123 Times People Were Lucky Enough To Find These Easter Eggs Hidden In Real Life (New Pics)

It may not be Easter yet, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of cleverly hidden eggs all around us just waiting to be discovered. If you’re a gamer, I'm sure you're familiar with the term “Easter egg”, referring to those special little secrets and surprises planted in games for players to discover. But it turns out that we can come across these hidden gems in real life as well!

Below, you'll find some of our favorite pics from the In Real Life Easter Eggs subreddit, as well as an interview with gaming expert Marshall Gunnell of VGKAMI. Be sure to upvote all of the Easter eggs you would be thrilled to find, and remember to keep an eye out for any in your own life. They're just dying to be uncovered!

#1 The Tube At The End Of A Roll Of Doggie Poo Bags Says "Use Bare Hand Now"

Image credits: mreguy81

Everyone loves a pleasant little surprise, whether it’s your partner surprising you with coffee or finding an unexpected $10 bill in your pocket. But when real life starts to feel like a video game and you discover a clever little surprise out of nowhere, just turn to the In Real Life Easter Eggs subreddit to share your joy. This group, which was created in 2015, has amassed an impressive 517k followers over the past 8 years. The rules are simple: only share IRL Easter eggs, don’t repost recent or popular content, and don’t share any barcode posts. But the group is exactly what many of us need: cute clever moments in the most unexpected places.

“You know in games or movies when you find an odd little secret that someone in production left unnoticed for the few in the audience that would look for it or happen to stumble upon it?” the group’s description asks. “This is the place to share those things you find in real life.” The moderators note that this isn’t the area for posting digital Easter eggs, as in screenshots or photographs of screens (games, computer software, TV series, DVD menus), as those are regular Easter eggs. But if you’ve come across something that would make video game designers jealous that they didn’t think of it first, go ahead and share it with the rest of us! 

#2 New Mattress, It Almost Kicked My Butt Unboxing It But Like Neo… "I Know Kung Fu Too”

Image credits: mario24601

#3 This Bottle Of Water Has The Logo Of The Brand (A Small Mountain) Extruded On The Bottom

Image credits: st1nkf1st

To learn more about the digital versions of Easter eggs that inspired this group in the first place, we reached out to Marshall Gunnell at VGKAMI, an independent online gaming authority, and he was kind enough to have a chat with us. “Easter eggs are definitely an important part of video games, though they aren't essential to the core gameplay mechanics,” he told Bored Panda. “They add an extra layer of enjoyment and immersion to a game by providing a fun surprise for players to discover. They can take many forms, such as secret rooms, hidden levels, or even pop culture references.”

We were also curious why gamers love finding these eggs so much. “Discovering Easter eggs in video games is often a thrilling experience for gamers,” Marshall says. “It feels like you're discovering a secret that no one else has seen before.”

#4 Lil Balancing Dude Above A Gate In Tilburg, The Netherlands

Image credits: IPoopedALittle1

#5 Be Chill

Image credits: Forthzine

#6 The Tag On My New Underwear

Image credits: WhiteKingBleach

“Easter eggs often serve as a form of reward or recognition for players who are paying close attention to the game,” Marshall explained. “Game developers like including Easter eggs in their games because it's a fun way to show off their creativity and engage with the community. Players love sharing their discoveries with others, which helps build a sense of camaraderie and excitement around a game.”

#7 Care Instructions On My Dog's Harness

Image credits: Athrynne

#8 One In The Wall

Image credits: Gibronez

#9 Is It Just Me Or Are These Clothing Manufacturers Becoming Hostile?

Image credits: Beakedexit47

Marshall also shared his personal favorite Easter egg with Bored Panda: the “Konami Code”, which originated in the 1986 game Gradius, developed by Konami. “The Konami Code is a cheat code that allows players to unlock various bonuses in many Konami games,” he explained. “[It] is entered by pressing a specific, and now very popular, sequence of buttons, ‘up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A,’ followed by the ‘start’ button. The Konami Code has become a cultural phenomenon and has been referenced in numerous other video games, movies, TV shows, and even websites.”

Marshall even knew of some IRL Easter eggs that we can all keep an eye out for. “The hidden Mickeys at Disney theme parks were always fun to seek out. These are small, hidden images of Mickey Mouse that are tucked away in various locations throughout the parks, like on rides, signs, and buildings,” he shared. 

#10 Help!

Image credits: sirvar_

#11 The Wash Tag On This Shirt

Image credits: ronronthadon

#12 My Jeans Have A Little Note In Them

Image credits: daciticStraddle

“Easter eggs are an important part of video game culture, and they can add to the enjoyment and longevity of a game by rewarding players who are willing to explore and discover hidden secrets,” Marshall told Bored Panda. “Easter eggs can be a way for game developers to express their creativity and add an extra layer of depth and meaning to a game, whether it's through a hidden message or a clever gameplay mechanic. And while some Easter eggs might be more well-known than others, the joy of discovery and the sense of community that comes from sharing and discussing Easter eggs with others is something that many gamers can relate to and appreciate.”

If you’d like to learn even more about Easter eggs when it comes to gaming, you can read more about them on VGKAMI right here!

#13 I Finally Found One! A Retention Pond Outside The Boeing Factory In Charleston, Sc Has A Plane Shaped Peninsula. Only Visible From Above

Image credits: SuperFaceTattoo

#14 Ordered A Toy For My Kid. This Was On The Shipping Box

Image credits: JackSixxx

#15 "This 'Mouse Barbershop' I Found In Malmö, Sweden"

Image credits: mvd82

When it comes to why game developers leave little Easter eggs like these in their games, Juan at KJC eSports says, “The eggs we find in games are unimportant when you look at them logically. However, eggs provide something meaningful to gamers and developers. It is always fun to see something new in our favorite video games, especially knowing that it’s not needed for the game to progress.”

“Easter eggs are usually just elements the developers decided on a whim,” he goes on to write. “The hidden secrets in a game frequently contain something personal about the developer who put it there in the first place. Knowing this just highlights how wholesome the gaming community is, and it assures us that the developers themselves are gamers just like us.” Easter eggs are a great reminder that nobody’s sense of humor or personality vanishes just because they’re at work, designing a game or a piece of clothing. We all love the opportunity to learn more about the people behind these brands, and if we have the chance to include easter eggs of our own, why pass up on the opportunity?

#16 Speakers In The Ceiling At My Local Airport

Image credits: FluffiCatfish

#17 On The Back Of The Microfiber Cloth That Came With My Glasses

Image credits: ReidOutLoud

#18 A Hidden Message On Top Of A Truck

Image credits: call_me_xale

“These added extra hidden elements in a game feel just like little drops of love from the developers themselves to our gamers,” Juan goes on to write. “Personally, the eggs in every game serve as a bridge of connection between myself and the developers. I appreciate that little extra effort that goes along with implementing eggs in a game.” 

“The eggs in-game designs bring that extra satisfaction points in surprising players. When players have established expectations for the game, players will have a strong sense of surprise if the results in the experience process far exceed their expectations,” he adds. “For game designers, if they add some elements to the game like Easter eggs, the designer will have a more personal connection with the game and will be more attentive to it. It’s like your own game and the part you designed on your own, not just a game development project you’re involved in.”

#19 This Tag On My Shirt

Image credits: maybachmarc

#20 Tea Bag Warning

Image credits: jrtaylor3006

#21 Smart Food Knows We're Smart!

Image credits: ChiefWamsutta

If you’re an avid gamer, you’ve likely got some personal favorite Easter eggs of your own. But if you’re wondering where you can find some of the best digital Easter eggs of all time, we’ve got you covered. Dominic Allen at The Gamer wrote a piece last year breaking down some of the most impressive and clever eggs out there. First he mentions one of the most famous Easter eggs and one of the very first video game Easter eggs of all time: Warren Robinett’s name in the game Adventure. 

“On difficulties two or three, you must pick up an invisible dot in a tucked-away portion of the map that requires the bridge,” Allen explains. “Once you have the invisible dot go to the right of the golden castle, drop the dot, and make sure that at least two objects are on the screen, too. After that, you can pass through the right wall and see the developer credit. It's a fun process to get the egg, unlike most of the other first Easter Eggs.”

#22 On The Bottom Of Our Box Of Who Gives A Crap Toilet Paper

Image credits: lfreya

#23 It Says "Thank You Hero" In Spanish, It's The Inside Edge Of My Medical Uniform

Image credits: saix2437

#24 Schwinn Children's Bicycle Helmet

Image credits: RogueStone

According to Allen, the very best Easter egg of all time is the Chris Houlihan room in The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. He explains that this is not the only time a fan has been included in an Easter egg after winning a contest, but it’s certainly the most legendary. “Reaching the Chris Houlihan room can't be done by traditional means,” Allen writes. “The room is a fail-safe if the game doesn't know where to place you when falling down a hole. As such, the various methods to get to the room are quite unorthodox. Chris Houlihan appeared in the game after winning a Nintendo Power contest. With the game being one of the greatest of all time, his name will forever be known in the pantheon of gaming history.”

#25 On Park Ave

Image credits: Dependent_Pass_5631

#26 Snapple Telling Me To “Shake It”

Image credits: 123steveyc123

#27 Behind Our Humane Society Thrift Shop In An Otherwise Very Typical And Nondescript Alley

Image credits: lagomc

It feels like Easter already! We hope you’re enjoying all of these sneaky little surprises, pandas, and remember to keep your eyes peeled for any you come across in your own lives. You never know where they’ll be hiding… Keep upvoting your favorite Easter eggs from this list, and then if you’re interested in diving even deeper into the world or IRL Easter Eggs, you can find Bored Panda’s last article featuring the same subreddit right here

#28 Pot Hole Mosaic In Chicago

Image credits: Ganesha811

#29 My Local Farm Has A Pokemon Themed Corn Maze!

Image credits: bzbeebih

#30 On The Bottom Of A Cookie Box

Image credits: JamesKBoyd

#31 This Bag Of Cookies Has An Illustration Of Their Staff On The Bottom

Image credits: Bird1nternet

#32 Electrical Easter Egg

Image credits: TheThreeBagels

#33 Found This On The Bottom Of A Mug

Image credits: Dwayne_Hicks_LV-426

#34 A Traffic Light Near My Office Is Very Wholesome

Image credits: gnb_goliath

#35 Oh Honey

Image credits: bearjew64

#36 This Hp Sauce Bottle With Big Ben In Scaffolding

Image credits: furthestSandbag815

#37 Space Invaders Was Bricked Into The Exterior Wall Of This House

Image credits: sweetopa

#38 Someone Smashed A Tee Marker At This Golf Course Im Playing At And This Was Inside

Image credits: Slarty_Barfast

#39 The Tag On My New Shirt

Image credits: swtcrlnbbb

#40 Shark In My Car's Glove Box

Image credits: HYPERNOVA3_

#41 Sword In The Stone. England

Image credits: aheadTest275

#42 One Of The Dots Is A Heart Instead!

Image credits: Glad_Huffelpuffz

#43 WiFi Symbol At A BBQ Joint

Image credits: thenotoriousJEP

#44 This Piano Bar Code

Image credits: JackTheJukeBox

#45 Little Workers On Damaged Door

Image credits: YFone

#46 A Subtle Nod To A Notting Hill Quote

Image credits: PianoCharged

#47 Time Travelers Always Get Stuff Handed To Them…

Image credits: Silent-JET

#48 The Warning On The Board Game I Bought My Mum For Christmas

Image credits: RainingBlood398

#49 Not Recommended As Contraceptive Device

Image credits: whaletimecup

#50 Bought Some Shirts Online

Image credits: pwincess_buttacwup

#51 Found One In My Rental Car

Image credits: vanillasnovv

#52 Small Message On The Bottom Of Our Hand Soap

Image credits: twentytwelfth

#53 Deodorant I Just Bought Has A Lil Ship On It

Image credits: reddit.com

#54 Had These Sunglasses For About A Year, Just Noticed This Message On The Cleaning Cloth

Image credits: djwisk

#55 Mario In Kenora, Ontario

Image credits: Cable_Dog_

#56 Note Found Inside Of Plant At IKEA

Image credits: SuperTokyo

#57 Amd Chip Smiley

Image credits: sexyProsimii379

#58 Marvel Stadium - Figurine On The Sign

Image credits: SmilePay

#59 She Cute

Image credits: EveFluff

#60 Heart Speaker On The Train Platform ♡ Tokyo

Image credits: tokyopeachgirl

#61 These Suggestions To Optimize Enjoyment Of This Beverage

Image credits: CremeFraaiche

#62 On My Mike’s Hard Tall Boy

Image credits: DrunkxAstronaut

#63 Hidden Underneath A Bigger Tag On The Inside Of My Jeans

Image credits: Zapster6

#64 Changing Battery In My Big Muff Pi Distortion Pedal

Image credits: mrcoffeymaster

#65 This Bag

Image credits: Xanaoded

#66 Opened A New Box Of Menstrual Discs From A Brand I Haven’t Used Before And Was Met With A Clever Little Message

Image credits: sb326

#67 Found This Whilst On The Toilet

Image credits: fkthatbchcarole

#68 NYC

Image credits: TonksTBF

#69 Subtle Detail At A Proctologist's Office. I Haven't Met Him Yet, But I Already Like This Guy

Image credits: walker_not_tx

#70 Something Fishy About These Storm Drains

Image credits: lexi_delish

#71 Opened Up My Keyboard And Found This On The Case

Image credits: BadAzMan

#72 In A Box Of Tampons

Image credits: Dipskiff

#73 Bottom Of An Ipa Can…. Congrats Sean!

Image credits: rosewell-47

#74 This Block Of Wood Holding The Door Open At Msg

Image credits: ripleyscullies

#75 Found On The Back Of A Clark Griswold Cutout At Raising Cane’s

Image credits: Marty_McFly_Guy

#76 Wakanda Forever! The Atlanta Airport Had A Bonus Flight!

Image credits: Lithobates-ally_true

#77 This Wet Floor Sign At The Toronto Aquarium

Image credits: DeadlyDais59

#78 This Message Giving Me An Existential Crisis On The Tag Of My Teabag!

Image credits: NinetysRoyalty

#79 Wait? No Faces

Image credits: Der_Tobias

#80 This Guy

Image credits: by_sempatix

#81 Kermit Peeking Through The Ceiling In My English Class. I Always Wonder How He Got There

Image credits: NuttyDuckyYT

#82 Bought A Pair Of Socks From A Local Seller And Found A Recipe For Coconut Sambal; A Local Dish

Image credits: underwearhoneyboyy

#83 The Tag On My Baby's Pants From Old Navy. So Cute!

Image credits: SquidHoss

#84 Interesting Cleaning Instructions On The Bottom Of This Mug…

Image credits: willjstyles

#85 This Hoodie I Just Got Has A Cool Little Egg

Image credits: calyboy

#86 A Tiny Texas In My Chocolate Box (Company Based In Texas)

Image credits: Gorrgodbutcher

#87 Tag, You’re It

Image credits: consumethedead

#88 The Snow Lizard

Image credits: Faithfulmillrace405

#89 Somewhere In Mexico

Image credits: Travis_the_great_665

#90 Found Jabba On A Circuit Board For A Door Operator

Image credits: RichardNixonSr

#91 My Friends Roof

Image credits: Mikeyyyyyak47

#92 Found On A Bar Of Soap At The Bookstore

Image credits: Whole-Influence4413

#93 There's A Small Cat Hiding Inside This Paper Bag

Image credits: unanatkumot

#94 This Neighborhood In Texas Where All The Streets Are References To The TV Show 'Friends'

Image credits: DougEatFresh

#95 Interesting Message On A Pillow

Image credits: wanmg92830803cy

#96 The Ceiling Tiles In My Employer's Building Are A Map Of Downtown Detroit, Mi

Image credits: Wise-Manufacturer324

#97 This Table At A Wendy’s

Image credits: rtm742

#98 Tag On My New Swimsuit

Image credits: jackson73537

#99 Good Advice On The Bottom Of Venture Skateboarding Trucks

Image credits: codswen

#100 The Name Tag Inside My Son’s Coat

Image credits: thatowllady

#101 On The Bottom Of A Dog Treats Bag

Image credits: Thatonetrolldier

#102 ‘A Cat Parent’s Rules For Life’ On The Bottom Of Our Cat Food

Image credits: magicmike87

#103 This Part Of My Bike Is Also A Bottle Opener

Image credits: OsrsInsaneNL

#104 My Sodastream Thinks I’m Checking It Out

Image credits: baddam903

#105 The Restaurant I’m At Has “Bacom Ipsum” Instead Of “Lorem Ipsum” For The Fake Newspaper Under The Food

Image credits: _athl

#106 I Work On The Polar Express Experience In A Popular City. This Is What The Label Between Our Cars Say!

Image credits: queen_in_the_north17

#107 The National Cathedral In Washington Dc Has A Carving Of Darth Vader On It. The Design Won Third Place In A Children's Design Competition In The 1980s

Image credits: brokenimage321

#108 My Fortune Cookie Has Jokes

Image credits: TrendingDrift

#109 When You Go Out Of Bounds

Image credits: gary0211

#110 My LED Headlamp Has A Greeting For Me When I Go To Change The Batteries

Image credits: GodRaine

#111 Found On My Bike Trailer Box

Image credits: MrDrPrfsrPatrick2U

#112 Found This In The Pocket Of My Lucky Brand Jeans

Image credits: OkSoBasicallyPeach

#113 Michelangelo Grabbing For This Slice Of Pizza!

Image credits: Agile-Masterpiece959

#114 Airport Tile In An Out Of The Way Corner

Image credits: cal570

#115 Fun Label On My Cider

Image credits: Lego_Professor

#116 Nice Message On The Bottom Of My Roommate’s Soap

Image credits: audrey_la

#117 Found On The Top Of A Server Network Board Made By Cisco. Not Sure On Its Origins But Cool Nonetheless!

Image credits: ItsaSnap

#118 Behind The Toilet Door At My Gym

Image credits: f_ab13

#119 Gary Come Home

Image credits: cussedLubeck27

#120 On The Back Of A Poetry Book

Image credits: paraglock

#121 Hole In The Wall In Hole-In-The-Wall Restaurant Has A Secret Message

Image credits: Manticx

#122 In The Fly Of My Scrubs

Image credits: skubdit

#123 Cheeky Box Of Jammy Dodgers

Image credits: Alternative-Bad-3752

#124 Tag, You’re It

#125 Nice Message On The Bottom Of My Roommate’s Soap

#126 Bought A Pair Of Socks From A Local Seller And Found A Recipe For Coconut Sambal; A Local Dish

#127 Found A Life-Sized Minecraft Steve At The Sydney Opera House