47 Things To Do Online When Bored

There was a time not long ago when there were only a handful of television channels. The only way to watch the newest movie was in the theater or to wait for it to play on television with a ton of commercials. You could also only listen to your favorite artist’s new album by buying a physical copy at your local record store. 

Thanks to the Internet, there are now hundreds of ways to watch TV series, movies, and other content. With streaming services and music apps, you can watch or listen to the newest content on your phone.

Despite the hundreds of ways to be entertained, people are still bored. Luckily, there are millions of ways to keep yourself entertained on the Internet. It’s full of fun games, silly jokes, and time-consuming content. Let’s go down the rabbit hole that is the Internet and discover all the ways to avoid boredom

47 Things To Do Online When Bored

1. The YouTube Rabbit Hole

things to do online when bored

The most common way to kill hours of time is to journey down the YouTube rabbit hole. YouTube is full of videos ranging from informative to hilarious and pointless. Click on a random video and you’ll soon find yourself spending hours and maybe even days watching YouTube content. 

2. Google Yourself

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Millions of people around the world pass the time by simply googling their own names. It’s fun and thrilling to see what comes up when your name is in the search engine. Get ready to be entertained or horrified by the results. 

3. The Death Clock

death clock

Nowadays it’s common to spend hours surfing the information superhighway and looking at funny cat videos. Once all the cat videos are over, check out the Death Clock. Simply enter your birth date to find your last day on Earth. It’s fun, a good time waster, and a great motivator. 

4. Awkward Family Photos

mom and daughter taking a selfie together

If the Internet is a rabbit hole, then Awkward Family Photos is the rabbit hole within the rabbit hole. Everyone has an awkward family photo they wish didn’t exist and this website hosts some of the best. The funny pictures come with a caption giving a detailed back story. There’s nothing funnier than someone else’s awkward family photos. Just hope your photos don’t pop up.

5. Travel the World With Google Earth

Google Earth logo on phone screen


With the help of Google Earth, travel all over the globe virtually and visit places you have always wanted to see. Travel to Hawaii and then zip across the planet and check out England before searching through India. 

6. Virtual Guitar Lessons on Fender

fender guitar


Learning to play the guitar is common on a lot of bucket lists. However, learning to play doesn’t require taking expensive lessons at first. Fender offers free classes on its website in all different styles, such as electric, acoustic, or bass. Get a feel for a guitar and learn the basics online for free from Fender.

7. Travel Through Space

outer space

Once you travel the world, it’s time to look to the sky. Well, in this case, look to the sky through your screen. The Internet makes it possible to travel through space to see the stars and planets up close. Space Engine allows you to pick exactly where you want to explore in space without the hefty price tag.

8. Go To Mars

NASA logo


Humans have been fascinated by Mars from the moment they realized it was out there. The planet remains a mystery to everyone on Earth. While only robots and land rovers get to visit Mars, NASA offers a free virtual tour of the planet. Venture out to space and explore the mysterious red planet. 

9. Online Group Therapy 

service online video call for doctor

Sometimes it’s tough for people struggling with depression or mental health issues to afford or attend therapy in person. The good news is technology has a profound impact on modern therapy and mental health. Several sites offer free online group therapy to discuss anything on your mind. It’s affordable and you never have to leave your house. 

10. Window Shopping on Amazon 

Amazon logo and credit card shopping online

Worawee Meepian/Shutterstock

There’s no better way to kill time than browsing through Amazon. The company that innovated online shopping literally as everything from A to Z. Spend hours looking at the newest releases of your favorite products and build your wishlist. 

11. Read Funny Amazon Reviews

Funny Amazon Reviews

DOPE or NOPE/YouTube

While Amazon is famous for its products and quick delivery, reviews are just as important. They’re certainly the most entertaining aspect. A person can spend hours reading through hilarious and terrible one-star or less Amazon reviews

12. Disneyland Virtual Tours

disneyland app logo


Visit the happiest place on Earth from the comfort of your home. Located in California, there isn’t a person in the world that doesn’t want to go to Disneyland. Before you plan your trip, take a virtual tour of Disneyland to pass the time. 

13. Sit in on Free Online College Lectures

Arsenii Palivoda/Shutterstock

One of the best ways to kill time is to learn something new. Sit in on a free online college lecture while wearing your pajamas and eating a bowl of cereal. It’s a great way to learn and pass the time. 

14. Play Minecraft Classic

minecraft on mobile phone


Minecraft is the original online time killer. It’s a highly addictive game that only gets more complex the longer you play. The free Minecraft Classic game is a cheap and easy way to learn how to play. Hours will fly by as you dig deep into the world of Minecraft

15. Learn a New Language

The Internet makes it possible to learn all kinds of new skills, such as a new language. Websites like Duolingo make it easy to learn Spanish, French, and Japanese on your phone. The time will fly as you learn to say hello in multiple languages. 

16. Virtual Dinner

virtual dinner

The Internet and social media have had a profound impact on communication. It’s now possible to easily connect with family and loved ones on the other side of the globe. Host a virtual dinner with loved ones from down the street or in a different country. Have fun catching up and talking about the good times without leaving home.

17. Virtual Happy Hour

woman virtual happy hour meeting party

It’s safe to assume your closest friends are probably bored too. Plan a day when you and your friends meet online with your favorite things to drink or smoke. Enjoy catching up and getting intoxicated without going to a crowded bar. 

18. The Number One Song the Day You Were Born

woman using mobile smartphone

There’s no better way to kill time than finding out the number one song the day you were born. There are tons of apps and websites that’ll give that information with a simple click of a button, like This Day in Music. Time will fly by as you listen to your new favorite song. 

19. Online Dating

online dating tip to help you find your dream partner is be honest and open

If you’re single and bored, try online dating. It’ll take up a lot of time just setting up a profile. It’s a fun online adventure leading to meeting new people and new experiences. There is a wide range of dating apps for everyone that’ll help you make new friends or fall in love. 

20. World’s Largest Treasure Hunt



Everyone has dreamed of going on a treasure hunt. Before the Internet, only pirates and the wealthy could afford to go treasure hunting. Now you can go on a thrilling treasure hunt with Geocaching. Simply download the app and prepare to spend hours putting together clues as you hunt for the elusive treasure. 

21. 24/7 Comedy 

online radio podcast streaming service iheart

Ralf Liebhold/Shutterstock

Between podcasts and live shows, there are thousands of hours of content for your listening pleasure. I Heart provides everything from music to podcasts. They also have a 24/7 comedy channel featuring the funniest comedians from around the globe. There’s no better way to be entertained for hours. 

22. Watch Documentaries 

streaming online documentaries

The Internet is full of excellent documentaries you can watch at the click of a button. These thrilling documentaries range from high-budget productions to independent films. Documentary Heaven is a great site to browse through and kill time with informative videos. 

23. Painting With Bob Ross

painting with bob ross

Bob Ross/YouTube

The iconic painter and art instructor Bob Ross is best known as the host of The Joy of Painting. Despite his death in 1995, Ross’s popularity continues to grow thanks to the Internet and YouTube. If you’re bored out of your mind, check out the Bob Ross videos online and learn the skill of painting from the master. 

24. Talking Animals on YouTube

freelancer looks on a computer screen

You’ll encounter Talking Animals as you travel down the YouTube rabbit hole. You’ll laugh for hours at these videos of talking animals as they discuss their favorite food, walks, and food again. 

25. Netflix Party


Nowadays family and friends can get together and binge-watch their favorite shows on Netflix. The best part is you don’t even need to leave your house. Host a virtual Netflix viewing party with loved ones and friends from all over the globe. 

26. Most Jaw-Dropping TED Talks

TED Talks logo on mobile phone

Burdun Iliya/Shutterstock

Ted Talks offer lectures and insight on a wide range of subjects, including science, politics, culture, technology, and business. They provide countless hours of content, including the most jaw-dropping TED Talk playlist. The playlist is a great way to spend a few hours passing the time while learning about various topics. 

27. Virtual Game Night 

man playing video game

Get all your friends together online for a night of friendly competition with a virtual board game night. The older we get, the more challenging it becomes to hang out in person. A virtual game night is convenient for everyone, especially those that live far. 

28. Workout on YouTube

smartphone with the YouTube logo

Evgeniia Primavera/Shutterstock

YouTube contains excellent fitness videos to get you in great shape while you kill time. As noted, YouTube offers so much content a person can spend half their lifetime watching random videos. But it’s time to get up on your feet and get a good workout. Bring the gym home on YouTube. 

29. Read the Onion

The Onion website

News 5 Cleveland/YouTube

The Onion is the number one satirical news website in the world. Nobody does hilarious fake new stories that hit home like The Onion. Take several hours out of your day to sit back, read The Onion, and laugh for hours. The headlines alone will have you cracking up all day.

30. Tour Museums and Landmarks

woman planning vacations on line searching landmarks

Earth is a vast place with so many historical locations and breathtaking art. The best way to explore the planet’s history is by visiting museums or iconic landmarks. It’s now possible to take a virtual tour of the most famous museums and landmarks all over the globe. Take a trip through history without leaving your bedroom or paying an entrance fee. 

31. Play Pac-Man Online for Free

pacman online app

PREMIO STOCK/Shutterstock

In the early 1980s, the video game Pac-Man changed the world forever. The simple game became a massive hit introducing the world to the iconic character. Well, you don’t need to head down to the arcade to play Pac-Man anymore. All it takes is a laptop and an internet connection and you can play Pac-Man for hours and hours. 

32. Take an Emotional IQ Test

emotional intelligence word

Harvard Business School discovered that emotional IQ is just as important as measuring standard IQ. It plays an equally important role in deciding technical skills. Take an emotional IQ test to discover your true intelligence. It’s fun and will kill a few hours as you determine your EQ.

33. Take an IQ Test

IQ test on tablet

Have a few hours to kill? Think you’re smart? Take an online IQ test for free to find out your IQ while passing the time. The timed test is challenging and measures 13 different areas of intelligence and your cognitive weakness and strengths. You might discover you’re a genius with an exceptionally high IQ.

34. Take the Psychopath Test

psychopath test

Once you know your IQ and EQ, it’s time to figure out if you’re a psychopath or not. Since you took the first two tests, you might as well go for the trifecta. The psychopath test will give the test taker an idea of whether they show psychopathic traits. 

35. Plan a Trip

Couple with Their Cat Enjoying Road Trip

The Internet changed the way people book their trips too. You don’t need to find a travel agent anymore. If you have a few hours to kill, go to any of the thousands of travel sites and plan your next trip. Maybe you want to go somewhere exotic or backpack through Europe. Whatever you desire, the best place to start is sitting at home on your computer. 

36. What Should I Read Next?

What Should I Read Next 

What Should I Read Next/YouTube

What Should I Read Next? is an excellent website to help you find a new book. All it takes is entering your favorite book into the search engine, which will shoot out recommendations. Time will fly by as you enter different titles, giving you a list of books to read. 

37. Learn Magic Tricks

man showing magic tricks

For centuries magicians wouldn’t reveal their guarded secrets. They only passed these mystifying secrets down through the generations. Luckily the Internet cut through all the red tape and now it’s easy to learn complex magic. For example, Good Tricks offers free lessons on various magic tricks, including card tricks, street magic, and coin tricks. 

38. Do It Yourself Repairs

bicycle repair using an online video tutorial

The Internet has made do-it-yourself repairs much more accessible. Hundreds of Youtube videos explain how to do basic repairs to far more complex projects. The Internet revolutionized DIY repairs, making it possible to fix everything in the house. Searching for DIY repairs is one of the most productive ways to waste time online. 

39. Best of Craigslist

craiglist website

Casimiro PT/Shutterstock

Craigslist has a reputation for featuring some of the strangest ads for various items. The Best of Craigslist collects the wildest and weirdest ads in one place. The site includes a long list of hilarious advertisements, such as toilet paper seeds, a 1971 Hearse Superior, and a free (melted) snowman. It’s possibly one of the most time-consuming websites in the world.

40. Learn To Speed Read

speed reading

Speed reading is a valuable skill most people don’t realize they can learn online. For some people, it could benefit their jobs, or they could just do it for fun. Speeder.com teaches individuals the skill of speed reading with online lessons. Learn this incredible talent without leaving your bed. 

41. Organize Your Email

woman using laptop while working in the cafe

It’s safe to assume that most people get tons of spam messages and emails daily. Cleaning out your email folder and getting organized is the ideal way to kill time on the Internet. Get all those emails in order and tidy up your inbox. 

42. Virtual Karaoke

concept virtual reality of the smartphone

It’s always fun to get together with friends and enjoy a fun night of karaoke. There’s nothing better than getting up in front of friends and making a fool of yourself as you sing “Bohemian Rhapsody.” The only thing better is never having to leave your house. Organize a virtual karaoke night with your friends and bring the music into your living room. 

43. Search for Your Dream Home

couple choosing new home online

The Internet allows people to search for their dream home even when they can’t afford it. Take a virtual tour of million-dollar mansions with incredible architecture and designs. There’s no need to feel intimidated or pressured by a real estate agent. Enjoy an up close and personal virtual tour. 

44. Learn Origami 

man learning origami through online

Origami is a great art form that some people pick up quickly while others need a bit more time. It’s more than simply folding paper. The Internet has made it much easier to learn this complex art form. The Origami Resource Center offers free instructions and tips to master the art of origami.

45. Watch Broadway Musicals 

woman listening to music in headphones

At one point in time, the only way to watch a Broadway musical was to get all dolled up and head out to your local theater. That’s all changed now with Broadway musicals being easily accessible with a simple Google search. Enjoy the top Broadway musicals from the comfort of your bathtub.

46. Learn Anything on VideoJug

Learn Anything on VideoJug


Want to bake a cool and delicious cake? Maybe you need some fashion tips? Need to know some quick pointers for a DIY project? VideoJog has you covered for everything you want to learn. The YouTube channel is full of cool videos. It’s almost easier to talk about everything they don’t discuss. 

47. This Is Why I’m Broke

This Is Why I'm Broke website

Doug Cunnington/YouTube

Once you reach the website This Is Why I’m Broke, you’ve reached the end of the Internet. Not only can a person spend hours on end browsing through strange and fascinating products, but you can also spend your life savings. The site has everything you’re looking for, including an invisibility shield, Spiderman web shooter, and the absent father action figure.