10 Date Nights to Have at Home

Having fun with your partner doesn’t have to require a big spending budget. Skip the next costly venture into town by reading about date nights you can have at home. These ideas are fun, romantic and budget-friendly so every couple can have a sweet night together.

1. Create a Spa Appointment

If you and your partner need to relax after a stressful week, schedule spa appointments in your living room. You could get face masks and wear them while enjoying soothing music and aromatherapy. Diffuse your favorite essential oils and give each other foot massages. You’ll get plenty of time to catch up and relax for just a few dollars.

2. Enjoy a Wine Tasting

Anyone who enjoys a glass of wine will love hosting a tasting with their partner. Select a few types you’d like to try and miniature bottles to reduce the cost at your grocery store. You and your partner can sip each variety while dining on a charcuterie board in candlelight.

3. Host a Pizza Night

Gourmet cooking classes require an additional commute and often have expensive price tags. Consider having a pizza night at home instead. You and your partner can make pizza dough from scratch if you get all the necessary ingredients and personalize the pie with your favorite toppings.

4. Paint Against a Timer

Get a set of paints and two sketchbooks for a painting challenge with your partner. Face each other so you can’t see what the other is creating and set a timer. When the timer runs out, whoever painted the best picture wins. It’s up to you to pick prizes that would make your date night romantic.

5. Try a Yoga Class

Couples who love getting active together can try a yoga class at home. Many are free online on YouTube channels or websites run by instructors. Select a video at the length you prefer and use it to stretch together before bed or after dinner.

6. Camp in Your Living Room

Flameless electric heaters are tabletop appliances that only cost a few dollars. Invest in one to make s’mores with your partner inside a tent in your living room. An indoor camping date is fun because it’s so different from daily routines. Complete the night by sleeping on air mattresses in your tent and listening to forest sounds on a background noise app.   

7. Gaze at the Stars

Many romantic movies feature scenes where the couple looks at the stars and cuddles on a cute plaid blanket. You don’t need to memorize constellations to have the same moment with your partner. Grab a blanket and download a stargazing app to spot constellations with your phone. Your partner will love this idea if they can’t get enough of the latest space discoveries.

8. Reminisce in a Bubble Bath

If your bathtub is big enough for two, fill it with hot water and plenty of bubble bath soap. You can both relax in the steaming tub and chat while candles flicker around you. Don’t forget to press play on some spa music to create the perfect environment for relieving your stress.

Baths are also an opportunity to enjoy a delicious drink. You can always opt for a wine bottle and a pair of glasses on the side of your tub, but floral teas are another way to soothe your mind. Lavender chamomile blends will calm your anxiety while the hot water seeps tension from your muscles.

9. Break Out the Board Games

People often forget that board game nights were so much fun before everyone spent the evenings scrolling through social media. Break out your favorite board games or buy new editions at a nearby store. You and your partner can have fun while flexing your communication and strategy skills.

Some couples don’t enjoy board games, but you’re not out of options if you’d rather not play Monopoly or Clue. Find a deck of cards with conversation prompts on them. Couples and families use them during game nights to have funny or meaningful conversations that might not happen otherwise. You’ll get to know your partner better while relaxing on your back porch or in bed.

10. Quiz Each Other With Trivia

You can always sign up for trivia night out in town, but you can also host one at home if you’re too tired. Find a trivia game that works on a video console that connects to your TV or free trivia games online. Quiz each other for fun or compete for a prize. The night will fly by as you race each other to claim the correct answers first.

Enjoy a Date Night at Home

You can have many date nights at home, saving you time and money. Consider what your partner loves to do and pick an idea you’ll both love. Whether you make a new recipe, stargaze or use conversation prompt cards over dinner, you’ll have a romantic evening together.

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