This post is all about great Christmas gifts for college girls.

Shopping for Christmas gifts for girls is never an easy task. Shopping for Christmas gifts for college girls is even harder! The older girls get the harder it can be to pick out something they will really use and love. 

In general, when picking out Christmas gift for girls, you can never go wrong with clothes, shoes, jewelry, or gift cards. But, to buy a Christmas gift she will actually like you have to know what style of shoes, clothes, etc. This is where it can be hard. 

Luckily, I am a college girl that can tell you exactly what anyone my age would love to receive as a Christmas gift in 2020.

Our Top Christmas Gifts For College Girls:

Best Overall: Ugg Slippers

"I'm so obsessed with these Ugg slippers. I tell everyone I know to get them, they're that good!"

Best Under $25: Makeup Travel Bag

"Every girl should have a makeup bag. I've had one spill too many for me not to have one! This makes traveling so much easier in college."

Best Value: Sephora Perfume Set

"This perfume set was perfect for someone indecisive like me. I got to try out so many nice perfumes before choosing one that I want to commit to."

Most Popular: Lululemon Leggings

"I mean how can you not love Lululemon leggings!? They last forever and are sooo comfy."

Best Stocking Stuffer: Hidden Zipper Scrunchies

"I bought these scrunchies for my daughter as a small gift in her stocking and it ended up being one of her favorite gifts."

Best Subscription: FabFitFun Subscription

"I was gifted the FabFitFun box last year and love it so much. I look forward to my box every few months!"

Best Cooking Appliance: KitchenAid

"You really can't go wrong with a KitchenAid. It seriously makes cooking so much easier. Love this one!"

Table of Contents

Best Clothing To Give College Girls For Christmas:
Best Jewelry And Accessories To Give College Girls For Christmas
Best Electronic Gifts To Give College Girls For Christmas:

Best Beauty Products to Give College Girls For Christmas:
Best Stocking Stuffers And Gifts Under $25:
Best Christmas Gifts To Give College Girls Living In An Apartment:

Clothing To Give College Girls:

1. Oversized Fuzzy Hoodie

A fuzzy, oversized pullover is a perfect gift for a college girl. When going to class, most people love to be comfortable. (It can also be super cold in lecture halls) and no one wants to spend an hour or two freezing while they're trying to learn.

You will pretty much see every girl in these types of hoodies during the colder months so if you buy this gift for a college girl she will be sure to wear it frequently. 

2. Adidas Running Shoes

For the college girl, you can't go wrong with some good running shoes. Adidas are a super popular brand for all college-aged girls. You will for sure see these all over campus if you visit!

These are super high quality running shoes that are made specifically to withstand long workouts. 

3. Lululemon Leggings 

Buy on Lululemon

Although a little pricey, Lululemon leggings are the OG legging brand that will last many many years. You seriously can't go wrong with giving these as a gift.

These leggings come in all different colors and style so pick out ones that you think she will like the best! When in doubt, you can never wrong wrong with a good pair of black Lulus.


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4. Pajama Set

Comfy pajamas are the perfect gift for a college girl. Every girl loves a good lounge outfit, and she will definitely wear these around her room and while studying. I can't even lie, I have worn pajamas to class in college.. and I'm not the only one. 

How ever she wears them, PJ's are a great Christmas gift for college girls.

5. Cute Cropped Tank Tops

College girls can be super hard to buy clothes for. But, any tops like these they will be almost certain to wear. These types of cute cropped shirts and tanks are worn all the time by college girls. They're pretty much a staple of "going out" outfits!

6. Air Force Ones

Buy From Nike

These Nike shoes are all the rave right now. Literally every college girl owns a pair so if she doesn't already, get her some. I honestly want these so bad too. Will definitely be adding them to my Christmas list this year.

7. Sweatpants

Buy on Brandy Melville

Ah, the perfect piece to a college class outfit - sweatpants. Swear, college girls live in these and can never have too many. Whether she wears them to class, to workout, or to just lounge around, she will always appreciate receiving these as a gift.

8. Beanies

Buy on Urban Outfitters

Beanies are a staple in winter fashion. Christmas is the perfect time to give one (or more) of these as a gift! Not only are beanies practical for the winter, they also make outfits look so much cuter.

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9. Cute Sweaters

College girls never have enough clothes so you really cant go wrong buying a sweater for a Christmas gift (and no not the ugly Christmas sweaters lol). But, other than those, cute sweaters are always a hit to give as gifts.

10. Ugg Slippers

You literally can't go wrong with Ugg slippers. I recommend these to everyone I know and have converted many people into hardcore Ugg slipper lovers lol.

Any college girl that loves to lounge around in comfy clothes, or just wants a warm and cozy slipper to slip on after a long day at school or work, this is what she needs! 

11. Robe

Girls pretty much live in robes or towels when getting ready and I can almost guarantee she is due for a new one. Fuzzy robes are always a great gift to give no matter what!

Jewelry And Accessories To Give College Girls:

12. Sunglasses

Ray Bans have some high quality and classic style sunglasses. They can be a little expensive but they are a great investment that will last a long time.

If you don't want to spend too much on sunglasses, there are also some great cheap options on Amazon that are still super cute. 

13. Coordinates Necklace

Click Here to Buy on Etsy

A unique and thought gift for any college girl is something customized. Anything with coordinates can add so much to an accessory while also making it personal to her. 

You could add coordinates to her hometown, favorite city, college town, etc. I got this exact one for my girl friend last Christmas and she still wears it all the time! 

14. Personalized Luggage Tag 

Click Here to Buy on Etsy

This personalized luggage tag is especially great if the college girl you are buying for lives far from her hometown. Even if not, these are great to put on bags and purses to make sure they don't get lost. Really anything customized is a great gift for a college girl!

15. Layered Necklaces

Jewelry is always a go-to gift for girls. Layered necklaces are super in style right now because they really go with everything! The best part is, you can find some stunning layered piece of jewelry without spending an arm and a leg.

16. Cute Belts

Belts are one of mine (and pretty much every college girls) favorite fashion accessory right now. They really add so much to an outfit. The belts I linked above are super popular right now but are basic enough that really any college girl will like them.

17. Kendra Scott Necklace And Earrings

Buy From Kendra Scott

Buy From Kendra Scott

Kendra Scott is the holy grail of jewelry for college girls. Picking out a jewelry piece as a Christmas gift can be super hard but if she unwraps a KS necklace or earrings, it will be sure to put a smile on her face.

Electronic Gifts To Give College Girls:

18. Apple Watch

Apple watches are a staple for any college girls that loves working out. Even if she isn't the athletic type, Apple watches are so convenient!

They allow you to read and send texts, play music, and check activity without having to pick up your phone. If she doesn't have an Apple watch already, make sure to get her one this Christmas.

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19. AirPods

An essential to college is having a pair of bluetooth headphones. I have found AirPods are the best quality and are super compatible with any Apple device. But, they also sell cheaper options on Amazon!

20. Bluetooth Speaker

No matter if she is living in a dorm, apartment, or house, a bluetooth speaker is a must have. It's always more fun to entertain or get ready for a night out with some great music on.

If you really wanted to go all out, you could get her a waterproof version that she could take to the pool or shower!

21. Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexas are super nice gifts that surprisingly aren't that expensive! This will allow her to play music by just saying, "Hey Alexa, play..." Most college girls are lazy so this is a gift she will be so greatful for.

22. Tile Bluetooth Key Finder

I learned pretty quickly after moving to my college campus that you lose things all the time. I actually bought one of these Tile key finders for my friend a couple years back and she hasn't lost her keys since! 

They automatically connect to your phone and allow you to track them through bluetooth. This will save so much time and money in the long run.

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Beauty Products to Give College Girls:

23. Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

Buy From Sephora

Believe it or not, this is a hair dryer. An expensive one? Yes. The best out there that any college girl would freak out over receiving? Also a huge yes. They work so so well and come with a ton of different attachments to make sure her hair is looking smooth and clean!

24. HUDA Beauty Compact Eyeshadow Pallet

Buy from Sephora

Any makeup lover knows HUDA beauty so a college girl would be stoked to receive this as a Christmas gift. The pallet is small enough that it's easy to carry around and has all the basic colors for a beautiful eyeshadow look. As a makeup lover myself, this will definitely be on the Christmas list this year.

25. Makeup Brush Set

When you're into makeup you can never have enough makeup brushes. The truth is, makeup brushes get old and dirty fast which can make you break out. A new set of makeup brushes is always a fun and exciting gift to receive no matter how many you have.

26. Perfume Set

Buy From Sephora

Pretty much every girl loves new perfume. But, perfume can be expensive and you don't want to spend tons of money on a perfume she may not even like!

This perfume set from Sephora will allow her to try out a variety of scents to find one she likes best! This is the best and only way to buy perfume. Girls are picky!

27. Gel Nail Kit

Not many college girls have the money to get their nails done at school. This gel nail kit will allow them to keep their nails looking beautiful without having to pay 40+ dollars to get them done. This gel nail kit is only $36 dollars! That's less than the price of getting your nails done one time. 

Any college girl will appreciate a Christmas gift that will keep her nails looking fresh at all times without having to spend money!

28. FabFitFun Subscription

Gift from FabFitFun

The FabFitFun subscription box will be a gift she'll obsess over, guaranteed. It's basically a subscription box that comes 4x a year with full size products of the best in beauty, fitness, wellness, home, and everything in between. 

This is such a great gift because you can customize it to what she likes and you get so much for your money. 

Stocking Stuffers And Gifts Under $25:

29. Water Bottle

Talk about Christmas gifts for college girls that they will actually use. You won't find a college student out for class without a water bottle. Camelbaks are cheap but sturdy and is a great long lasting water bottle option.

30. Hidden Zipper Scrunchies

If you're looking for this year's all-time best stocking stuffer, this is it. You can buy packs of these hidden zipper scrunchies on Amazon for cheap. This would for sure being a hit stocking stuffer this Christmas.

31. Fuzzy Blanket

No girl will ever turn down a nice fuzzy blanket. Not only are blankets soft and comfy, they always make the best decor. This blanket is a great throw blanket for any room to add a bit more texture to a bland room. She'll be obsessed! 

32. Agenda

If there is one thing you must have in college to do well, it's an agenda. I swore by these then and I still do now. These are great cheap options for Christmas gifts! If you wanted, you could even add in some fun colorful pens to make planning even more exciting... or is that just me being OCD???

33. Weekend Bag

After moving into college you soon realize you need a weekend bag more than you think. This bag is a total steal but it still super cute for any college girl's Christmas present.

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34. Slip Sleep Mist

Buy on Nordstrom

My mom recently bought me a pillow spray and I can tell you first hand, this stuff works! Even if it doesn't put you to sleep it sure as hell smells good.

This is a great gift option for those girls that have trouble falling asleep or like to unravel before bed. 

While you're at it, get her a Slip Silk Pillowcase too. She will DIE of happiness!! 

35. Makeup Bag

Seriously though have you ever had foundation or powder spill in your overnight bag? Not fun.

Makeup bags are a gift more girls should be receiving honestly. I can't tell you how many times I have seen girls trying to fit their makeup in a small bag (or even a plastic bag... yes I have seen that). In college, girls will probably be traveling even more so having a bag to store all your makeup is a must.

36. Phone Case And Phone Wallet

Coming from a girl, we break phone cases (and phones) easily. One rough night out and you can wake up with a broken screen. Every girl needs a phone case and even if the girl you are buying for has one, it's always fun to switch them out once in a while. 

If you really want to add a gift she will use, buy a phone wallet to go on the back of the case. These come in so handy on nights out so you always have your I.D., debit card, and cash right on the back of your phone.

Christmas Gifts To Give College Girls Living In An Apartment:

34. KitchenAid

Now, this KitchenAid mixer is definitely more on the pricey side of gifts. But, this mixer will be used for years and years to come.

This may be a gift to give college girls about to graduate since they are closer to moving into a place of their own. However, if you really want to give a gift that will impress, this will for do do the trick no matter what her age!

35. Oil Diffuser

If the college girl you are buying for lives in an apartment or dorm, this would be the perfect Christmas gift to keep her room smelling nice! Most dorms and apartments are not candle friendly so this is a great alternative to keep the room smelling fresh.

36. Towels

If there is one thing I have learned from moving into an apartment, it's that you run out of towels quick! Before moving into my apartment I always though towels were pretty cheap but that isn't the case.

Towels are one of those things you don't want to buy yourself but always need so they would make a great Christmas gift for any college girl. You could even get them personalized with her monogram if you want to make them a little more special.

37. Towel Wrap

A towel wrap is one thing every girl needs... especially if you are living in a dorm. Even if the college girl you are buying for lives in an apartment, towel wraps make great gifts! I use mine all the time to wear right out of the shower while I'm doing my hair and makeup.

This post is all about Christmas gifts for college girls.

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