20 things you didn’t know you could get at Best Buy

20 things you didn’t know you could get at Best Buy— Recommendations are independently chosen by Reviewed’s editors. Purchases you make through our links may earn us a commission.

Best Buy is big in the way of digital entertainment—you might have stopped by its website looking for a new monitor and been surprised to see a new Funko POP figure on the home page. Keep digging and you'll see just how much variety the store has. There’s a lot out there, so we’ve compiled some of the best-reviewed products that you never knew Best Buy stocked. Whether you’re looking for a hairdryer, binoculars, or anything in between, Best Buy may just be your surprising solution.

1. Dyson's powerful (and popular) hair dryer

Dyson hairdryer
Credit: Dyson

It’ll blow you away.

When this hairdryer came out, it was all the rage—and reviewers agree that it still holds up to the hype. When we tested this model, which was the first hair dryer developed by Dyson, we found it to be both effective and sleek-looking.

Reviewers used this powerful Dyson hairdryer to cut down the time they spent on their morning routine, and with three speed settings and customizable features, you can adapt this hairdryer to do whatever you need for your hair type. Many hairstylists reviewed and recommended this hair dryer, and if that’s still not selling you, it also looks like a hairdryer the Jetsons might use.

Get the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer from Best Buy for $399.99

2. LEGOs to help take your mind off of things

Credit: Lego

I’m about two seconds from purchasing this.

That's right—Best Buy sells LEGOS. This LEGO set is an excellent choice for creatives and is a great activity for engaging kids with something imaginative while they’re at home. It boasts 484 bricks in a variety of colors and sizes. Reviewers enjoyed giving this set as a gift and many recommended it based on how much their kids enjoyed exploring their own creativity through the set.

Get the CLASSIC LEGO Medium Creative Brick Box Building Set 10696 from Best Buy for $34.99

3. The coveted Instant Pot

Instant Pot
Credit: Reviewed / Jackson Ruckar

The Instant Pot is one of the best pressure cookers you can buy.

You may not run to Best Buy for the latest kitchen appliances, but maybe you should. The tech giant carries the Instant Pot line, including one of our editors' favorites, the Instant Pot Smart WiFi 6-Quart Multi-Use Pressure Cooker. This model is one of the best pressure cookers we've tested—it can be controlled by your smartphone, it self-sanitizes, and it does an incredible job preparing foods in a short period of time.

Get the Instant Pot Smart WiFi 6 Quart from Best Buy for $149.99

4. A classic board game with a Star Wars theme

Star Wars Monopoly
Credit: Star Wars

I call the Baby Yoda token.

Board games are always a great way to kill time for a few hours. You can't do better than the classics—Monopoly is a perfect game to eat up a few hours, and with an updated Star Wars theme based on the hit TV series The Mandalorian, it will keep everyone engaged. Reviewers loved giving this as a gift and recommended it for Star Wars fans.

Get the Monopoly: Star Wars The Mandalorian Edition Board Game from Best Buy for $39.99

5. A Mario Kart plush for when you need something to hug

Mario Kart plush
Credit: Nintendo

We could all use a little comfort.

We all know and love Toad, right? Get your very own Nintendo plush, in either the Toad variety, or three other characters. They're large enough to serve as accent pillows, but loveable enough to standalone as new stuffed animals for your collection.

Reviewers loved how large and soft these plushes were and many gave them as gifts. Send it to a nerdy friend in need of some joy, or buy one for yourself.

Get the Nintendo Mario Kart Mocchi-Mocchi Plush Toy from Best Buy for $12.99

6. An AeroGarden for growing herbs

Credit: AeroGarden

The AeroGarden is perfect for those who want to grow herbs in the kitchen.

Is there anything better than garnishing your meal with fresh herbs? I'd say growing your own herbs in your kitchen could be better—especially if you pick up an AeroGarden like this one, which allows you to grow your own herbs and vegetables indoors with no soil. The system uses soil pods, liquid plant food, and fake sunlight to help your plants grow without the mess. Reviewers love it—they give it 4.7 out of 5 stars, saying the plants take a while to grow, but the results are well worth it.

Get the AeroGarden from Best Buy for $129.99

7. A popular water bottle in three great colors

Takeya bottle
Credit: Takeya

It'll be your new bestie.

I know several people that swear by this Takeya water bottle, and in a time when staying hydrated is more important than ever, this is a great investment. Made with stainless steel and featuring a spill-resistant lid (deeply important), this water bottle is a perfect item to keep close at hand.

Reviewers used this water bottle for hot and cold beverages and loved taking it on the go.

Get the Takeya Actives 32-Oz. Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle with Spout Lid from Best Buy for $34.99

8. An Infinity gauntlet (no, seriously)

Infinity gauntlet
Credit: Marvel

I mean, who wouldn't want this?

Who wouldn’t want to feel a little powerful right now? This great item from Marvel is a great gift for anyone looking to add to their Marvel collection. It features all six Infinity stones, as well as light and sound effects. It even has a movie-inspired snap feature, so you can can channel you inner Iron Man and save the world just like Tony Stark.

Get the Marvel Legends Series Iron Man Nano Gauntlet from Best Buy for $99.99

9. An electric razor so you can maintain your style

Panasonic razor
Credit: Panasonic

This professional-grade groomer makes a great addition to your collection.

We now know that shows like The 100 are potentially misadvertising how great everyone’s facial hair would look mid-apocalypse—no fear, this razor by Panasonic is here to help. This razor comes in an automatic cleaning and charging station and boasts 14,000 cycles per minute to achieve a smooth, perfect shave. Reviewers loved how the cleaning system made the razor feel fresh with every use and the close, clean shave it gave them.

Get the Panasonic Arc5 Automatic Cleaning/Charging Wet/Dry Electric Shaver from Best Buy for $149.99

10. A Nespresso to keep you alive and kickin’

Credit: Nespresso

It’ll be part of the family in no time.

I swear by our Nespresso. It's my rock in these hard times. The most reliable thing we own. Stay caffeinated with the Nespresso VertuoPlus, which allows you to make coffee and espresso drinks. Reviewers used this product to cut coffee shops out of their daily routine and loved replacing their old coffee makers with the Nespresso. The best part? You can recycle the pods.

Get the Nespresso VertuoPlus Deluxe Coffee Maker and Espresso Machine by DeLonghi from Best Buy for $179.99

11. An air purifier to clear things out

Air purifier
Credit: Dyson

We stan Dyson.

This beautifully designed, futuristic air purifier and fan is a great addition for your home or apartment. It purifies up to 172 square feet of air and comes with a remote so you can control it from a distance. Reviewers with allergies or dust issues in their home recommended this product. Some reviewers said that the fan is a little louder than they would have preferred, so keep that in mind before purchasing.

Get the Dyson TP01 Pure Cool Tower 172 Sq. Ft. Air Purifier and Fan from Best Buy for $399.99

12. Some bourbon soap

Bourbon soap
Credit: Duke Cannon Supply Co.

We could all use a little more soap right now.

Who knew Best Buy had soap? This Big Bourbon soap by Duke Cannon Supply Co. offers and oak bourbon barrel scent and would be a great item to send someone as its both cheery and practical. Reviewers recommended not dropping this product on your toes since it’s quite hefty, and several people noted that it was a great price for the product. Personally, I just love any product that uses bourbon.

Get the Duke Cannon Big American Bourbon Soap from Best Buy for $6.99

13. An actual arcade game

Arcade game
Credit: Arcade1Up

Who needs to go to a real arcade to play the classics?

Ever miss playing those retro games at the arcade? Well now you don't have to—just buy your own arcade game from Best Buy and you'll stay entertained for days (and have an incredibly cool conversation starter). This particular arcade cabinet comes with four versions of Golden Tee, an arcade golf game. Reviewers are obsessed, saying the arcade fits in well with collector decor. They even stress that the game quality is similar to what it was when the game was made, so no fears about poor remastering.

Get the Arcade1Up Golden Tee Arcade Cabinet from Best Buy for $399.99

14. Lovely, high-powered binoculars you’ll have forever

Credit: Nikon

Another product I had no idea Best Buy stocked.

My dad’s binoculars were always an exciting thing to see in the midst of packing, because they meant we were going somewhere with incredible landscapes or wildlife. Make some memories with these binoculars, which boast rubber armor for excellent grip and BaK4 Pro Porro prisms for image clarity. Reviewers lauded the color fidelity these binoculars offer and recommended them for their great value for the price.

Get the Nikon ACULON A211 8x42 Binoculars from Best Buy for $89.99

15. A remote starter for your car

Remote car starter
Credit: Compustar

No one wants to climb into a hot car.

Love smart home tech? Check out this remote car starter, which... well... does exactly what you'd think. With a 1,000 ft. range and several remote start features (including Hot and Cold Start) this remote start kit will transform anyone’s morning routine. Over 1,000 reviewers agreed that this remote starter was a great addition to their vehicle and many said they got great value for the price.

Get the Compustar 1-Button Remote Starter T-Harness Kit (2nd Gen) - Installation Required from Best Buy for $299.99

16. Office desks, chairs, and more

Office furniture
Credit: Best Buy

Move over, Wayfair.

Best Buy may not be the first place you think to look when shopping for new furniture, but they do have quite a variety of pieces to choose from. Bestsellers in this category include a gaming chair with more than 600 reviews, a gaming desk that comes in five different colors, and a full office workstation featuring six different shelves. In a time where high-quality office desks are hard to find, you may just find a diamond in the rough at Best Buy.

Get office furniture from Best Buy

17. A host of Funko POP figures

Funko pop figures
Credit: Funko POP

Ah yes, my two icons: Luke Skywalker and Miranda Priestly

You can expect to pick up video games and movies from Best Buy, but Funko POP figures? It's probably not the first store that comes to mind. But Best Buy actually has a wide selection of Funko POP figures on its site, from video game characters like Sora to the only fictional character who got us through 2019, Baby Yoda. There are literally hundreds of figures to sift through, and Best Buy has a price match guarantee, meaning if you spot the same figure at a different site for a better price, you can get it at Best Buy for the same cost.

Get Funko POP figures from Best Buy

18. Our favorite electric toothbrush

Credit: Oral-B

You can pick up this snazzy toothbrush at Best Buy.

Ah yes, Best Buy, the first place I think of when I think about... oral hygiene. OK maybe not, but you can pick up the best electric toothbrush we tested. The Oral-B SmartSeries Pro 3000 is effective, snazzy, and easy-to-use. If you're ready to spring for an electric toothbrush, this is the one we recommend. It has a long battery life and port that holds an additional four toothbrush heads, so you don't have to run around your bathroom trying to remember where you stored your spares.

Get the Oral-B SmartSeries Pro 3000 from Best Buy for $84.99

19. An indoor composter for your food waste

Credit: Vitamix

Yes—you can compost indoors.

We're big fans of composting, we just had no idea you could purchase an indoor composter at Best Buy. This machine breaks down food into soil in four to eight hours, allowing you to dump your new soil into your garden without feeling guilty about your food waste. The best part? It's small—like easily-lives-on-your-counter small, which is quite different from other composting machines we've seen.

Get the Vitamix FoodCycler FC-50 from Best Buy for $399.99

20. Some pretty sweet socks

Credit: Best Buy

Best Buy sells socks, sweatpants, and jackets.

That's right—Best Buy sells socks, and not just any socks, but collectible socks featuring your favorite characters from video games and movies. You can pick up a pair of five-star Pokemon socks, or a pair of gray crew socks with a subtle Zelda emblem. Either way, you'll have fun showing them off and then telling people, "Now guess where I got them."

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