This pre-packed hospital bag has everything I wish I packed for my birth 🙌

As someone who errs more towards, "I'll make it work" than "I'll plan accordingly," the hospital bag I packed for the birth of my daughter left a lot to be desired–and if I recall correctly, contained little more than my favorite yoga pants, an outfit to bring her home in, a phone charger, and mascara (because, priorities.) And even though I'd already been through childbirth, my son had been born at home, which blissfully required no packing at all.

Gathering what you may need for this transformative adventure is an overwhelming task at a time when even deciding what's for dinner might drive you to tears. Thankfully, Belly and Bag made it simple for you

Vetted and packed by mamas, for mamas, the Belly and Bag pre-packed hospital birth bag delivers everything you need for the smoothest stay possible right to your door. The easy-to-clean weekender bag, developed by two friends who wanted to solve this universal stressor, comes fully stocked with carefully sourced organic and non-toxic essentials that consider the needs of you and baby.

From bathroom needs—like Pharmacopia toiletries, Schmidt's natural deodorant, Burts Bees facial wipes, dry shampoo—to products that make you feel cozy and comfortable—a luxury towel, robe and flip flops—each item has been chosen based on feedback from real mamas.

And because they're pros, they haven't forgotten a universal phone charger, a massage ball for getting down to the business of labor, and even thank you cards and a pen in case you want to get a jumpstart on expressing gratitude. (I'd like to start by thanking the hospital ice machine, every nurse ever, and everyone I yelled at.)

Belly and Bag: The Fully Prepared

Belly and Bag: The Fully Prepared

The Fully Prepared bag includes basically everything but the baby. They also have a version that covers off on just the basics (The Minimalist, $120) and one that meets right in the middle (The Happy Medium, $170).

Once baby arrives, this Mary Poppins-esque bag has even more to offer. A matching changing pad, organic cotton overnight maxi pads, disposable bamboo nursing pads, and organic nipple balm provide support for those first hours and days with the newest love of your life.

So cross "pack hospital bag" off your list, mama. And go figure out what to eat for dinner instead. (Ice cream. The answer is always ice cream.)

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