5 Ways to Liven Up Your Relationship and Keep It Exciting


Love and marriage require effort. If you neglect your relationship, the bond you have with your partner will wither and possibly disappear.

Needless to say, you must work on your relationship if you care about it and want it to succeed. You must be able to communicate effectively. You must devise a solution to any problems that may arise. You must approach any threat to your relationship with trust and compassion. And you must try new things to keep things interesting.

This article will discuss how to liven up a relationship. I’m going to give you six things you can do to keep things interesting for both you and your partner, as well as to keep the bond you have with your partner strong.

1. Share Your Fantasies

This is self-evident advice that can be found almost anywhere. This is common advice because it works.

Sharing your fantasies is not only an act of vulnerability that brings you closer together, but it also opens the door to a world of adventures and sexual pleasures. Both of these things bring you together.

This could only go wrong if you share your fantasies with too much expectation.

When you are vulnerable to someone, you should do so without expecting anything in return. Being vulnerable is not a commercial act. Being vulnerable should only be done with the intention of opening up to your partner.

Accept and respect your partner’s boundaries if they are not comfortable with your fantasies. They may open up later, but you should not press them to do so.

2. Go On a Trip Together

What better way to stay fresh than to visit a new place with new people, food, culture, and friendships?

When you travel with your partner, you will get to experience a new culture together and share your experiences with each other.

When you share a novel experience with someone, you associate that novelty with that person. Traveling will cause you to associate novelty and excitement with your partner, bringing you both together and increasing your attraction to each other.

When traveling as a couple, make sure you define exactly what you want to do. If you want to reconnect and keep things fresh, I highly recommend visiting a place with a different culture than where you are now.

3. Games — All Categories of Games

Games are a great way to keep things interesting and entertaining for a couple. The best part is that you can select any type of game that appeals to you. It could be video games, board games, sports, or a fun activity like paintball. As long as it’s a game that you can improve at and is competitive, you can do it as a couple and enjoy every minute of it.

Games are excellent at this because they are less expensive than most other options. Traveling does not have to be expensive. Simply buy an interesting board game and begin playing it with friends and family.

Furthermore, games provide you with something to talk about and do together. You’ll both be looking forward to the weekend when you can meet up with your friends for game night before you know it.

4. Volunteer/Charity Work

When you hear the phrase “keeping things fresh,” it may not be the first thing that comes to mind. Volunteering, on the other hand, can have a significant impact on how you perceive things and the world.

When you both volunteer to help the community and your fellow humans, you will learn more about each other and appreciate each other more. You will also have some of the most rewarding experiences of your life. It will also help you understand what is important to your partner.

The best way to approach volunteer work is to discuss it with your partner. Discuss what is important to both of you and how you can best make an impact in the world. Even if your contribution is minor, you will be grateful because it will have an impact on the life of another living being.

5. Put each other to the test

Couples who push each other to be better are those who enjoy playing together and are involved in each other’s lives. It doesn’t have to be about something serious all of the time. You can help each other achieve your life goals by challenging and holding each other accountable. Just make sure you’re encouraging them rather than criticizing them.

For example, if your partner’s goal is to lose weight, you can motivate them by placing a bet with them to reach their target weight within a certain time frame. You give them something they really want if they win (like that sexual position that they always wanted to try). If they win, they give you something you really want. This way, you can have fun while also helping each other.

If you take it too seriously, however, you may be disappointed if they do not reach their target weight. And you might end up saying something hurtful to them, making them feel insecure in your relationship.

As a result, when encouraging your partner to grow, you must exercise caution. Wrong expectations can cause arguments and, in some cases, irreparable harm.

Last Thoughts

There are numerous things you can do to keep things interesting and fresh in a relationship. However, it is always best to begin with clear communication.

Check to see if you’re just trying to keep things interesting because there’s an underlying issue that’s causing you both to drift apart. If you have issues in your relationship, address them first before attempting new things.

And whatever you do, don’t take yourself too seriously. Keep in mind that the goal is to keep the relationship alive and well, and that should always be your top priority.

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