5 of the Best Places To Meet Single Men and Women


There are so many single people in the world, but where are they all? Why are so many of us single when we don’t want to be? Maybe we are looking in the wrong places? Here are 5 of the best places to meet single men and women.

1. Online

By far the easiest place to meet people is online. All you have to do is send a message and start a conversation. You can search for exactly what type of partner you want and chat with people you never thought you’d get to or even be interested in. The possibilities are endless.

Pros – Lots of people to choose from, can be specific, can chat before meeting

Cons – Might not be the person they say they are, sometimes there is mental attraction but no physical attraction

2. Gym

Lots of single people go to the gym. If you are interested in health and fitness maybe joining a gym will be worth it for you. If you already are part of a gym, great! Going on a regular basis is not only good for your health but gives you a better chance of meeting singles.

There are lots of men and women on the gym floor and you can meet people there or just make eye contact and smile. The sauna is another great place because lots of people go in and out and you can have a good conversation with some friendly and usually attractive people. If you are looking to meet women, taking a yoga or group workout class is a great option since most classes have a higher women to men ratio.

Pros – You know they care about their health, get to see them in tight or minimal clothing

Cons – Many people are wearing headphones, minimal opportunities for conversation

3. Meet Ups

Another great way to make friends and find people to date is meet up groups. Meet Up is an app you can download and event organizers set up events that you can join, and many are free!

When you go to a meet up event there can be any number of people so you will most likely meet a bunch of different people. Some of the best events for getting to know people are hikes, dinners, drinks, board game nights, club hopping, singles mixers or any event that gives you an opportunity to talk with other people while doing something that you thing sounds fun.

Pros – Even if you don’t meet anyone you’ll probably still have fun, if you do meet someone you basically get to experience a low pressure first date with them

Cons – If the attraction isn’t mutual the event can become awkward, if you date them and things don’t out future events with them can be awkward

4. Groups and Clubs

This includes church groups, book clubs, writing group, art clubs, etc, the key word is group or club. The idea is it’s something that you do a on a regular basis with mostly the same people each time. Ideally new people of your preferred gender will have the possibility of coming into the group or you might make friends with someone who can introduce you to someone that would be good for you.

Pros – You already have a similar interest, you have the chance to get to know each other over a period of time

Cons – Some groups/clubs are limited in who joins or may be geared towards the gender you’re not interested in, the person you have you’re eye on might be taken and it might take a while for you to find out

5. Grocery Store

This is surprisingly a good place to meet both men and women. It usually happens to me in the early evenings when I’m shopping alone after work or the gym, so I’m not even looking my best.

It seems the key is to smile and hopefully they will start a conversation (or maybe you will?) and it will go well.

There is a good chance you’ll walk away and continue on your shopping and then you may run into them again. It can be good, awkward, or maybe even a second chance if the first interaction didn’t go as well as you hoped. Just be prepared this time!

Pros – There are plenty of things to say and questions to ask about the food or cooking to start a conversation, you get to see what’s in their cart

Cons – If you aren’t interested then you might bump into them again, and again, and again

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