132 Times People Couldn’t Believe Their Luck In Thrift Stores, Flea Markets, And Garage Sales (New Pics)

Do you remember the thrill of accidentally finding a $5 note on the floor? Or discovering a bargain so good that you just had to go for it? While thrift shopping is a bit different, the feeling of ecstatic joy when stumbling into a jackpot - whether it's a beat-up fiberglass carousel horse or vintage Sue Wong dress (score!) - is one and the same.

Exploring thrift stores, garage sales, and secondhand shops can be an exciting expedition. The feeling of stumbling upon unexpected gems is unmatched. And that's why Americans reportedly host from 6.5 to 9 million garage sales each year. Which only explains why it's inevitable that some curious-looking or downright wild items go from one household to another, giving us the pleasure of gathering the weirdest thrift finds on the internet.

#1 Well The Little Candy Jar I've Been Collecting Little Toys In For My Future Grand Kids Is Finally Full, Had To Move Them To An Actual Candy Dispenser

I thrifted her from the local Goodwill for $50! We've got plenty of time before I get a grand kid (probably 3 years at least lol) I have been picking up little toys here and there that i find a yard sales and thrifts for years, and now we have a cool place to put them!

Image credits: Jo-Lene Blair Szapowal

#2 I Have Wanted A Lenox Spice Village For 3 Or 4 Years Now But The Online Prices Skyrocketed So I Held Hope I'd Stumble Upon A Set At A Thrift Store One Day

But one popped up on my local FB marketplace this week. There was a lady with the set and no listed price so I reached out on the longest shot ever and was like hey I have wanted a spice village forever, by any chance would you be interested in a trade or partial trade for some of my art? TOTALLY expecting to be shot down but to my shock she said yes and we did a *straight trade with no money* and I am still in shock that she agreed and this went down and my dream village is now minneeeee. Other artists will truly get it - sometimes it feels like nobody sees the value in you and what you do. But she was so into all of it and was also so happy I was going to use it and not resell it.

Image credits: Lisa Eff

#3 My Friend And I Went Thrifting Today. There Were Hundreds Of Statues. Many For Favorite Teachers, Parents, Siblings But This Was Our Favorite

We did both purchase World’s Best Cat statues. Going to use mine for social media posts for the cat rescue I volunteer with!

Image credits: Leslie Knechtel

#4 My Boyfriend Is Notorious For Coming Home With Random Stuff On The Regular

He was on a job site and saw this beat up fiberglass carousel horse just laying in the yard. He asked the home owner what she was doing with it, and needless to say, she had no plans for it, so it came home with us. It's currently residing in our gazebo, but we intend to patch it up, give it a new leg and then put it in our arcade in the basement.

Image credits: Kat Malkowski

#5 They Will Absolutely Be Coming Home With Me For 5.99 From The Red, White, And Blue Thrift In Tampa, FL

On my lunch break, killing time, preparing to walk into a local hospital to meet with a few Executives, but if they only knew this is what I was doing beforehand . I clean up real nicely when I need to, but you might be a redneck if

Image credits: Karen Waters

#6 Nightmare Fuel! Saver’s - Fort Smith, Ar

Image credits: Stephen Doyle Martin

#7 Found And Left At The Deseret Industries Store In South Jordan, Ut. $150. Plugs In To Do Something Terrifying I’m Sure

Image credits: Elise Wallingford LaJeunesse

#8 Found This At The Value Village In Winnipeg Manitoba. Lol It's A Strange Looking Furby

Image credits: Sami Pereira

#9 Look At This Couch. She’s A Beauty

Found at Funky Finds in Lemoyn PA
I only bought stickers at the store and my friend bought a carousel horse and the owner wasn’t selling his California raisins even though he had like 50 of them on a shelf. But anyway! I wish I had this couch!

Image credits: Holly Bloom

#10 Finally Remembered To Post This Amazing Find From A Community Garage Sale Last Year

It’s a hand blown glass jellyfish lamp by artist Joel Bloomberg. I originally passed it up like a CRAZY PERSON but I went back at the end of the sale and it was still available so it was meant to be!

Image credits: Elizabeth Kremer

#11 Large Lifesavers Painting. It Was Nearly As Long As The Loveseat It Was Sitting On

Edit-my fiancé cannot believe I didn’t get it and I’m pretty sad I left it. I’m going to get it tomorrow if someone hasn’t already.

Final edit: I went as soon as they opened this morning. It was purchased at Blue Bird Circle in Houston, TX. Idk about the artist yet, but the frame job was done by Frame City & Art Gallery in Metairie, LA. It’s very heavy and I’m so glad I went back for it.

I also bought the drawing of the cat with its head stuck in a lemon for $5 because I loved it. Picture in the comments.

If I find out more info about either artist, I’ll post it in the comments. Thank y’all for being a terrible influence on my “strict” $20 thrifting budget!

Image credits: Sarah Miller

#12 I Found This Sue Wong Dress At An Antique Store In Hagerstown, Md Last Month

Not exactly antique, but definitely vintage. My eldest child fell head over heels for it. Her dad and I decided to buy it for her birthday, when she noticed it was gone from the shop she was so sad but said she was glad someone would get to love it instead of it wasting away on display. She had no idea that someone was going to be her.
I fixed up the minor repairs that it needed on the centrepiece before giving it to her. Her reaction was worth every bead re-stranded.

Image credits: Alanna Cristin

#13 I Couldn’t Resist This Black Velvet Painting Of My Cat Phillip I Found While Thrifting Today

Image credits: Kelley Jacobson

#14 A Wonderful Gift For 0.4% Of Women. Spotted Guy's Frenchys In Moncton New Brunswick

Image credits: Nicola Jeffrey

#15 Three Vomit Clocks Today At The Springfield Antique Center In Springfield, Oh. The Middle One Really Hits The Stomach

Image credits: Veronica Barnes

#16 This Weekend Fleemarket Find

Image credits: Christer Grindhage

#17 Found This Angry Little Lady At My Local Thrift Store. Unsure Of Her Use, So There She Sits To Find Someone Else To Scowl At!

Image credits: Jennifer Marie

#18 I Was Scrolling Offerup For Something Completely Unrelated When I Stumbled Across This Unique Cutie And Knew My Oldest Just Had To Have It (She Collects The Merry Mushroom Stuff)

So $100 later and a random adventure across town she now has a mushroom stand (she’s already started painting it to her own liking).

Image credits: Monica DeWitt

#19 Rainbow Brite Boots Spotted In Riverside, Ca At The Galleria Near Mission Inn

Image credits: Aimee Diaz

#20 I Have Been Searching For A Hutch To Display My Collection For Awhile Now

They are usually way too expensive or too far away, but I have finally found one on Facebook marketplace for a good deal! So excited

Image credits: Nicole Fulliam

#21 The Best $2.99 I've Spent In A While. Someone Made This, And Sadly It Found Its Way To Goodwill. But It Found Its Way Into My Hands, And I Love It!

Image credits: Libby Nye

#22 I Am A Librarian So I Encounter Fun Patrons And Items All Of The Time

I inherited a new work cabinet when I switched branches and we found this cleaning out the junk drawer. No one knows which predecessor left it but I like to imagine that it’s the same beautiful soul who also left Jeff and that we would be friends

Image credits: Mary-Kate Haxton

#23 Saw This At A Yard Sale Yesterday. Today Was Discount Day I Got It For 9 Dollars. I Am Retired And Would Love To Be Dancing On The Beach. Maybe With Bellbottoms And A Halter Top. Note Yardstick Laying At Bottom Of Picture

Image credits: Vicki Rayfield

#24 For All Of You Goblin King Fanatics

Image credits: Benjamin Elliott

#25 Purchased From An Antique Store Near Me. Brass Unicorn Measuring Cups. Bottoms Have Measurement Markings

Image credits: Amanda E Zellers

#26 Found On Marketplace! So Very Unique

Image credits: Linda Roldan

#27 Not Weird, But Certainly Wonderful!!! I Found These 2 Beautiful Stained Glass Pieces At Goodwill For $35 Each! I Nearly Died When I Turned The Corner And Saw Them!

Image credits: Rennie Bond

#28 Today Is Trash Day. My Across The Street Neighbor Was Throwing Out A Baker's Racks So I Let My Other Neighbor Know, She Came Over And Picked It Up

On her way driving back home somebody was throwing out a chair. So she picked that up as well. Sent me a picture. I drove over there and 30 minutes later it was in my SUV on its way to my house! I loved it so much she gifted it to me. It is absolutely fabulous. I love it so much. It was missing one button so I just reconfigured. It's a little bit more pink than the color it shows in the pictures.

Image credits: Susan King

#29 I Inherited This Weirdly Wonderful Sculpture From A Friend Of Mine

She bought it as a funny Christmas gift for her husband. The artist is a student we both know. I told her that if he ever stopped appreciating it’s uniqueness, I wanted it. Several years ago, we met for lunch, and she presented me with a box. I instantly knew what it was. “A Pear of Manly Legs” is now mine and graces my office with his presence. No banana so a plastic fork for scale

Image credits: SisterGayle Rusbasan

#30 The Wonderful Game Of Oz (C. 1921) Here Is Something Weird And Wonderful: The First Board Game Related To The World Of Oz That Predates The Film By Nearly 20 Years!

It took me over a decade to put a full set together. From my search, I’ve ended up with two different variants. I found the first board (pictured open) at an antique mall around 2008. It was shoved in the back of a display case filled with vintage toys. About 10 years later I found the pewter character tokens inside an Oz trinket box I bought at a festival. Just last year, I snagged the dice, shaker cup, and rules from a fellow collector in a Facebook group. This set originally came boxed. The box is the only piece I’m missing. Shortly before I found the accessories that matched my earlier version of the board, I bought a later variant of the game just to get the rule book. With it I got the wooden colored tokens and the board variant that features the artwork from the box glued onto the back of the board. This particular version of the game was released during the Great Depression. To save money, Parker Bros. did away with the box and simply sold the board with the atwork on the outside and all the other pieces in a paper bag. The rule book for this edition was also printed in black and white instead of color.

Image credits: Zoe O'Haillin-Berne

#31 Rotating Hardware Cabinet From 1904. Looking For A Good Home At Henley’s In Concord, Ca

Image credits: Laura Barnes-Kadi

#32 Two Of These Gorgeous Chairs Are In Goodwill In Nanuet, NY For 29.99 Each. I Regret Leaving Them But I Have No Spots For Them In My Home Or At My Store

Image credits: Christina Hernandez Clemente

#33 Amazing Heart Bud Vase! All Holes (Or Arteries And Ventricles) Were Open. Did Not Come Home With Me But I Considered It! Elk River Mn Thrift Store

Image credits: Leah Renstrom

#34 Just Got Home And Had To Share This Wonderful And Beautiful Crown I Found Today At St..vinnies In Albany, Oregon

Image credits: Mayra Elisa Valencia

#35 My Late Mother Bought These At An Estate Sale In California And Then She Gifted It To Me. She Wasn’t Sure It Had Any “Value” But They Made Her Happy, So They Are Valuable To Me

Image credits: Kerrie Reid

#36 It's Taken Me 25 Years To Complete My Collection Of Original Wuzzles From The Early 80's

I'd originally had Butter bear when I was around 5 or 6 but she was lost in a move when I turned 18. Once I found her on a second hand site, I set out to find the rest of them at thrift shops, flea markets, and garage sales alike. The last character I needed showed up on a regular thrift site I'm on about a week ago and I bought him immediately. Today Rhinokey joined Hoppopatmus, Bumblelion, Eleroo, Moosel, and yes, Butterbear. Kind Edit: A lot of people are asking about the rest of the wuzzles like Koalakeet. The six seen here were the original six wuzzles from the 13 episodes that they aired. The show didn't do as well as Disney wanted and was cancelled after its first run. Re-runs aired on various networks, but the rest of the Wuzzles were only added in as plush toys and in the books, not on TV as part of the original series.

Image credits: Sarah Cooper

#37 I Have Reached The Pinnacle Of Thrift! $2 Lake City Fla

ETA: I got this at the Lighthouse Thrift in Lake City. They are the nicest and very ethical, it's all volunteers and the profit goes to their soup kitchen ?. I'm sure they sold it at that price since they couldn't authenticate it. They knew who she was!! I felt the photo and you can feel a difference in texture where the signature is!! Real or not, I love it and I love Dolly!!! Best of luck to all of you on your thrifting journeys!!! May the kindness of Dolly be with you.

Image credits: Laurel Tallent

#38 I Found This While Helping My Mom Go Through Some Stuff Being Thrown Out From Her Neighbors. The Top Is Ceramic And The Bottom Is Cast Iron Coated In Enamel

Image credits: Amy Johnston

#39 My Local Thrift Store In Ne Ohio Never Disappoints

I saw this right before closing one night and couldn't get it out of my head. I called right when they opened the next morning and had them put it on hold for Me. Several hours, several sore fingers, and a bazillion q-tips later, he's looking stellar!! I've always stared wistfully whenever people posted their own stained glass lamp finds, and now I can join the club!

Image credits: Christina Dimmick

#40 I Found This Gorgeous 80's Classic In The Dumpster! After I Washed And Ironed It, I Enjoyed It On My Mannequin For A While Before Sending It On To A New Home. Sadly, It Was Not My Size

Image credits: Jody Roghair Dadisman

#41 I Thought This Group Would Appreciate This Find From My Parents' Basement

My grandmother was an artist and she painted this for my mum around 1955. On the back she wrote that she had copied the image from an artist I couldn't make out. After a quick Google search, I learned it was an artist named Huldah. I love that my grandma put this kind of effort into a gift for her daughter. I couldn't let her go into the donation pile, so I brought her home and she's going to hang in my daughter's room once we get her reframed. The first picture is my grandma's version of the painting, the second is the original. I know I'm biased, but I like my grandma's version better! ? It's oil paint so the canvas is textured, and the colours are so vibrant it looks like her dress is moving. Hopefully this brightens your day as much as it has mine!

Image credits: Gillian MacDonald-Rigden

#42 Found At My Local Thrift Store In Hanover Pa. Only Cost $1.50

Image credits: Ariel Martin

#43 Not Too Long Ago I Posted My Holiday Troll Earrings Thrift Store Find

A fellow member of this group noticed I didn't have a pair for Christmas, and wanted to gift me the pair she had!!! Well here they are!!!

Image credits: Tina Mathews

#44 Found Today While Thrifting. Toaster Salt And Pepper Shaker. The Lever Moves And The Slices Are Removable! I Only Paid $3.50 For And It’s So Neat. Banana For Scale

Image credits: Morgan Young

#45 I Think He’s Meant For Kitchen Sponges But I Haven’t Decided What I Want To Use Him For Yet. My Husband Says He Belongs In Something From Jim Henson

Image credits: Ashley Anderson

#46 Just Picked Up This Piece From Facebook Marketplace. The Detail Is Absolutely Stunning!!!

Image credits: Roxanne Wolfe

#47 Could Not Walk By This Beauty, It Went Right In My Cart. Thanks Goodwill

Image credits: Gma Joi

#48 Found A Tiffany Style ? Pendant Light At Goodwill In Jax Fl! Did Not Come Home With Us Unfortunately. Priced At $24.99

Image credits: Jordan Rodriguez

#49 My 80's Baby Heart Sang So Loud When I Found This Jem At Super Flea In Kansas City

Image credits: Leslie Cimino

#50 Not Exactly A Thrifted Find, But I Finally Found My House Hippo Abandoned On A Shelf At My Job

She's the cutest, and if the original owner ever comes looking for her of course she'll be returned safe and sound, but today she's sticking with me for the rest of my shift

Image credits: Lucien Hamel

#51 Goose Lamp Inherited To Me From My Grandpa That Has No Clue Where It Came From

I know nothing about this lamp besides that i love it. his beak was repaired at one time but he’s still perfect!

Image credits: Hannah Rogers

#52 Y’all I Wanted This Depressed Eyeless Cat So Bad!!! She Was A Pricey One Though So Very Sadly, Did Not Come Home With Me. Habitat For Humanity In Charlotte Nc

Image credits: Megan Mendez

#53 I Love Cats -- I Have Three Live Cats, I Better -- This Is My Collection Of Wonderful Fenton And Mosser Cats. Some Are Thrifted From Goodwill, Others Come From Ebay And Etsy

Image credits: Snowy Cat

#54 Found This Little Gem At A Vintage Place In Castlemaine, Victoria , Australia. Unfortunately Could Not Buy It As I Don’t Have Room In My Suitcase To Take It Back Home To Western Australia It’s An Old Metal Lunchbox

Image credits: Georgie Ernst

#55 Found In Nipomo California At Antique Place I Got Her Down To $60 I Don't Care If It Has No Value. I Love It

Image credits: Adrienne Riggio Arrington

#56 From My Local Thrift Store I Frequent. I Don't Know Much About It Other Than The Fact It's From England

Image credits: Alisa Marie Kintz

#57 A Weird And Amazing Secondhand Find

My dad passed away when I was 7. He left me most of what he had, but it wasn’t much even still. My favorite part of what he left me was his record collection. I didn’t have a turntable as a kid so I never got to listen to his prized vinyl. Unfortunately, when I was 21, someone stole all of his records from me. My heart was broken. Fast forward 7 years, I finally get a turntable to play vinyl and start building up my own collection. My boyfriend and I go to vintage stock to look for different cards and to scope out the used records sometimes. One day recently we decided to go again. I’m flipping through the records and I see something written on the front of an album cover but it doesn’t click. I literally thought, “surely not.” And I kept moving. 3 flips later, I see another. And clear as day I read it. My dad’s name, Steve Norton. He wrote at least his last name on every record he owned, if not first and last. I immediately burst into tears and ran to find my boyfriend. He helped me search through every record on the shelves. The only two we found were the originals I came across. But now, like I always dreamed as a kid, I get to listen to my dad’s records. What are the odds?

Image credits: Shy Norton

#58 I Have Recently Discovered My Love For Surreal Art, And One Of My Favorites Is Rene Magritte. If You Know His Art, This Lamp Will Feel Familiar. I Feel Like This Hat-Lamp Was Made For Me, Another Customer Pointed It Out To Me After I Complimented The Item She Had In Her Hand. I Was Speechless For A Second And Honestly Couldn’t Believe She Wasn’t Taking It Home For Herself. I Asked If She Was Going To Purchase It And She Said It Didn’t Match Her Asthetic. I Have Never Been So Glad To Not Have One, And For $10 You Best Believe I Couldn’t Get It In The Car Fast Enough. Thrifted In Middle Tennessee

Image credits: Jessica Rae

#59 Found And Left At Goodwill In Lynn Haven Florida, Because There's No Way I Can Walk In Those

Image credits: Melissa Overby

#60 Found This Little Picture At My Local Thrift Store Several Years Ago. Always Gives Me A Chuckle When I Look At It. Enjoy!!

Image credits: Allysha Bowen

#61 Found At A Thrift Store In Leland, Nc. I Walked Away From This Several Times, But Kept Going Back To It. I Couldn’t Stop Thinking About The Person Who Collected All Of These Matchbooks, Leaving A Road Map Of What Appears To Be A Very Fun Life In This Jar. There’s Old Books And Newer Books, But All Are Very Cool. Someone Needed To Appreciate This Collection And I’m So Glad I Get To Be That Person

Image credits: Vanessa Greene

#62 About 3&1/2 Years Ago I Let This Banana Sweater Slip Away From Me. Since Then I’d Peruse Any And All Blue Sweaters In Every Thrift Store I Entered, As Well As Occasionally Google It To See If I’d Get Any Hits. I Finally Found It Listed On Mercari, And Even Better, In A Size Closer To Wha To Wear Than The Og! Now It’s Mine! I Must’ve Finally Atoned To The Thrift Gods For My Faux Pas

Image credits: PameIa Ann

#63 Update: I Went Back With Major Fomo To Buy It But Discovered He Was Missing An Ear! I Decided To Leave Him For A Crafty Person To Repair. $49.99. It Pained Me To Leave This Cute Guy Behind, But I’m Not Sure It’ll Fit In Our Tiny Apartment. Spotted At Goodwill In Central Fl!

Image credits: Ashley Reaume

#64 Found At A Local Thrift Store! He Came Home With Me

Image credits: Erica Aldrich

#65 Found This At A Local Thrift Store For $5 And Just Had To Grab It. There Was Just Something About It Caught My Eye (Beautiful Huh)

When I got home and did some research it is a Ralph Lauren Asian Koi Fish porcelain blue and white table lamp ?❤️. Edited: thank you all for the amazing comments and loving it like I do. I will be adding a few more posts as I have found other lamps and other fun things. This was my first post.

Image credits: Angel Lundgreen

#66 I Saw This Last Sunday At Goodwill And Left It. Afterwards, It Grew On Me So Much That I Return To The Store Today. It Was Meant For Me... Found It And Bought It! John P. O'brien Signed It

Image credits: Esther B Garcia

#67 Crazy Electrified Glass Heart. $3 At A Thrift Store In Montana. Yes I Bought It

Image credits: Susan King

#68 Please Enjoy This Completely Normal Painting Of Strawberries. Spotted At Goodwill In Hamilton Nj

Image credits: Lexi Duran

#69 Alice In Wonderland Leggings. Still At Goodwill Of Merritt Island, Fl

Image credits: Jana Tams

#70 Thrifting Yesterday And Saw This Incredible Thing! It Seems To Have Once Had Working Lights! It Was Only $17, But Didn't Come Home With Me Because It Was Just Too Big. But So So Cool!

ETA: 1. Our first thought was also DND. My husband DMs a weekly game here at the house. But storing it would be a challenge. 2. It's in Tacoma, WA in the Goodwill on 6th. 3. I think it would have probably just about fit in the front seat of my mini van, so probably not big enough for a cat, but a squirrel could have a blast!

Image credits: Eryn Pluim

#71 My Grandpa’s Very Close Friend Arthur Passed Away A Couple Of Years Ago, And He Left A Lot Of His Belongings To My Grandpa

One weekend, Grandpa asked if I could pop over to Arthur’s house and help to sort his things, and I found a small box of items that belonged to Arthur’s sister, whom he was extremely close with until she passed away years before. The box had all sorts of gorgeous things in it, and I decided to collect up all of the little round pieces and make them into a piece of art! Most of these small round things were buttons, but there were a handful of other things like badges, pins, coins, and even a mini compass! I loved how it turned out, and even though I had never met Arthur’s sister, I felt honoured to commemorate her in this way ? Sadly, I have no idea where this has gone now as I moved out of my parents’ place and couldn’t find it, but I’m glad I managed to get a photo!

Image credits: Tamara Potts

#72 My Kitchen Window. I Love Vintage Hens-On-A-Nest & Finally Figured The Best Way To Display Them! All Are From Thrift & Antique Stores, From Estate Sales, & Ebay. Included Are Westmorelands, Indiana Glass, Mossers. I Adore Them All But When Forced To Pick A Favorite, It Would Probably Be The Swag Cobalt Blue Westmoreland

Image credits: Maritza Irizarry Silverio

#73 I Found This Brass Walnut Rolling Around In A Drawer Of Stuff At A Tiny Antique Shop By Me And Had To Have It, Quick Internet Search Says It’s An Estée Lauder Solid Perfume Locket!

Image credits: Katy Broquard

#74 Just Picked Up This Big Boy Off Fb Marketplace For $50

Image credits: Courtney Chloris Harper

#75 Picked This Up Yesterday… Found On Facebook Marketplace In Charlotte North Carolina For $500 Drove Round Trip 9.5hrs And 680 Miles To Get Him. 7ft Tall, Handmade, Made Of Steel & Rebar. Roughly 400-500 Pounds. Will Be Going In The Front Yard And Repainted

Image credits: Travis Walsh

#76 Found These Bat Wing, Wing Tips In A Vintage Thrift Store Today While Prom Dress Shopping With My Daughter. I Wanted Them To Come Home With Me So Bad But I'm Not Sure Where I'd Wear Them

Image credits: Laura Latham

#77 I Made The Tough Decision To Leave This Behind Today. Goodwill, West Seneca NY

Image credits: Rachael Klinger

#78 I Finally Have Something To Share. This Awesome Cross Stitch In A Corner Frame! Yard Sale Score For $1

Image credits: Brittany Berge

#79 Thrifted Handmade Comforter And 2 Shams For $3! The Stems And Strawberries Are Hand Stitched Appliqués. Ridiculous Amount Of Work! Not My Style, But Did I Move My Bed To Backyard For This Glorious Photo??? Yes I Did!!

Image credits: Jean Naill

#80 I Left This Initially And Had To Go Back For It Today After Sleeping On It. The Queen Of My House Now Has A Portrait Of Herself To Hang In The Living Room ? Found Thrifting In Independence, Mo

Image credits: Catie Ebert

#81 Acquired An Antique U.s Postal Service Safe At An Estate Sale For $100. We Believe It Was Made In 1883. No Idea What It's Worth, But Man It's Cool! Weighs Over A Ton And Even Has A Bullet Hole In The Side Of It. I Wish We Knew More About The Background Of This. Can't Find Anything Online That's Similar. Figured This Group Would Appreciate This Unique Find Though!

Image credits: Marina Kolbeck

#82 Not Weird But Totally Wonderful. Estate Sale Find. Barely Got It Home In My Hatchback. I Love Card Catalogs. I Have Never Found One In Such Good Shape, With All The Pieces. I Play With Art Glass So This Is Going To Hold Tools And Specific Supplies. If You Have One What Do You Store In It?

Image credits: Jenn Houser

#83 Just Got These Amazing Gargoyles Off Facebook Market Place! Super Excited

Image credits: Bridget Washburn

#84 A While Back, When I Moved Out Of The ‘Rents, I Went Furniture Shopping On Marketplace For My New Place. I Saw This Couch Being Sold, And I Thought It Was So Cute And Unique, So I Grabbed It! I Know It May Seem A Bit Bright/Loud To Some, But I’m Discovering While Living On My Own That Color Is My Thing ? It Even Has Little Butterflies In The Fabric. Cleaned And Currently Sitting On It In My Living Room As We Speak (Third Pic Is How It Currently Looks)

Image credits: Rikki Decklever

#85 I Found This Beautiful Glass Flask Thrifting. Apparently It’s The Face Of Bacchus ? Bacchus Was The Roman God Of Agriculture, Wine And Fertility

Image credits: Aylin Justice

#86 I Was Told That I Need To Share This With The Internet. So, Behold The... Church Lady Pillow? A Google Search Turns Up Nothing But I Am Sure She's Gonna Turn Up In My Nightmares. Found At Imagine 2nd Chance Treasures In Auburn, Ca. No, She Did Not Come Home With Me

Image credits: Latisha Plance

#87 Estate Sale Leftover Bought For $20. Not Exactly Weird But Definitely Wonderful! Cleaned Her Up With Orange Oil And She’s A Beauty!

Image credits: Desarae Bernard

#88 My First Wonderful Find Of The Year. Found This Little Beautiful Turkish Set For $5 At A Garage Sale

Image credits: Lori Erickson-Wick

#89 Remodeling Our 60’s House… Pulling Up The Shelving Paper

Image credits: Summer Rain Street

#90 An Interesting Find A Few Years Ago At A Yard Sale In Nj

Love cribbage it’s sad so many people don’t know the game but it is a fun game I play it now against the computer.

Image credits: Gma Joi

#91 I Left This At The Thrift Store Yesterday

Image credits: Emily Zhou

#92 I've Never Had A Worse Idea That Could Kill Me Or Put Me In Jail, But Hear Me Out... Miami Zoo Employee Shirt. Left Behind At The Sharing Center Of Brevard County On Merritt Island, Fl

Image credits: Jana Tams

#93 Rugrats Reptar On Ice Timer. Left At The Sherman Tx Goodwill

Image credits: Anthony Cooper

#94 A Pair Of Original Training Skates From 1982. I Don’t Have Kids So Left At Thrifty Shopper

Image credits: Amanda Bartley

#95 My Birthday Is Next Month And I Collect Cobalt Blue Glass. My Mom Scored This Soap Dish At St. Vinny's In Dayton Wa. And Gave Her To Me Early For My Bday. It Is Marked Sdd Circa 1981 On The Bottom

Image credits: Jule Presler-Keller

#96 Found This Really Cool Stool At The Goodwill In Lake City, Fl! Paid $5 For It

Image credits: Kyle Green

#97 Hello All !!! It's Me... The Girl With The Ex-Wife That Burned All The Handmade Quilts... I Just Wanted To Say Thank You To Dominique Therese For Reaching Out And Sending Me This Absolutely Gorgeous Poinsettia Quilt. Needless To Say, I Sobbed When I Opened The Package And Saw It In Person. Funny Story Is, My Grandma Who Made The Quilts Always Bought Poinsettias For The Altar At Her Church For Christmas So This Quilt Definitely Hits Home. I Absolutely Love To See Strangers Reaching Out To Strangers And Sharing Such Meaningful Gestures. Keep Thrifting And Finding My Fellow Weirdlings (P.s. My One Cat Cerberus Approves)

Image credits: Kaitlyn Goodhart

#98 My Mom Passed Away When I Was 6 And I Found This Graduation Garfield From 1981 That Use To Be Hers!!

Image credits: Melsue Hudsie

#99 Not Weird, Just An Obsession Maybe. My Mil Collected These Glass Slippers For Years. Many Fenton, Some Maybe Not. Hob-Nob, Cat Head, Princess Slippers. About 300. Half Displayed, Half In Several Totes. Your Posts Make Me Wonder If Any Have Uranium Or Changed With A Black Light. Maybe I Will Dedicate A Day To Figuring All That Out

Image credits: Debbie Meyer Nievinski

#100 I Found This Old Beat-Up Clock At The Yard Sale For $3.00. Finally Took It To A Clock Master After Few Months And He Said The Clock Is From 1876 (So Almost 150 Years Old)

To restore it and to bring it back to life would be months and months of work and $500 (I am not questioning his honesty he truly loves his job). I am very tempted to do it. EDIT: thank you so much for your suggestions. I will get few second opinions. It is not the price that scares me but the time it takes. He couldn't even say how many months (he said months and months maybe even longer). I do not want to part with it for a year or so. I want it back. If I get the same answer form the others, I will not do it. I will clean it gently and proudly keep as it is.

Image credits: Alicja Pankowski

#101 Roy And I Love To Just Thrift…we Were At Salvation Army Today In Tampa And He Walks Around The Corner With This And I Immediately Looked At It And Thought To Myself, What Type Of Animal Trap Is That?? I Even Asked Him That Question He Said To Look Closer

#102 Found These Skulls In An Attic I Was Cleaning Out And Built This Shadow Box With A Broken Mirror And Leftover Window Glass. That’s About As Second Hand As You Can Get

Image credits: Cody Oyler

#103 Found This At A Grapevine Antique Mall Literal “Sea Horse” Lol Location: Grapevine Antique Market / Texas

Image credits: Elizabeth Cook

#104 Personal Favourite Find Of The Year!! Found Just Today At Salvation Army. These Are Cast Metal Goblets Apparently From Medieval Times From The Early 1980s. Better Known Now As The Goblets That Were Used As The Props For “The Battle Of Wits” In The Movie The Princess Bride. These Are Super Rare! Now All I Need To Find Is A Vial Of Iocane Powder

Image credits: Adam Tella

#105 Found A Bob Mackie Vintage Thrifting Today!

Image credits: Chris Copron

#106 Cool Couch At A Thrift Store Near Charleston, Sc

Image credits: Mandy Kimbrell

#107 I Found This At Savers For 13 Dollars Today! I Don’t Know Much About It But I Thought It Was Pretty Cool

Image credits: Taylor Pratt

#108 Seen At Savers This Morning

Image credits: Martin Poles

#109 I Have A Weakness For Interesting Stuff. Got This From A Free Site. I Thought It Was Leather At First, But Did Some Research And Found Out It’s A Handmade Amadou Mushroom Hat. It’s Made Out Of Fungus, Not Leather, A Bonus For People Who Want A Leather Substitute. Never Thought I Would Be Wearing A Mushroom On My Head Though, Which Makes This Both Weird And Wonderful!

Image credits: Robyn Petber

#110 1960 Chalkware Fish ? Bought At An Estate Sale Auction Yesterday. $7.50 My Family Thinks They Are Hideous....i Absolutely Love Them. ? (Came With Some Other Odds And Ends, Like Planters, And One Horse Head Bookend.)

Image credits: Cara Miller Robinson Matthews

#111 I Gasped When I Saw This Lamp At A Goodwill In Coral Springs Florida. And Only $10! I Grabbed It While Giggling And Ran. I Love Lamp

Image credits: Melissa Jannen

#112 Some People Inherit Jewelry - Others, Ginormous Sofas! In 1958, My Grandparents Moved Into A Beautiful, New Mid-Century Modern Home. To Make The Best Use Of The Cavernous Great Room, My Grandfather Designed This Gorgeous Sofa With Matching Tables And Three Stools. If You Look Under The Table On The Right, You Can Just See One Of The Stools. When The Time Came To Pass It Along, I Was The Only One With A Just-Barely-Large Enough Living Room!

Image credits: Deborah Bossen Lorber

#113 Found This Cool Boot Beetle On Marketplace!!! He Was So Cute I Had To Grab Him Up

Image credits: Breanna Campbell

#114 New To The Group! I Have So Many Thrift Finds To Share. Here’s The First

Image credits: Morgan Taylor Kessler

#115 Daughter Found These For Me In A Thrift Store. I’m In Love! They Gave Them To Her For $7.50 ?? She Had Sent Me A Pic But Then Left Before I Saw It …. I Said Run Back In Pleeeasse!!

Image credits: Michele Grenier Corkins

#116 I Found This On The Side Of The Road Last Week. Not Sure The Artist But The Painting Is Huge And Original. Total Free Score!

Image credits: Jooley Heaps

#117 I Did Not Buy This Because It's Not My Style And I Don't Have Room For It, But I Can Absolutely Appreciate How Fantastically Interesting This Is, And Figured This Group Would Too. (Vanity With Mirror, Two Night Tables, And A Vanity Stool) Found At Rmbs Arts And Antiques In Spring Hill, Florida In Case Anyone Wants It

Image credits: Ellen Howes

#118 I Was Thrifting At Goodwill Today And Was Looking At The Baking Items And Almost Missed These Hidden On The Bottom Shelf! My Husband Had Just Walked Up To Me And Had Thought I'd Seen A Ghost I Was So Shocked! So Excited! ? I Found Them At Bellingham Wa Goodwill

Image credits: Kayla Phelps

#119 Yall!!! I Am So Excited About My Most Recent Thrift Find! This Beauty Was Only $20!!! Its So Huge, And I Almost Cried When I Found Her!! I Can Not Wait To Get Her In My House!

Image credits: Elizabeth Webb

#120 Beginning The Process Of Cleaning Out My Mom’s House After Her Passing In January. I Remember This Cookie Jar Well From My Childhood. I Think Its Next Home Will Be With My 24 Year Old Son

Image credits: Christine Champness

#121 First Time Posting.. Found This At A Local Thrift Store For $6.00! The Whole Inner Lining Is A Blue And White Pan Am Logo And It Even Had The Hanging Pan Am Tag. My Absolute Favorite Thing Ever

Image credits: Susan Surette Salie

#122 Found This 1974 Monchhichi For 99¢ At A Local Goodwill. I Will Never Top This ! She’s In Great Condition Too! Too Cute

Image credits: 海里 キャンプ

#123 Omgerd…. Look At This Wee Pig Piggy Bank We Found Tonight While Thrifting! He Is Adorable! Yes He Came Home With Me!!!

Image credits: Amy Lundquist

#124 So, My Moms Boyfriend And I Have Had A Long Game Of Who Can Find The Weirdest Thing To Give The Other From Thrift Stores. I Believe I May Have Won Forever. It Is The Severed Horse Head Stuffie From The God Father. Found At St Vinnies In Wisconsin. Why Is This A Thing? No Idea. But I Can Not Wait Until I Present It To Him!!!

Image credits: Sarah Kay Roebuck

#125 My New Prized Possession… The Swimming Pool Chip And Dip Bowl. Scored At Goodwill

Image credits: Lauren Purnell

#126 I Got This At Goodwill. I Couldn’t Leave Her Behind. She’s My Aunt Sandy Now

Image credits: Shirley Eileen

#127 My Mom Found These ‘Apple Bottom’ Jeans At Goodwill. Stephanie Kitterman Waldhoff Mattoon , Il If You’re Interested

Image credits: Mariah Kitterman

#128 Found This At A Local Flea Market. I Played With One Like It At My Grandparents House When I Was A Little Girl

Image credits: Alison Roberson DeVenney

#129 I’m Visiting My Very Pregnant Sister In Rhode Island- Been Hoping To Find The Perfect Plane-Sized Souvenir. Well I Found The Tiniest, Fanciest Living Room Set At An Antique Store Today. Not The Souvenir I Was Thinking Of For Financial Reasons, But I Knew I’d Be Kicking Myself Forever If I Didn’t At Least Own This Tiny Piano

Image credits: Hanna Paulson

#130 Picked Up These Rugs On Auction. The Guy Said They Came Out Of A Resort In Scottsdale. They Are 12 Foot Long, Extremely Heavy And Well Made

Image credits: Savannah Rogers

#131 Finally Have Something To Post!! I've Always Wanted A Glass Chicken But Didn't Need A Huge One. So I Couldn't Say No To The Tiny Blue One

Image credits: Alex Headrick

#132 Found At An Estate Sale. Giving Sid Phillips From Toy Story Vibes

Image credits: Nichol Santiago