5 Quick Activities for Teaching Angles

There are quite a few angle standards that students need to master during our larger geometry unit, so here are five of my favorite quick and simple ideas for teaching angles. 

Anchor chart, task cards, games, and five quick hands-on activities for teaching angles in upper elementary.

Teaching Angles Anchor Chart

We tackle all big topics with anchor charts, and this one is certainly packed! We created this angle anchor chart together over several days, adding new content to the chart with each mini-lesson. You can read more about this teaching angles anchor chart in this post.

teaching angles upper elementary anchor chart

Angles Flipbook

Help students learn to identify, measure, draw, and add angles with this fun flipbook that acts as a mini interactive notebook. The left hand side of each page helps to teach students about angles, acting as a mini anchor chart that students interact with and complete. On the right hand side, students engage in identifying types of angles, measuring angles, calculating additive angles, drawing angles, etc. When they’re finished they have a handy reference tool for the rest of the year!

Angles Art

Use washi tape, paper strips with glue, WikkiStix (Amazon affiliate link), or a ruler to have students create colorful line-based art. I recommend setting a timer for this part, and then switch to the math portion when the timer goes off. Then students identify (straight, right, acute, obtuse) and measure the angles created in their art.

As an extra challenge, you can also give them specific guidelines about their art… for example, it must have 3 right angles, 2 acute, and 3 obtuse. Or you can even have them write words (letters are COVERED in angles), measure the angles in each letter and find the “angle value.” of the world. The options here are endless! This post has more examples of angles art.

Hands-On Angles Practice

Students love using math manipulatives (here’s a post full of my favorites!) for hands-on practice. Anglegs (Amazon affiliate link) are especially fun to use. Students can snap the colorful piece together to create a variety of shapes. Then they can identify and measure the angles. Each set also includes activity cards for challenges that are aligned to math standards. 

When it comes to visualizing angles, Angle Circles (Amazon affiliate link) are perfect. They’re especially helpful when working with additive angles. The set features seven different angle sizes, which can be used to practice complementary and supplementary angles. 

My favorite authentic angles assessment and practice? It has to be the angle scavenger hunt! When I was working in a 1:1 classroom, I had students bring out their devices, a white board, and a dry erase marker and take pictures of tall the playground angles they could find. They LOVED this, and it was a totally authentic assessment.

angles practice hands-on activity

Angles Games

I’ve shared about using Topple Blocks (Amazon affiliate link) in the classroom before (you can download a free elapsed time game for them here!), but they are some of my favorite ways to practice in centers. Students get a little competitive and have so much fun while practicing important skills at the same time. WIth this Angles Topple Block game, students review identifying, measuring, comparing, and additive angles.

teaching angles game for upper elementary

You can also replace regular board game cards with task cards. Each student has to answer a question on one of the cards before taking a turn on the game board. The rest of the group also has to solve and agree with the answer before anyone can move. At the end of the game, students turn in a recording sheet for accountability. Scoot is a fun game to play too!

This angles task card set or additive angles task card set both provide rigorous angles practice that cover a variety of skills and are perfect to use in those games.

angles practice task cards upper elementary

More Geometry Ideas

This measurement and geometry blog post has a variety of other ideas for teaching perimeter and area, lines, angles, polygons, symmetry, measurement, and more.

Includes a variety of measurement and geometry activities for upper elementary, plus a fun whole class review game using task cards.

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