You Can Conjure Up Your Own Custom Harry Potter Wand With a Unique Pattern For $11

As a huge Harry Potter fan growing up, I couldn't wait for the day my wax-sealed Hogwarts letter would finally arrive and I could make my way to Diagon Alley to have my wand choose me at Ollivanders. While that day has yet to happen (I haven't lost hope!), Etsy shop HeartwoodWands has me convinced that the old wandmaker has taken his business online.

The shop's Custom Harry Potter Wands ($11) are handmade with "birch, stain, and love" and come in a variety of styles and colors. Each wand also comes with a unique pattern (spiraled, twisted, triangular), and can be customized according to your specific preferences or personality traits. If you have full trust in the wand's ability to choose you, then you can ask to be surprised with a random wand that might just be exactly what you - or your loved ones, if it's a gift - have always wanted.

The wands are approximately 12-inches long and a half-inch thick, making them perfect for concealing under your robe if you happen to be casting a lumos charm whlie sneaking into the kitchen for a midnight snack. Cores and flexibility aren't noted on the website, but I suspect a little bit of magic plays a part in getting the right wand to every witch and wizard who gets their hands on one. Take a closer look at some of the wands ahead, and careful not to cast too many slug-vomiting charms if you get one of your own.