YouTuber Gives Tour Of Worlds Priciest Plane Seat That Comes With 4-Course Meal

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YouTuber Casey Neistat has shown fans what it is like to fly on the most expensive plane seat in the world: Etihads A380 The Residence.

For US$31,000, the flight from Abu Dhabi to NYC boasts a borderline ridiculous amount of space and privacy.

In a seven-minute video, Neistat filmed his experience in the suite, which featured a living room, a shower area, a bedroom and 14 feet of legroom.

Neistat was greeted by a personal butler, who walked him to his suite. His living room was furnished with a sofa, a huge TV screen and a drinks tray. There was also a note with a signature from the flights pilot Tim welcoming him onboard.

The suite also had a complementary Wi-Fi voucher, pajamas, a loungewear robe and noise-cancelling headphones.

Neistat was especially impressed with the bed and the shower, which offered 10 minutes of hot water.

During the meal service, he was served four courses by the butler.

Neistat concluded at the end of the video that the experience had two perks flyers would rarely enjoy: privacy and space.

If you are looking to spend on a new Toyota on one flightwhat an experience, Neistat told his viewers.

If youre interested in flying The Residence, a round-trip ticket from NYC to Abu Dhabi will cost you US$31,000 and US$41,000 for two.

[via Business Insider, opening image via Shutterstock]