When it comes to designing the perfect bathroom, no decorative plan is complete without the right bath accessories

A bathroom accessory is far more than just an eye-catching piece. It is a practical component of your bathroom that helps keep the room organized and ensures the items you need are always at hand.

At Kingston Brass, we provide an array of bathroom hardware accessories that are quality in both design and durability. Check out our guide below detailing the most popular accessories for this much-used room.

Consider These Popular Bath Accessories

Towel Bar

Bathroom accessories help ensure that your space is clean, decluttered, and that everything is conveniently within reach. One way to keep your floors free from discarded towels is to install a towel bar. A towel bar is a simple design style that takes up minimal space while ensuring towels can air-dry between uses.

Towel Rack

For a busy family, a towel rack is an excellent choice. These racks have space for multiple towels and offer a unique design for the room. Ideal for larger bathrooms, towel racks come in a vast array of styles. From sleek and modern to traditional and elegant, choose a towel rack that will help tie your entire design together.

Towel Ring

Generally utilized for hand towels and decorative towels, a towel ring is easy to install and can fit within the design of smaller bathrooms and half-baths. Placing a towel ring near your sink ensures guests have access to hand towels as needed, while also allowing you to swap out seasonal decorative towels for an extra design touch.

Robe Hook

There is perhaps no better feeling than slipping into a comfortable robe after a bath. A robe hook can be placed strategically near your bathtub or shower, allowing you to grab this item without the need for bulky clothing draped over your vanity or floor.

Toilet Paper Holder

In many ways, our bathroom is the most practical room in our home. In a similar vein, a toilet paper holder is a bathroom necessity. However, necessity doesn’t have to dictate a lack of style. From brushed brass to elegant Victorian-style toilet paper holders, this piece can offer practical use while bringing together your bathroom’s style.

As you dream about your bathroom upgrade, consider the array of bath accessories we offer. Find pieces that fit your design, budget, and practical needs at Kingston Brass.

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