4 Ways To Make Your Living Room More Welcoming For Guests

While the bedroom is where all the magic happens, did you know that your living room is the heart of your home? In your living room, you can catch a few z’s after a tiresome day at work, you can eat a lot of popcorn while watching a movie, and it’s the space where you can entertain your guests. Therefore, adding some spice to your living room will make it more appealing for guests and boost your ability to host parties, and make your guests feel relaxed and welcome. What’s more? A friendly living room will make you feel secure and more contented every day since you can let your hair down, recharge your batteries and be yourself. 

Are you gearing up for the summer season? Are you preparing yourself for some company, and do you want your living room to look more welcoming? Setting up your home to receive guests can be a very gratifying feeling. 

Something is satisfying when you make your guests feel they’re welcome and comfortable. Read on for a list of ways you can make your living room more welcoming:

Be Smart When Picking Furniture 

Some furniture will make your living room look smaller than it is; however, if the space is too small, it will be less appealing to your guests. Open up your living room by carefully picking up the furniture and ensuring adequate room to roam around or relax. Think about what you need and what will make your living room feel more welcoming. For instance, a coffee table with storage can come in handy. Remember, this is also a time to make some nice memories, so everybody can pack away their gadgets in the storage and gather around the coffee table for an exciting board game. Wondering where you’ll get some nicely built coffee tables with storage? Check out these storage coffee tables at RJ Living or near your place. Monopoly, candy land, and scrabble are some of the best board games, but you’ll appreciate the downtime regardless of which one you choose to play.

Your Entrance

When was the last time you gave your door some tender loving care? Remember, this might be the next thing your guests will see after the porch, and it’s also the entrance to your living room, so ensure you dedicate some extra time embellishing your door. The front door to your living room should welcome your guests and draw attention to your home. You can’t go wrong with the light. Add some great lighting, maybe a pair of sidelights (black pendant lights) or delicate hanging wall lanterns. You can also add a unique art object on the walls or a mirror. These will craft a welcoming sight of love. And when doing your decorations, don’t be rigid, be flexible, and let your creativity come to play. Just experiment; find that statement piece or opt for something as simple as a stylish ‘welcome to our home’ sticker.

Value Some Intimacy

A plan that shows where your guests should sit is essential if you want your living room to appear more welcoming. Therefore, keep the seating arrangement intimate and accessible to make your guests feel at ease. Don’t cram them together in one corner of the living room. Additionally, if you place the furniture apart and pieces of stuff between, it might create disruptions and a feeling of distance; of course, that won’t be welcoming, right?

Get Rid Of Distractions

Do you have a big screen TV in your living room? If yes, then it will be a permanent focus. Like gadgets such as iPad and phones, it can easily hinder your communication. Don’t let them rob your precious time to catch up with your guests. If you have some hidden space in your living room or extra space at the back, then you can move the TV there; for the gadgets, make sure you pick a safe place for your guests to place them. Will you offer your guests some drinks, right? Then you don’t want them to juggle between holding their glasses and gadgets.

Final Thoughts

Concentrating on making your living room more welcoming is one great idea, but don’t forget to make sure your bathroom is spotlessly clean. Make it welcoming too. Perhaps your guests will spend some hours at your place or decide to stay overnight, and just ensure there’s plenty of toilet paper, detergent, and clean hand towels. Furthermore, you can consider the general layout of the bathroom also when you’re doing your decorations!

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