silky looking and I loved it. I knew that machine washable was important for me, I just don’t have the time to dry clean a silk robe, as luxurious as they are. That just isn’t realistic for me. So, of course I knew I wanted to find more and so I called the manufacturer and found out they sold them online. I ordered a few more. The addiction is real, I can’t stop. Side note: As a new mom, this robe saved my life. It made breastfeeding easy, I would sleep in this robe so I could do middle of the night feedings or pumping with ease. Also, Roman would spit up, milk would spill, etc and this robe could get washed immediately. This robe was my BFF.

All you need to know is that I own this Kim + Ono robe in three different colors and I am currently considering my fourth color, mauve. It’s such a gorgeous color and I think will look better on me in the Winter months when I am not as tan as I am in the Summer.
Why wouldn’t you want to cozy up on your sofa, binge watching your favorite shows, in a soft, flowy, fabulously chic robe? It’s a MOMENT. In fact, It makes every moment at home just a little more glamorous.

It has wide, flowy sleeves that let your arms breathe and move easily.

There are two pockets that are deep and can hold your phone, a bottle, remote controls, whatever you need.

It’s pretty much a one size fits all.

Did I mention its machine washable?

The pattern is so chic, its in that vintage asian, Chinoiserie wallpaper, kimono-esque vibe.

You can also wear this as a jacket or duster, it makes a perfect Fall fashion look.

Your significant other will think you look hot while making, or getting, breakfast in bed.

P.S. Your daily rituals are more complete when you dress for them, this robe is the perfect solution. See how I wear it here , here & here.