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We just had our lockdown extended in Ontario and so being pregnant and at home, little spa rituals like this one help me relax and pamper myself. I’ve been organizing, purging, nesting, preparing for baby, working at home etc. but sometimes mama just wants to rest! I find doing little self-care routines morning and night help me decompress, disconnect from online and ease into my day or evening sleep. It’s also great for your skin which goes through a lot while you’re pregnant as it’s stretching, growing and of course, all those hormones!

I’ve had dry skin and acne during my pregnancy, I haven’t noticed any stretch marks but I still apply my belly butter religiously. I also apply it to my chest and bottom area (because those areas are growing too, lol). Here’s what I love to use lately…

Peel Pregnancy | I recently discovered this amazing face mask and I am in love!! I avoided face masks that were for acne or exfoliating because many are not pregnancy safe but was so happy to find this during the Sephora sale that’s formulated FOR pregnant women dealing with skin issues! It’s a spa-grade mask (which is amazing to have a home while I can’t go get facials). I use this once a week and have noticed a huge difference in my skin’s texture! Between wearing masks when out at doctor’s appointments and pregnancy hormones I had a lot of breakouts around my jaw and chin and this has eliminated so much of that. Grateful I found it!

Silicone Face Mask Brush | I apply my face masks with this silicone brush I got off Amazon in a pack (super cheap) and it is way cleaner than using your hands or a synthetic brush. It also makes you feel like you’re really at the spa having little tools like this!

Spa Headband | Another little thing I love to have for my spa routine are these headbands that keep my hair out of my face. Love the cute leopard print too!

At-Home Facial Steamer | This has been a must-have of mine for years! I love doing at-home facials with this steamer which goes on for 10 minutes and then I apply my ask or skincare routine right after so it really soaks in while my pores are open. It’s also included in the Sephora sale happening right now! Use code: OMGSPRING

Face Oil | I just received this squalane + vitamin C rose oil and as I mentioned my skin has been really dry and dull so this is supposed to help with that and it’s formulated with clean ingredients which I love! Can’t wait for that glow 🙂

Cloud Dew Gel Cream | This is the moisturizer I use every day and night that I love. It’s lightweight but really hydrating! I also love it under makeup as a base, I find it glides on so well over this.

Rose Quartz Roller | I keep this in the freezer and it adds another “treatment” for your skin to depuff and really work in any oils, creams etc. you apply. I also use it for lymphatic drainage, headaches or jaw pain and it feels so good!

Nécessaire Body Serum | This serum is formulated clean and does a great job at hydrating my skin. You can apply it all over, I focus on my arms and legs and use other products for my growing belly mentioned down below…

Vanilla Lip Butter | I love applying this hydrating lip butter (it smells so good) and it just feels really lush on your lips! It makes your lips look super glossy as well which makes this mama feel good!

Resurfacing Night Serum | This night serum aims to help with pores, acne and texture (all the areas I need help with) and it’s a vegan formula. I’ve kept my pregnancy skincare routine pretty simple so far, but now that I’m in my third trimester I’m using a few more steps to help my skin out.

Body Exfoliator | Before I start my spa night, I love to take a hot shower to open my pores and relax my body! I use this body exfoliator that smells like an absolute dream! If you’re pregnant focus this product on your belly, breasts and booty to help prevent stretch marks and dry skin.

Belly Butter | This has been my favourite thing to use on my belly during pregnancy and it’s super clean, these are the ingredients: Cocoa Butter, Aloe Butter, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Mango Butter, Argan Oil,  Vitamin E, Phthalate Free Fragrance. It smells absolutely amazing and really hydrates all the right areas where my skin is stretching and growing!! My husband loves how this smells on me too! 🙂

Body Butter | I love using this on my arms and dry hands (hello hand sanitizer and over hand washing, you are super drying to my skin) and it helps me fall asleep! It’s also a clean beauty brand and it’s got Eucalyptus and Lavender which sends me off to la la land. I have a code: JOLLY10 if you’d like a discount and highly recommend you check out more from this line I love!

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How to ease into a relaxing spa night…

+ Unplug (turn off all devices and instead grab a book/magazine and play some soft music)

+ Set the mood (I like to dim the lights and turn on soft lamps (or my salt lamp), you can light candles etc.)

+ Slip into something comfortable! I like to wear a robe, but cozy soft pjs and a blanket are nice too

+ Make yourself a drink (a green juice, spa water with chopped cucumbers/fruit or a tea)

+ Get your partner involved! It’s fun to mask and relax together!!

Hope you are staying safe and healthy wherever you are in the world. Take care of yourself mama xoxo

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