What Ive Learned From Interviewing 25+ Women About Their Nighttime Routines

For a year now, Ive been after the answer to one question: How do you decompress after busy days of deadlines and meetings and maybe even a dinner party? Ive interviewed more than 25 women about their strategies for squeezing in some R&Rno matter how busy their schedules may be. Some recommend journaling, while others prefer to go down a YouTube rabbit hole. One suggests indulging in a bit of stargazingwith a telescope, if you happen to have one. All of these rituals can be found in our wellness series, The Wind Down.

The way you de-stress is personal, but as Ive talked to more and more women about their methods of getting much-needed shut-eye, Ive found some tips so great that multiple people swear by themand so Ive started adding them to my own routine. Here are just 10 of the best ideas Ive picked up throughout 2019. You might even consider trying them, too.

The Best Pajamas Double as Eveningwear

Most people I talked to prefer nice pajamas over old sweats, but theres one sleepwear brand that stood out: Lunya. The Nue Co. founder Jules Miller recommends its silk set in warmer months, and makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes loves her robe: It makes me feel like a diva in the best way.

Magnesium Is the Ultimate Sleep Aid

Counting sheep to no avail? Theres a mineral for that. Ballet dancer Courtney Lavine drinks Calm, a magnesium-based stir-in; Loom founder Erica Chidi Cohen takes baths with magnesium flakes; and Miller uses her own brands magnesium spray.

Palo Santo Sets the Mood

There might be a better way than lighting a candle to set the mood for sleep in your home: Cohen, Outdoor Voices founder Ty Haney, Object Limited cofounder Anna Z. Gray, and brand marketing pro Babba C. Rivera all attest to this fragrant woods soothing powers.

Sometimes Cleaning Is the Solution

Feeling off? Your messy bedroom could be the culprit. A quick tidying session will helpat least, Hughes and Love Wellness founder Lo Bosworth seem to think so.

Robes Are Absolutely Worth It

The time in between getting out of the shower and into your pajamas can be made much more enjoyable with the help of a robe. If it seems like a luxury, thats because it isa luxury that Golde cofounder Trinity Mouzon Wofford and Girls Night In founder Alisha Ramos both say improve their nights.

Popcorn Is a Perfect Nighttime Snack

Forget cookies and milk. The most satisfying (and easy) after-dinner snack is popcorn, according to chef Sophia Roe and Diaspora Spice Co. founder Sana Javeri Kadri, who makes a batch with tons of turmeric and ghee. Shes even released her own popcorn kit since.

Mood Lighting Is Crucial

Way before you hit the hay, the right lighting can help ease you into a calm frame of mind. Sezane founder Morgane Sezalory eschews overheads for warm-toned lamps, and actress Zazie Beetz lights a candle or twowhich she picks up at the Rite-Aid around the corner from her apartment.

The Ideal Moisturizer Is Shockingly Affordable

Sometimes the best product is also the most accessible. And since The Class founder Taryn Toomey and makeup artist Hughes both love Weledas Skin Food, you know it has to be good.

Turmeric Tea Can Be Pretty Magical

If youre feeling chilled, all you need is a little bit of spiceideally in the form of a hot turmeric tea. Kadri and activist and vegan chef Haile Thomas make their own golden brew on the stove top. Its cozy and it reduces inflammation.

Nothing Compares to a Good Bath

Showers may win when it comes to convenience, but bath time is highly underrated; many of our subjects, including Maude founder va Goicochea, Lavine, and Cohen, turn to the tub when they need to chill out. According to Bubble founder Jessica Young, its the best place to prepare for the next day: I do a lot of thinking and write a lot of notes in the bathanything from lightbulbs I need to buy to investors I need to talk to, she says. I take a bath probably four times a weekmore than I shower.

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