There is something so inviting about a luxury hotel’s bathroom – perhaps it’s the deep freestanding bathtubs, the spacious walk-in rainfall showers, the gloriously scented toiletries, or the super sumptuous fluffy towels and robes that have...

There is something so inviting about a luxury hotel’s bathroom – perhaps it’s the deep freestanding bathtubs, the spacious walk-in rainfall showers, the gloriously scented toiletries, or the super sumptuous fluffy towels and robes that have something to do with it. It could just be the fact that you’re away from home and most likely have a little more time on your hands to relax.

Either way, the expert care that has been put into creating an oasis for visitors is clear to see, so when updating certain elements of your home, it is always advisable to look to the very best hotels out there for some inspiration. Blending expert design, the latest technologies, up-to-date styling and all the little extras that you didn’t know you needed, there is a lot that you can take from a hotel bathroom and insert into your own.

Of course, our bathrooms in our own homes aren’t completely useless, but one of the more noticeable differences comes within the shower. The right shower set up can make all the difference to how the rest of your day goes, if a morning shower for you is a must, and can be almost as relaxing as a soak in the tub. Creating the right bathroom and shower set up for your needs is important to ensuring you have a pleasant experience every time you use the room. Here, we take a look at seven things to consider when recreating a hotel-style shower set up in your home.
Make use of the space if you have it and opt for a double walk-in showerTop-quality shower

First and foremost is the shower itself, no one likes standing under a shower head that does little more than trickle warm water on their head, so ensuring that you opt for a top-quality shower with the appropriate amount of pressure is key for a top-notch experience. Rainfall showerheads that are integrated into the ceiling are the best choice for giving you that fully cleaned feeling and you can opt for two if the space is big enough.
Decorative shower panels

Shower panels are a fantastic way to add a unique design to your shower area. You can make the space stand out with a range of styles and be safe in the knowledge that panels are not only easy to clean, but hygienic and provide a seamless look too. Floors To Walls offer the most extensive range of Shower Panels in the UK – their range means you have a wide variety of styles and looks to choose from including a subtly sparkling effect, wood, marble, concrete, mosaic, chevron, bronze and more.
Use underfloor heating, stylish design techniques and soft towels for the ultimate experienceUnderfloor heating

There is little more comforting that stepping out of the shower and onto a warm, tiled floor, and this is why underfloor heating is a must. Not just great for post-shower or bath, but ideal on colder days or on those occasional night visits to the bathroom.
A useful bench

You’re looking for the best experience, so take note of those larger showers and make sure you install a floating shelf or bench for enhanced functionality and style. Extremely useful if you struggle with mobility or need a little extra storage space, a bench can either blend seamlessly or stand out as a feature against the shower panels.
Experience shower

If you’ve ever been in the experience showers at a high-end spa you will know how invigorating they can be. Up your shower game by including three shower jets in a vertical line to ensure the whole body is covered, just make sure that they don’t face the door, and if you’re not opting for a door or screen, bear in mind where you place them, unless you don’t mind the wet room look.
Adding a bench can be really useful and shower panels can provide a superior look Luxe towels and robes

In addition to stepping onto warmed tiles, the comfort that comes from wrapping yourself up in a luxurious towel is superior, so when you update your bathroom, make sure you include a selection of the finest bath and hand towels so envelope yourself in. Go one step further with a towelling robe and you will feel just like you’ve stepped into that dream hotel scenario.  
Include some useful technology

Go for that multi-sensory experience and make sure to install Bluetooth speakers to filter your favourite tunes through as well as lighting to either soothe or wake you up for the day ahead. You could also include voice-controlled activation functions and built in waterproof TVs that you can see from the shower and bath for that super-smart and highly functioning bathroom.
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