Why I Love a Korean Spa

Hi, my name is Lauryn & I’m addicted to Korean spas.

Here’s a little refresh of the first time I went, because it was seriously different than any experience I’ve ever had.

A few years back, it was my job to plan a girls day for my friend who was getting married. We had a little hike, some cocktails, then went to a Korean spa.

So we get there, the girl at the front checks us in ( I’m too busy checking out HER SKIN because DAMNNNN it was flawless ) & all four of us grab our cubbies full of a robe, towel, & scrub mitt.

We also were able to pick two masks to use during the treatment. Naturally I chose the collagen booster ( bye wrinkles! ) & one that helped with pimples ( hello chin zit! ).

All of us went to our lockers & then were instructed to strip. Like, NAKED. In front of each other. And the other 349573 women there. No big deal.

So we all go butt-ass naked to the community jacuzzi & wait to be called in ( reminds me of kindergarden but not really at all? ).

Before we’re called on they instruct us to take a shower.

We do.

Together? Well kind of? I’m going with the flow at this point I guess?

So anyway, we each get called.


See? I’ve always been a human guinea pig. There I was, just taking one for the team.

My masseuse tells me to lay down & proceeds to scrub down my whollllllle body with the cubbie scrub mitt to remove ANY dead skin.

This was not like a la-de-da, relaxing, cucumber eye pad-kinda scrub down.

This was a GNARLY, INTENSE, DON’T F AROUND scrub down. & I was OBSESSED. You guys know how much I love dry brushing !! This scrub down was heaven.

Let’s take a moment to recognize the fact that EVERY body part is getting an intense scrub down. Basically everythaaangggg was getting EXFOLIATED X 6 MILLION.

Here’s the thing: the masseuse was very automatic about it. She was very, very, very professional. It was as if she had done this job forever. So it made the experience enjoyable because she was so chill.

Ok, let’s talk about my view because half way through I was turned to my side to face my friend’s butt…& other things AKA her vagina…for the next half hour of the massage.

After the masseuse scrubbed my entire bod down & literally did Kung Fu on my back, I was told to take another shower…check!

Then lay facing upward…check!

Then close my eyes…check!

Then she proceeded to pour milk all over my body.

Afterwards she DEEP massaged my full body while performing circus tricks ( get your mind out of the gutter, this was a MASSAGE! ). Oh, by the way she is half naked the whole time.


After the massage part ended ( boo! ), she rubbed my entire scalp with hot oil, washed my hair ( shampoo AND conditioner, guys ), & put a mask on my face…


Anyway, post-massage was spent in the naked jacuzzi & a special red clay room that sucks toxins from your skin. The clay room benefits can be found here.

SO YEA. That was my first experience with a Korean spa. & I haven’t stopped. Everything about it is intense & I guess that’s why I fell in love.

Now I’ve discovered a new way to Korean spa.

There’s this super chic spa in Beverly Hills called Pellequr that really takes it a step further. It’s everything you want & MORE. Even the Kardashians are huge fans. In fact, Pellequr was even featured on a recent episode.

Anna is the owner & has become my friend. She pays so much attention to detail & the bathhouse she created is one of a kind.

Let’s set the scene…

You go in & it’s the most clean, sparkly place you can imagine. There’s a big, beautiful table that you lay on & the girls come in to scrub & clean you while you lay there like a dead fish in a bathing suit. It’s so nice & relaxing, sometimes I even put on a podcast. Should probably just chill & listen to music or nothing, but I just can’t help it.

Everyone has their own private room so you can be butt naked, but you don’t have to be. They provide mesh panties if you want to use them.

Benefits of a Korean spa:

♡ improved circulation.

♡ deep exfoliation.

♡ drains your lymph system ( << more on that here ).

♡ tones & tightens the skin.

♡ clears your mind. { via }

You should also know that I like Hailee to do my facial massage & she does a fab lymphatic drainage facial with cupping & lots of Barbara Sturm products. & of course, the signature Pellequr CBD oil. Yup, they have their own kind of CBD oil:

“Carefully crafted to be used sublingually or added to a drink, our premium broad-spectrum CBD is paired with organic hemp seed oil. Free from colorings and additives the Pellequr tincture comes in the original flavor as well as peppermint. Promotes a calm sense of well being, reduces internal inflammation and relaxes the digestive system.”

Benefits of CBD oil for your skin:

♡ antiaging.

♡ contains Omega 3 & 6 to promote collagen.

♡ keeps skin hydrated.

♡ can reduce pain & inflammation in psoriasis sufferers.

♡ won’t clog pores.

♡ inhibits oil production so can help with acne. { via }

Anyway, if you’re in LA definitely head over to Pellequr. You won’t regret it. It’s just fucking amazing to go by yourself, or with friends. Tell them The Skinny Confidential sent you. Anna will make sure you have the most amazing experience.

OH !! & be sure to check out their chic, gold, bougie CBD Zen Pen. It’s my all time favorite.

Korean spas are where it’s at. They’re all the rage right now & something you should definitely try.

Have you tried a Korean spa? Would love to know all about your experience. Tell tell!!

Until next time,

x, lauryn

ps. If you’re looking for a Korean spa in San Diego, I like Aqua. If you’re looking for a lymphatic drainage facialist in San Diego, go see Mo, aka @heal.thygoddess.

+ more on my CBD experience here.

++ check out these facial massage tips for glowing skin.


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