110 Times People Came Up With IKEA Hacks With Great Results (New Pics)

Founded in 1943, the Swedish giant Ikea has changed the way we shop design and furniture forever. In a rapidly evolving industry where new trends are born every day, while new products emerge to improve our lives, Ikea has remained relevant for almost 80 years with its solid fanbase.

And fans, they know what they are getting into – from Scandinavian minimalist design and ready-to-assemble furniture anyone can nail, to friendly prices, weird (or rather, charming!) product names, that iconic blue and yellow plastic shopping bag and simply unbeatable Swedish meatballs with cranberry sauce. How can you not love this?!

No wonder Ikea aficionados gather together in communities online to share their interest and love for all things Ikea. One such group is the Reddit community “Ikea Hacks” which presents itself as “a smart community focused on helping people build the perfect furniture for their living space using items sold by IKEA.”

With 109k members, the subreddit has become a destination for smart interior and furniture ideas to make out of Ikea products, and this is basically a treasure box for anyone in the mood for a home makeover or a full-on renovation.

Scroll down below through the smartest hacks! And when you're done with this post, be sure to check out more Ikea hacks right here.

#1 I Hacked An Kvistbro Table To Be A Cute Pet Crate For My Dog (And Cats)

Image credits: mokey-moke

#2 Ivar Hidden Desk

Image credits: neezerd

#3 A Simple Hack Cutting A Keyhole Shape Into An End Table For A Handy Tree Table!

Image credits: AviatorCam

#4 I Finally Finished My "Library" With Floor To Ceiling Shelves (Still Need To Put In New Flooring)

Image credits: atari_guy

#5 Turned The IKEA Ps Lamp Into A Disco Ball And I'm In Love With It!

Image credits: cesarmunir

#6 Using Toilet Paper Holder As Headphone Stand

Image credits: sharks_teeth

#7 Converted The Guest Room Closet Into A Craft Space

Image credits: cbender410

#8 An Unusual Ikeahack - This Regency Gown Is Made From An IKEA Duvet Cover! It’s A Perfect Print For Around 1800 And Is 100% Cotton! Even A Single Duvet Cover Contains Quite A Lot Of Fabric

Image credits: Pauline-Loven

#9 I Painted A Kullen Into A Nintendo NES For My Son’s Room

Image credits: MomOnALedge

#10 Whole New Level Of Hack

Image credits: android_cook

#11 I Decoupaged Prints Of Starry Night To The Drawers, And Layered Metallic Paint And Medium Over Them For A Painterly Texture. Base Is Stained With Watered Down Paint And Sealed

Image credits: 360inMotion

#12 Upgraded My Cat's Toilet With This Bestå Litterbox Hack

Image credits: Nemo1ner

#13 IKEA Waste Buckets, Attached To Door With Pulley System For The Lids

Image credits: MontagoDK

#14 I Built This Mirror Wall, Using Lots Of Mirror Tiles And Some Wood

Image credits: clehn8ok

#15 Saw This Billy Hack All Over Pinterest. Finally Made My Own

Image credits: UntitledProject01

#16 I Needed A Crafting Nook, So I Removed My Track Closet Drawers And Created This Space In My Guest Bedroom Closet!

Image credits: daisypaisy

#17 Adjustable Window Desk

Image credits: tmp729

#18 Rudsta Greenhouse Cabinet

Image credits: BringPlutoBack

#19 Duktig Doll Bed And Handmade Covers For My Little Buddy

Image credits: EvelienZ123

#20 Who Says You Can’t Have A Shed In An Apartment? 42 Units Of Trofast Units Into A Single Pax Wardrobe

Image credits: danielharkin

#21 100% Recycled Material, Some Hot Glue And Duct Tape, And A Fathers Imagination And A Happy Kid

Image credits: korkmazk

#22 Built In Pax Wardrobe

Image credits: b96d98g97

#23 My 17oz DIY Ultralight IKEA Camping Backpack Made Out Of Frakta Bags

Image credits: SanDiegoMitch

#24 My Fjallbo Hacked Bar

Image credits: Braikenb

#25 Kind Of Silly, But I'm Proud Of My Ingenuity. The IKEA Lamp (Fado) Was Brighter In Home Than In Store And Hurt To Look At So I Cut A Hole In The Back Of The $5 IKEA Basket I Also Bought (No Product Name Online). Super Cool Mood Light!

Image credits: Whoopiskin

#26 Finally Finished My Custom Home Office Using Eket And Alex Cabinets!

Image credits: Arkade_Blues

#27 Fintorp Used To Hang Plants On My Ceiling

Image credits: cookingandcursing

#28 I Used The Fabrikor Cabinet To Build An Indoor Greenhouse!

Image credits: elliotte02

#29 First Time Staining... I Love How This Turned Out! (Ivar With Foldable Table!)

Image credits: 1kiki09

#30 My Solution To Keeping The Cat Off The Desk

Image credits: Markbro89

#31 I Built A Sliding Bookcase Out Of 3 IKEA Besta Bookshelves With 6 Casters Screwed To A Large Bottom Plate

Image credits: _gameoverman

#32 Wall Panel Made Out Of IKEA Cabinet Doors

Image credits: _Miezo_

#33 Karlby Laundry Room Counter + Custom Shoe Rack/Cat Litter Drawer

Image credits: Atom800

#34 Added Legs To The Alex Drawer Unit On Casters To Make It The Same Height As The Standard Alex Drawer

Image credits: japantourist

#35 Kallax Inserts Dresser Transformation!

Image credits: reddit.com

#36 Simple Hack, I Mounted My Ekby Hall Wall Brackets Inverted So I Could Use The Brackets As Natural Bookends For The Shelf

Image credits: thebassics917

#37 Skådis Propagation Station

Image credits: corydora_mama

#38 Pretty Happy With How My Modified Drawer Turned Out On IKEA Micke Desk

Image credits: Ambitious_Yoghurt_59

#39 Window Benches With Storage, Made With Sektion Over Fridge Cabinets, 2x4 Base With Baseboards, 2x6 Appearance Boards On Top, Painted

Image credits: coneybeare

#40 Billy Bookcase With Plywood Front For The Built-In Look

Image credits: haekleobsessed

#41 I Found An Hemnes Shelf In The As-Is Area And Upholstered Some Fabric To The Top To Help My Dogs Get On The Bed. They Could Never Use Pet Steps And This Is Shorter The Normal End Of Bed Furniture So They Are Able To Hop On It

Image credits: whydid_i_eatsomuch

#42 45 Degree Built In Shelving From Two 5x5 Kallax’s

Image credits: Atom800

#43 Classic Hack

Image credits: GuybrushMightyPirat

#44 Our Hemnes Dresser Was Falling Apart, So I Gave It A Slight Makeover

Image credits: clehn8ok

#45 Customised Billy Bookcase TV Wall

Image credits: chucknorris69

#46 My IKEA Kitchen With Custom Fronts

Image credits: sortofyoung

#47 Tired Dad Hacks Feat. Gamleby

Image credits: Dr5ushi

#48 I Regret Nothing

Image credits: exclamationmarker

#49 Like Many, I Used The Kura As A Starting Point For Something More Fun

Image credits: Bob_Chris

#50 (Home)-Office Makeover | IKEA-(Mixed)-Hack

Image credits: Renovatius

#51 I Gave My Old Hemnes Dresser A Lick Of Paint

Image credits: dave113

#52 Was Told To Post This Here. I Built A 3D Printer Enclosure From 2 IKEA Lack Side Tables. All The Blue Pieces Are 3D Printed

Image credits: HollyMacXx

#53 Hacking An Ivar Into A Cat Litter Enclosure

Image credits: RaspberryPoppySeed

#54 Mega Built-In With Section Cabinets!

Image credits: shi_guy36

#55 I Made Zero-Space Bedside Lamps Out Of 2 Malm Glass Tops And 4 Crashed Trådfri Classic Brown Bulbs

Image credits: TBNecksnapper

#56 Hemnes Dresser Transformation!

Image credits: PompousClock

#57 Completed The Billy In Wall Bookcase Hack

Image credits: MrCallahan

#58 My Use For The 3 Inch Gap Between Cabinets

Image credits: 130designs

#59 I Turned A Boring Kallax Into Something More Pretty For My New Board Game Room

Image credits: EvilNassu

#60 Two 31" Godmorgon Sink Cabinets With Plywood Top As Bedroom Dresser Drawers

Image credits: downroar

#61 Hemnes Bookshelf Hack From Cabinets And Shelves

Image credits: dtspmuggle

#62 Added A ‘Wooden’ Back To My Kallax TV Stand, Using A Sheet Of Fibre Board And Sticky Backed Wood Effect Film, Makes A Nice Difference I Think

Image credits: confidentclown

#63 I Built A Floating Besta Entertainment Wall

Image credits: paul_macca

#64 This Was A Pain In The A** But Well Worth The Effort. Sektion + Grimslov, Saljan Top, Billy Bookcase Hack

Image credits: R0B5000

#65 IKEA Stall - Floating

Image credits: sawyersdogmom

#66 Havsta Units Turned Into A Built In

Image credits: dynamictype

#67 Glued Some Lack Shelves Together For My College Dorm

Image credits: Pcpie

#68 Repurposed Kallax For Camping Gear

Image credits: kevinthewild

#69 IKEA Elvarli Used As A Media Console - Not The Most Ingenuitive But I Hadn't Seen It Done Like This Before So Thought I'd Share!

Image credits: dylanyoung3333

#70 IKEA Havsta For Cheap DIY Built Ins

Image credits: robin_-_-sparkles

#71 Decided To Try My Hand At Customizing The Tarva Dressers. Gotta Say I'm Pretty Satisfied With My First "Hack" And First Time Staining Too

Image credits: VortenFett

#72 Tarva Cane Hack!

Image credits: d_paux

#73 Storå Inspired Loft Bed

Image credits: fallcona

#74 Kitchen Island With Added Drawers And Wine Storage. Tornviken With Ekby Alex Is A Perfect Fit!

Image credits: jamesgfilms

#75 IKEA Kallax Hack

Image credits: Legitimate_Canary

#76 Bar And Bench Hack

Image credits: trowway1112

#77 Saw Another Redditor Post Something Similar. I Also Joined Two Shoe Cabinets (Bissa) And Attached A Stained Wood Board On Top. I Love The Way It Turned Out!

Image credits: ISaCuwU

#78 Upside Down Billsbro = Tiny Shelf For Holding Your Phone While Doing Paperwork

Image credits: imgur.com

#79 Akurum Kitchen Section With Hacked 3-Into-1 Tall Corner Shelf And Adjacent Hacked Tall Shallow Cabinet

Image credits: potpourripolice

#80 IKEA Kallax Unit With Some Cheap Feet From B&q And Internal Lighting

Image credits: dudefromhp

#81 Skadis Is Great For Gamers

Image credits: reddit.com

#82 Finished Building Our New Pantry. I Used Sektion Wall Cabinets Without Their Bases To See More Countertop

Image credits: Buckaletta

#83 Eket, Alex, And Ekbaken Home Office Space

Image credits: jdamone

#84 Simple Record Player Stand By Combining The Bestå 702.458.48 + Mid-Century Mod Legs Off Amazon

Image credits: Shonkadamus

#85 Turned 180cm Knoxhult For 110$ Into 120cm Unit That Holds Built-In Fridge + Hot Plate + Washing Machine, This Is More Like Full DIY Not As Easy As It Looks But Can Be Done, Great For Tiny Apartments That Are On A Budget

Image credits: CxTillDie

#86 Kallax Wrapped In Black Limba

Image credits: matterlee

#87 Billy!! Girlfriend Is Happy With It. My First Thing To Build Ever

Image credits: nesanfidde

#88 My Twinned Hemnes Shoe Cabinet

Image credits: houwy

#89 Boyfriend Surprised Me With A New Wfh Setup. Special Shout Out To Gerton, Alex And Adils. Merry Christmas Everyone!

Image credits: huaberry

#90 Gave My Kallax Record Stand An Upgrade

Image credits: thebassics917

#91 Reupholstered Older IKEA Chair, Not Sure The Name Of The Chair

Image credits: S4BB

#92 Sektion Kitchen Cabinets As A Dining Room Console!!

Image credits: grahamcracker42p

#93 $25 IKEA Kallax Conversion

Image credits: AbsoluteCP

#94 Hemnes Dresser Hack!

Image credits: ewdaviiid

#95 Created An Ultra Wide Desk For A His-And-Hers Computer Setup

Image credits: Chimuel

#96 Got This Used Malm Nightstand For $10 And Transformed For Another $20. Not Perfect, But Was A Great First DIY Project

Image credits: margosmango

#97 Hacked Kallax To Hold A Minifridge

Image credits: kelbymt

#98 IKEA Lillangen Sink With Custom Base

Image credits: toe-not-tow-the-line

#99 First Time Hacking Anything, What Do You All Think?

Image credits: CapitanDirtbag

#100 I Made My Pax Look A Bit More Early 1900's

Image credits: imgur.com

#101 Shoutout To My Husband For Building Us This Work/Play Area When I Pregnant Cried To Him About Losing Our Spare Room To The New Baby. Malm X2, Karlby, Kallax +4 Inserts & Lack X3!

Image credits: adultish-

#102 Boring Hacks For Renters: In A Tiny New 1br And The Only Wall That My Malm Pair Would Fit On Was The Same Wall As The Only Power Outlet. Had To Leave A Gap To Access The Outlet, But Didn’t Want All My Stuff Falling Down The Gap. Enter Mosslanda Photo Shelves And A Large Packet Of 3m/Command Strips!

Image credits: stepstothelefts

#103 Just Moved Into A New Place And Needed A New Desk For My New Home Office. This Setup Was $185 Well Spent!

Image credits: Pisto1Peet

#104 I Made An Entryway Shoe Rack Out Of 2 Of Those $10 TV Stands

Image credits: jenashbeee

#105 Customized Billy/Oxberg Bookcase. Added Some Brass Pulls And Some Molding Pieces

Image credits: Zealousideal_Ad4499

#106 My IKEA Cabinet Wasn't Going To Have Shelving Because Of My Plumbing So I Just Cut Around It And I Got Two Shelves!

Image credits: reddit.com

#107 Hemnes TV Stand To Vinyl Storage

Image credits: High-bar

#108 IKEA Skådis And Some Spraypaint

Image credits: Fumblebumb

#109 Made A Skinny Laundry Sorter In Our Closet Using A Kallax Shelf As The ‘Island’. We Left The Divider Shelves Out Of 3 Sections And Put 11 Gallon Filur Bins (1 Each For Regular Laundry, Hand Wash, And Dry Cleaning). The End Section Stores Detergent And Clothing Care Items, As Well As Reusable Bags)

Image credits: rqny

#110 Mollekular Benchtops With Built In Reading Bench. Getting Plenty Of Use During The Quarantine / Work From Home

Image credits: jamesboagsjb