Valentines Day Ideas: 100 Small, Nice Things to Do for Your Wife

Valentines Day wasnt always a Hallmark holiday. It has, however, at least since the Middle Ages, been a day on which people express affection toward one another. First, with written letters. Then, in the 1800s, with intricate valentines decorated with fine lace and flowers. And today, with overpriced cards that make unfunny jokes about getting naked. In fact, according to Hallmark, 144 million Valentines Day cards are exchanged each year and that doesnt include the millions of tiny Avengers cards handed out in classrooms.

But no matter how Valentines Day gifts or cards have changed over the centuries, the sentiment has never wavered. Valentines Day remains a day, no matter how commercial, to tell someone special in your life that you love and appreciate them. To verbalize the specifics of what is assumed and left unsaid. So, as you think of Valentines Day ideas for your wife and prevent you from being one in 144 million, weve assembled this list, in no particular order, of 100 small, nice things you can do for your wife or partner on February 14th, or any day, to show them thatyou care.

100 Small, Nice Things to Do for Your Wife on Valentines Day

  1. Set your phone alarm or radio to play a song she likes when you wake up.
  2. Send her an internet thing that you know shell like. Maybe its an .gif, cat video, or funny article it doesnt matter. Just something good for a small bit of happy.
  3. Ask her if shed like some time alone. Theres nothing more romantic than demonstrating that youre not needy.
  4. Warm up the car for her. Its cold out.
  5. Put something weird in her work bag. Could be chocolate. Could be a toy. Could be a drawing of an ocelot wearing sunglasses. The point is: shell find it and be amused, touched, or both.
  6. Take out the trash. Feels like a weird thing, but its hard to have a special day when garbage is just laying around. Also, tidy up a bit. It makes a world of difference when its time for the big romantic gesture.
  7. Warm up her towel, robe, or slippers in the dryer. That way she has something cozy to slip into when she first wakes up/gets out the shower.
  8. Do a few extra chores around the house, and dont point it out to her. Better yet, do the one chore she hates to do the most.
  9. Make some quick brownies. Except make them in a muffin tin.That way, every piece is an edge piece.
  10. Let. Her. Sleep. In. Keep the kids busy, or get them out of the house.
  11. Send her flowers at work. Bouqs is a reliably great service with reasonable prices.
  12. Paste her toothbrush for her when youre both getting ready for the day. A small, sweet gesture.
  13. Give her a back rub without making a big deal out of it. Dont use oil, lotions, or rose petals; just get in there and go for it.
  14. Text: Thinking of you at some point during the day. Follow it up an hour later with a funny aubergine-peach emoji combo or something if sexting is your thing.
  15. Make breakfast for her. Bring it to her while shes in bed. Coffee too.
  16. Make her a homemade card. Put some effort into it.
  17. Go running with her. Or to yoga class. Or rock climbing. Whatever her exercise thing is, do it with her..
  18. Tell her a good joke. Emphasis on good.
  19. Make her a mixtape. Or a playlist if youre not an old person. Could be songs you were listening to when you started dating, songs you both like, or one of those cool playlists where if you read every song in the tracklist its like a message.
  20. Consume a piece of pop culture show, band, song that she loves but youve never seen, read, or even heard of. Bring it up later in conversation.
  21. Leave some Post-Its for her everywhere on the bathroom mirror, in her laptop, on the steering wheel, in her sock drawer, etc. Ideally, include compliments, memories, and a few innuendos
  22. Tell her an embarrassing story from your childhood. Keep it light, though. Nothing too weird or sad. Tell it with some flair.
  23. Take a bunch of dumb online personality quizzes together.
  24. Let her throw out something of yours that she lowkey despises. Grin and bear it.
  25. Give her a week of total control over the little things. She gets to pick movies, food, activities, whatever it is that you two do.
  26. Make a list of things for which youre proud of her. Dont be vague. Choose real things. Appreciation is crucial.
  27. Set a price range and make a dumb impulse buy together.
  28. Vacuum underneath the couch.
  29. Prep the baby bottles, make the kids lunches, do whatever morning task she usually does.
  30. Make her a homemade card from the kids.
  31. Buy a pack of kids Valentines Day cards. Give her one the best one. Hell, give her five and place them all over the house.
  32. Clean the tub.
  33. Put your phone in a shoe box for the night. Dont take it out.
  34. Look at old pictures from when you were dating or newly married. Fondly reminisce.
  35. Compliment her in public. Make sure other people hear.
  36. Do something special for her on social media if thats your thing. Make it funny. Heartfelt. But remember its a public declaration, so dont be embarrassing.
  37. Find the best scribble your kid made at school and present it nicely to her.
  38. Make somePokMOM cards for her with the kids. Each one should have a picture of your wife and a special skill she possesses that you and your kids love.
  39. Whisper something sweet to her.
  40. Get her a gift that will last a long time. Think: guitar lessons, not chocolate.
  41. Take a half day from work and do something fun together. The best way to surprise someone is to really surprise them by sacrificing work time for her.
  42. Hug her from behind tenderly. Smell her hair.
  43. Organize and clean up your space. Its a gift for everyone but especially her.
  44. Frame a picture of her with the kids. Tell her why you love it.
  45. Find her shopping list, to-do list, or Google calendar and add silly, romantic things to it.
  46. Dont send flowers to her workplace. Send her favorite snack instead. There are a ton of supermarkets that deliver.
  47. Put a heating pad on her side of the bed.
  48. Give her some interruption-free time to binge watch/marathon a TV show.
  49. Make out with her.
  50. Go for a walk together.
  51. Send her a nice text that includes your feelings. Not just a string of dumb emojis.
  52. Get her tickets to something shes really into. It could be a comedian, a band, a book reading, just dont forget to also schedule a babysitter.
  53. Buy her a really dope bath bomb.
  54. Teach the kids to sing a classic love song she likes. Sure, its probably easier to have them make an I Love You This Much card, but a song and dance? Thats next-level effort.
  55. Turn off the television for one night.
  56. Give her the last bite of dessert. And the first.
  57. Shave. Or just clean up your beard.Important: Clean allthe small hairs from the bathroom when youre done.
  58. Light a ridiculous amount of candles.
  59. Burn your cargo shorts or whatever piece of clothing she hates. Yes, in front of her.
  60. Have the kids surprise her with flowers at work.
  61. Make coffee before she asks.
  62. Get her car oil changed.
  63. Go to the fancy grocery store for dinner stuff. Make a fancy dinner.
  64. Do that thing she loves but you hate.
  65. Make her any meal with care. Does she love sandwiches? Make the dopest sandwich.
  66. Draw her a bath. Add some bubbles. Fancy soap is nice, too. Let her enjoy it in peace.
  67. Open up a nice, special-occasion bottle of wine.
  68. Write her a note. An actual note, in a card and put some feeling into it.
  69. Post an album on Facebook or an Instagram story with a picture from each year youve been together.
  70. Clean and vacuum all the kid crap from the car. The Goldfish crumbs, the fruit snacks wrappers all of it. Make it spotless.
  71. Dress the kids up.
  72. Let her pick the movie (and the movie snack), whether youre going out or staying in.
  73. Rent her favorite movie on your computer. Let her pick the snack. Snuggle as you enjoy it on the small screen. Make out like teens afterwards.
  74. Ask about her day. Then listen to the details. All of them. Then do the same. Share.
  75. Make a heart-shaped memory for every month (or year) youve loved her. To each, add a concrete reason you love her: For the day you gave birth to our child. For the time you kissed me on the beach on vacation. Your booty is a masterpiece.
  76. Have a masseuse come to the house.
  77. Meet her at the office and take her out to lunch.
  78. Light a candle for every year youve loved her. Shes the light of your life. Get it?
  79. Throw a family dance night, but only with songs she likes.
  80. Get a morning babysitter for a few hours and go out on a breakfast date.
  81. Create a simple movie from your photos.
  82. Use cardboard and construction paper to make a 3-foot-tall Valentines Day card that the kids can sign.
  83. Plan a vacation at least the basics and reveal it on Valentines Day. Something to look forward to is a great gift now.
  84. Play a board game together after the kids go to bed.
  85. Buy her a gift certificate to her favorite clothing store. Dont buy her lingerie or other clothing. That is hard. You will fail.
  86. Read a non-kid story or book aloud together.
  87. Dont work late.
  88. Play footsie with her.
  89. Slow dance with her in the living room. To a classic love song. Something like this.
  90. Buy her a book you think shed love. Tell her why youd think shed love it. Write a few notes in the margins.
  91. Have her favorite cocktail ready when she gets home from work.
  92. Go on a picnic in the backyard. Buy some bread. Buy some fruit. Buy some dope-ass cheese.
  93. Change the background picture on her phone or tablet to one of you together.
  94. Send her a letter in the mail. Use a real stamp.
  95. Wear the shirt in your closet she likes the most. Yeah, even if itsthatone.
  96. Insist that you both eat dinner at an actual table, not in front of the television. Talk.
  97. Call her at work to say hi or share a story. No texts, no emails.
  98. Take the days first baby feeding.
  99. Draw her a picture. Put some effort into it.
  100. Smile and tell her how glad you are you married her.

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