25 At-Home Date Night Ideas

When you have young children it can be a challenge to set up and sort out date nights with your partner, especially if you don't have friends and or family on hand to help with childcare. And whilst there are lots of fantastic childcare services and ways to find local centres using sites like Toddle (for those of you in Australia), sometimes, and especially during this strange time we're in at the moment when most of us have been advised to stay at home due to COVID19, an at-home date night is the best way to enjoy some special close time together with your loved one. 

Below I am sharing some of my favourite easy-to-plan and inexpensive ideas for at-home date nights that you might want to try! 

1. Cook a meal from scratch for your partner. 

2. Cook a new meal that you've never tried together. 

3. If you have a fireplace, wood burner or even a fire pit in the back garden, light it and snuggle up together in front of it. 

4. Watch a movie together after the kids are in bed.

5. Set some fairy lights up, light some candles and order in a takeaway.

6. Play a board game or a game of cards together. 

7. Have a pamper session together - play some relaxing music, light some candles and give each other a massage. 

8. Make cocktails together. 

9. Make a three-course meal - one of you make the starter and the dessert, the other could make the main course. 

10. Wine and cheese tasting at home.

11. Plan your dream trip together. 

12. Go through old keepsakes and photo albums together.

13. If you're into gaming, stay up and play computer games together!

14. Dine al fresco.

15. Have a bubble bath together. 

16. Draw or paint together. 

17. Plan a surprise night for the other person, spoil them and shower them with things that you know they'll love, like their favourite dinner, favourite music, favourite movie, etc. 

18. Do a puzzle together or build a Lego adult set together if you prefer. 

19. Order dessert in from your favourite restaurant. 

20. Go stargazing in your backgarden. 

21. Listen to music together or watch concerts on youtube. 

22. Make your own pizzas together. 

23. Watch a comedy or stand up together. 

24. Bake something together. 

25. Learn a new dance together. 

I hope these suggestions have given you some ideas for your own at-home date night. Remember that it's important to make time together, so have fun and enjoy some well-earned romantic time! 

Thank you for reading. 
  Alex xo