50 Gift Ideas for 12-Year-Old Boys That They Actually Like

50 Gift Ideas for 12-Year-Old Boys

You know, 12-year-old boys are hard to buy for because they are in those difficult ‘transition’ years wherein toys are too young for them, but they are still kids and enjoy ‘some’. They are also growing up to be more aware of brands and sports clothing (which makes gifts a whole lot more expensive!).

So as I have two twelve year olds – I’ve put a list together of 50 gifts ideas for 12 year old boys.

These are gifts that I know my boys would love – and there is a huge variety of prices for every single budget.

50 Gift Ideas for 12 Year Old Boys That They Will Actually Like | Stay at Home Mum

1. A pair of Converse Chuck Taylor Shoes

No longer a boy but not yet a man, your 12-year-old will surely go head-over-heels for a new pair of Converse Chuck Taylor shoes. Nothing beats a classic! Converse Chuck Taylor shoes can be worn day to night, for a walk around the park or hang out with friends. Not only is it a fashion staple, but it’s also very practical.

Plus you can tell your son that Converse Chuck Taylor shoes were first made by Converse as basketball shoes! There’s nothing cooler than that!

Grab them here!

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star High Casual Shoe | Stay At Home Mum

2. “How to Draw Manga” Book

Get creative! Books can be a fun gift too. A How to Draw Manga book lets a12-year-old boy explore his creative side even more. And even if he has not found his touch with sketches yet, How to Draw Manga illustrates how it’s done in easy steps. Manga is a style of Japanese comics that have become popular across the globe in recent years. If you’ve seen the movie, Alita: Battle Angel, that’s a Manga adaptation.

Who knows, with this book, he might be a graphic artist for major movie companies 10 years from now! (Shout out to Andy Tong, a boy in my class at high school who actually did that!!!!)

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Converse Chuck Taylor All Star High Casual Shoe | Stay At Home Mum

3. Star Wars Jedi Training Remote Flying Heliball

Boys will be boys! Star Wars merch should always be on your list on what to give a 12-year-old. It won’t come as a surprise that every boy wants to be Jedi. Make him use his imagination with a Star Wars Jedi Training Remote Flying Heliball and train like one! He can control the miniature droid using the lightsaber. The Heliball has a patented sensing motion technology that allows him to direct the height and speed using his hands or feet. This toy is definitely for keeps!

May the force be with you!

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Star Wars Jedi Training Remote Flying Heliball | Stay at Home Mum

4. Fallout Fusion Flea Die-Cast Replica Vehicle

Originally a thank-you gift for Chryslus employees, Fallout Fusion Flea die-cast replica vehicle is in the market for 12-year-old boys to enjoy. This may not be a real car but it’s the real deal when it comes to replicas! A 12-year-old boy is too young to drive anyway.

Fallout Fusion die-cast replica is a car toy collector’s must-have with the metal body resembling the vintage car, a shiny paint finish to identical to the car a generation has been using to cruise around, its attention to detail is also impeccable with a luggage rack, light cowls and an engine that lights up. Fallout Fusion die-cast replica gift will surely light up his face too. And it comes with a commemorative enamel pin and a special postcard.

Grab it here!

Fallout Fusion Flea Die-Cast Replica Vehicle | Stay At Home Mum

5. Star Wars Chewbacca Plush Fleece Robe

Who doesn’t love Chewbacca? A 12-year-old will love a Star Wars Boys’ Chewbacca Robe, too! It’s reminiscent of the most lovable character on Star Wars with a bandolier and a waist pocket for a side satchel. Star Wars Boys’ Chewbacca Robe is a licensed Star Wars merchandise which makes it legit for playtime and bath time too. It’s warm and fuzzy, much like your love for this 12-year-old boy and it’s made of 100% polyester.

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Star Wars Chewbacca Plush Fleece Robe | Stay At Home Mum

6. Search History Card Game

Card games never get old! It’s both for kids and kids at heart. Pick this gift for a 12-year-old boy and you can enjoy it both! You can gather friends and family and discover what they are searching for with Search History card game. This card game was made based on the most popular searches on the internet minus the last few words. Whoever has the most probable guess wins the game!

In this age of technology where it’s difficult for grownups to keep up with kids, it will be nice to take a few hours and bond over Search History card game.

Get it here!

Search History Card Game | Stay At Home Mum


7. A Good Set of Headphones

If you’re having a tough time choosing what to give a 12-year-old boy, a set of headphones is an easy choice. Whether he’s into music, video games, watching movies on his laptop or video calling friends from time to time, a set of headphones will come in handy.

When you’re a 12-year-old boy, nothing beats a good beat and enjoying it all to yourself.

Grab them here!


4Gamers PRO4-70 Wired Stereo Gaming Camo Headset PS4 | Stay At Home Mum

8. A Classic Casio Watch

A classic Casio watch will stand the test of time. A gift you can give a 12-year-old that he can use until his 20s or even later on. It never goes out of style and multi-functional. It can work as a digital stopwatch, calendar and alarm.

And since a 12-year-old is always active, don’t worry, this classic Casio watch is also water-resistant!

Get it here!


Casio B640WB-1BEF Classic Digital Watch with Stainless Steel Band Black with Black Dial | Stay At Home Mum

9. An Assassins Creed Bathrobe

Video games come to life! Inspired from one of the largest video game franchise, a 12-year-old boy can enjoy the Assassin’s Creed bathrobe in the comforts of his home. This is the perfect gift for an Assassin’s Creed fan. He will surely enjoy playing Assassin’s Creed while donning this 100% super soft polyester Assassin’s Creed bathrobe.

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Assassins Creed Assassin White Robe | Stay At Home Mum

10. Harry Potter Wizard Chess Set

Gifting a 12-year-old boy with a Harry Potter Wizard Chess Set might cast a spell on him and make him a wiz! A Harry Potter Wizard Chess Set is complete with the pieces of a traditional chess set but a bit more magical. Chess is played between two players set to outsmart each other using pawns, queens and so on until the king is conquered. A ‘wingardium laviosa’ might just be the trick to beat your opponent!

Harry Potter has gained popularity over the past decades as the boy who lived written by the world-famous author, J.K. Rowling. It has also been adapted into blockbuster movies. If anything, this Harry Potter Wizard Chess Set will be a hit too!

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Harry Potter Wizard's Chess (Harry Potter) Noble Collection | Stay At Home Mum

11. A Cutty Sark Revell Model Kit

With Cutty Sark Revell Model Kit’s almost a thousand parts to piece together, Cutty Sark Revell Model Kit is definitely a cure for boredom for 12-year-old boys! This is the perfect gift for 12-year-old boys with a knack for engineering or construction. Cutty Sark Revell Model Kit requires assembly skills and a bit of painting.

You might want to include glue and paint in your gift bag!

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Cutty Sark 1:96 Revell Model Kit | Stay At Home Mum

12. Lord of the Rings Risk Board Game

Are you good or evil? Lord of the Rings Risk Board Game lets you play either! Unlike other board games, Lord of the Rings Risk Board Game has so many elements that will keep 12-year-old boys glued on the game. Lord of the Rings Risk Board Game comes with a game board, complete armies, territory cards, wild cards, adventure cards, red dice, black dice and of course, a ring.

Isn’t it precious?

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Lord of The Rings Risk Board Game | Stay At Home Mum

13. Sega Mega Drive Mini Console

The Sega Mega Drive Mini Console is the ultimate computer game console for 12-year-old boys! Any 12-year-old boy would be jumping up and down to receive this gift – and will, however, spend hours sitting on the couch playing with the Sega Mega Drive Mini Console. It has 40 legendary games to choose from!

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SEGA Mega Drive Mini Console | Stay At Home Mum

14. Geek Game Trivia Set

Unleash the inner geek in 12-year-old boys with the Geek Game Trivia Set! There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being a geek! Geek Game Trivia Set has a hundred gamer themed trivia questions all about gaming! It’s given 12-year-old boys know their games and consoles better than anyone else, so why not gift them with the Geek Game Trivia Set and give them a little break from the game monitors.

Packaged in a retro game controller box, all you need is a ribbon!

Get it here!

Geek Gamer Trivia - - Gift Republic - Yellow Octopus


15. Set of 2 Doctor Who Tardis Bookends

Sometimes, 12-year-old boys have little patience for reading. A Set of 2 Doctor Who Tardis Bookends might interest them to pick up their books and start reading. A Set of 2 Doctor Who Tardis Bookends is an official Doctor Who TARDIS collectible with intricate details straight from Doctor Who. It resembles a Tardis complete with an amazing galaxy-like base!

Grab them here!


16. Nintendo Game Boy Alarm Clock

While you grew up with Super Mario and Nintendo, it’s time 12-year-old boys wake up to a Nintendo Game Boy Super Mario Land Alarm Clock. An officially licensed product makes the perfect gift for 12-year-old boys who like to snooze. Once the alarm sets off, 12-year-old boys can’t fight the sound effects from the all-time favourite Nintendo game and start running around like Super Mario.

Nintendo Game Boy Super Mario Land Alarm Clock comes with an LCD screen that displays the time and buttons resembling the Super Mario Nintendo game.

Get it here!



17. Special Edition Xbox One Wireless Controller

This exquisite Xbox One Wireless Controller with a translucent design makes Xbox gaming extra special! It’s also designed with textured grip, 12-year-old boys can get their game on! The Special Edition Xbox One Wireless Controller is equipped with Bluetooth technology and 3.5mm stereo headset jack compatible.

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Phantom Magenta Special Edition Xbox One Wireless Controller | Stay At Home Mum

18. MotoGP20 Game

Since 12-year-old boys are too young to experience an actual race track. MotoGP 20 PS4 Game will still give them the adrenaline rush! This PS4 game allows 12-year-old boys to choose their own helmets, numbers and bikes! They can also be virtual racing champs with sponsors as MotoGP 20 PS4 Game lets you pick your riding suit design.

This is an awesome gift for 12-year-old boys and their friends. They can play together and even join the MotoGP™ eSport Championship!

Get it here!


MotoGP 20 PS4 Game | Stay At Home Mum

19. Harry Potter Hogwarts Houses 1000-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Are you a Gryffindor? Slytherin? Hufflepuff? Ravenclaw? Piece together this Harry Potter Hogwarts Houses 1000 pieces Jigsaw Puzzle and you might have your answer. This makes a neat gift for 12-year-old boys who are Harry Potter fans! Too bad he can’t use magic to complete the puzzle, he can, however, have a magical display of the Sigils of the four houses.

Get it here!


20. Gamer at Work Mug

If you’re having trouble choosing what to give a 12-year-old boy, why don’t you play it safe and gift him with a Gamer at Work mug? While he’s playing nonstop with his favorite gaming console, he still needs to hydrate. This Gamer at Work mug will come in handy.

It features an eye-catching hazard design in yellow and black and can hold up to 300ml of his desired drink. Not a bad match for a 12-year-old gamer.

Get it here!


21. Fortnite Laser Chomp Glider Poster

Fortnite has gained popularity rather quickly and Fortnite merch is selling out too! So don’t think twice of gifting a 12-year-old boy with an impressive Fortnite Laser Chomp Glider Poster. This will instantly brighten up his mood! Fortnite Laser Chomp Glider Poster is a cool addition to a 12-year-old boy’s room.

This gift should last for years since it’s printed with an offset lithography press with a coating to protect the inks.

Get it here!


22. A 3D Printing Pen

If you’re doodling ideas on what to gift a 12-year-old boy, why don’t you gift him with a 3D Printing Pen? They say boys’ imaginations run wild, a 3D Printing Pen will bring those imaginations to life. A 3D Printing Pen turns heated plastic it releases into a solid structure. Instructions on how to create your masterpiece are available online. This 3D Printing Pen will instantly turn them into architectural masterminds!

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23. Star Wars Kano The Force Coding Kit

From Jedi Masters to coding masters real quick! It’s never too early to learn how to code. Even 12-year-old boys can with Star Wars Kano The Force Coding Kit. May the force be with him as he builds his own sensor plate and starts coding. JavaScript and code blocks can be mastered starting with the Star Wars Kano The Force Coding Kit. Lightsabers will be well within his reach… more specifically, hand gestures.

What a way to connect Science fiction with Computer Science! Truly, a smart gift for a 12-year-old boy.

Grab them here!


24. Ugears Dream Cabriolet VM-05 Model Kit

Every boy dreams of having his own car one day. Why don’t you gift him with Ugears Dream Cabriolet VM-05 Model Kit and let him build his own car! A convertible at that! Its mechanical engine might spark a 12-year-old boy’s determination to buy his own convertible at 18. Determination is also necessary for assembling 753 parts of the Ugears Dream Cabriolet VM-05 Model Kit.

If a 12-year-old boy can get Ugears Dream Cabriolet VM-05 Model Kit running, there’s a good chance he’s in for a good ride later on in life.

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25. Nike Waist Pack

Boys want to be hip and cool of course. A Nike Waist Pack will complete the look he’s after! Waist packs have been seen worn by online influencers and celebrities alike in whatever fashion they want. A Nike Waist Pack will make a 12-year-old boy the envy of his friends! Join the bandwagon and gift a 12-year-old boy with a Nike Waist Pack.

Get it here!

Nike Heritage Hip Pack - Red

26.  A Pair of Nike Shoes

Who do think is the G.O.A.T. of basketball? The answer might automatically be Lebron James. This makes a pair of Nike shoes sure win gift. Its swoosh logo will win the heart of any 12-year-old boy. It’s the perfect gift for a 12-year-old boy who wants to grow up like his favourite NBA star!

Grab them here!


Nike Kyrie Flytrap III - Mens Basketball Shoes | Stay At Home Mum

27. A Nike Water Bottle

Hydration is a must for boys who hardly run out energy! A Nike Water Bottle is a practical gift for 12-year-old boys. It’s durable, aesthetically appealing and it serves the purpose. Whether he’s playing basketball indoors or volleyball by the beach, a 12-year-old is going to need a Nike Water Bottle.

Get it here!


Nike TR Hypercharge Straw Graphic BPA Free Sport Water Bottle - 710ml | Stay At Home Mum

28. A Sports Hoodie

As 12-year-old boys are still experimenting on their style preferences, you can never go wrong with a sports hoodie! A sports hoodie is comfortable and fashionable for 12-year-olds. Make sure when you gift him with a sports hoodie, it’s a size bigger so he can still use it when he grows into a man.

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Champion Script Kids Hoodie | Stay At Home Mum

29.  Retro Combi Campervan Table Lamp

It’s good to have an interesting piece on your study table. A Retro Combi Van Table Lamp will make studying more interesting for 12-year-old boys. This is not just a gift fit for adults, it can be for 12-year-olds too! Its metallic look and feel will trigger a 12-year-old boy’s curiosity of the ’60s.

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30. Shark Attack Beach Towel

Who doesn’t love going to the beach? Weekends are made more special with a beach trip with friends or family. A Shark Attack Beach Towel is what a 12-year-old boy needs to make his beach trip social media-worthy with a Shark Attack backdrop on photos while lying down on the sand. This Shark Attack Beach Towel is big enough to fit two to three people and can be used on sand or grass.

Get it here!


31. An Original Rubik’s Cube

If you think a 12-year-old is up for a challenge then an Original Rubik’s Cube might be the right gift for him. As rotating and flipping the cubes to match the colors might be vexing for adults, 12-year-old boys might enjoy the mind-boggling process of an Original Rubik’s cube.

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32. Tesla’s Lamp Plasma Ball

Tesla’s Lamp Plasma Ball is a fun gift for 12-year-old boys. This has been a hit since Nikola Tesla patented it in 1894. Learning about the wonders of the world is made more fun with Tesla’s Lamp Plasma Ball.

To make it work, plug Tesla’s Lamp Ball and control the filaments by moving your fingers around the glass. This will certainly spark a love for Science!

Get it here!


33. Burger Beach Towel

Beach and burger! Who can say no to that?! If you can’t decide what to give a 12-year-old boy, a burger beach towel is yes! T

Get it here!


34.  Noise Cancelling Microphone for Gaming

Gaming is a serious business for 12-year-old boys. You can help him out with a noise-cancelling microphone for a gift. A high-quality noise-cancelling microphone will allow him to communicate with his fellow gamers and make the games more engaging!

A sincere thank you will be in order for sure.

Get it here!


Thronmax Pulse Noise Cancelling USB Microphone | Stay At Home Mum

35. Boxing Mitts

12 years old is the perfect age to get into sports, especially combat sports like boxing. He will appreciate boxing mitts as he starts to train like his idols in the ring. You might want to pair this with boxing gloves so his road to the ropes can start right away.

Grab them here!


Adidas Boxing Focus Mitts | Stay At Home Mum

36. A Mask and Snorkel Set

An active 12-year-old boy will want to explore the depths of the ocean. What better way to do that than snorkelling? As long as he knows how to swim, a snorkel set will make him jump into the waters and check out marine life.

Snorkel sets come in different colours and sizes so make sure you get the right one or else he won’t be able to use it once he’s on water.

Grab them here!


Divetech Atlantis Youths Mask & Snorkel Blue | Stay At Home Mum

37. Fortnite Battle Star T-Shirt

If you look at a 12-year-old’s closet, it’s mostly filled with shirts and more shirts. Why not spice up his wardrobe with not just another shirt but a Fortnite Battle T-Shirt! Simple yet eye-catching. He can wear this on regular school days or weekends with friends. It’s perfect for a hot summer day.

Get it here!


 Divetech Atlantis Youths Mask & Snorkel Blue | Stay At Home Mum

38. A New Wallet

A 12-year-old boy’s journey to manhood starts with a good ole wallet. Of course, you’re gifting him with a new wallet! But the idea is to start making him feel like a man with a new wallet. Don’t forget to stash it with some cash. Remember, he still has a long way to go to before he can actually fill it with hundred dollar bills.

Get it here!


Electric Guitars Wallet | Stay At Home Mum

39. Darth Vader Onesie

You can’t speak Star Wars without mentioning Darth Vader in the same sentence. Any 12-year-old boy will tell you that! A Darth Vader Onesie is a cute gift for a 12-year-old boy. While he might grow out of this onesie, he’ll never grow out of his love for Star Wars.

This Star Wars merch is legit for 12-year-old boys to feel comfy in.

Get it here!


Star Wars Darth Vader Adult Mens Jumpsuit | Stay At Home Mum

40.  Scorpion 4-in-1 Gaming Starter Kit

For today’s generation, gaming is undeniably their idea of a good time. A good gift would be a Scorpion 4 in 1 Gaming Starter Kit. A 12-year-old can optimize his gaming skills with a gaming keyboard, mouse, headset and mouse.

A Scorpion 4 in 1 Gaming Starting Kit is a 12-year-old boy’s must-have.

Grab them here!


Marvo Scorpion CM375 4-in-1 Gaming Starter Kit | Stay At Home Mum

41. Hearthstone Logo Backpack

An online digital collectible card game, Hearthstone inspired backpack is fit for 12-year-old boys. A Hearthstone Logo Backpack with its large compartment makes it compatible for school use. Its padded straps make it comfortable to carry with books and school materials inside. Even if it’s mainly for school, the element of fun is still there with the Hearthstone Logo. There’s no reason for 12-year-old boys not to attend class if you gift them with this Hearthstone Logo Backpack.

Get it here!


Hearthstone - Logo Backpack (Black) | Stay At Home Mum

42. Mobile Bluetooth Speaker

Even 12-year-olds know how to have a good time with good music. You might not be familiar with their choice of artists and beat but a mobile Bluetooth speaker for a gift to a 12-year-old boy isn’t missing the beat at all. In fact, this gift choice makes you in tune with their frequency.

Always remember to keep this charged and well taken care of, it can be used not just for music but also for gaming and online learning.

Get it here!



43. Poke Ball Pokemon Wireless Speaker

Pika! Pika! Pick this Poke Ball Pokemon Wireless Speaker to gift. With its colourful design and resemblance to a Poke Ball, any 12-year-old would feel he’s part of the Poke world! Functions as a wireless speaker, the Poke Ball Pokemon Wireless Speaker is designed to capture hearts.

Get it here!


Poké Ball Pokemon Wireless Speaker | Stay At Home Mum

44. Nike T-Shirt

Just do it! Buy a Nike T-Shirt as a gift for your 12-year-old boy that is a brand whore! It’s a casual sports staple he can use after sports practice. A Nike T-Shirt also has dry-fit technology which lets boys move around without drenching in sweat.

Nike T-Shirts come in different designs and sizes and this one is a classic.

Get it here!

Nike Sportswear Essential T-Shirt - Black | Stay At Home Mum

45. Push Up Bars

From age 12 to 40? This uncanny gift for a 12-year-old boy can be used for a long time. While it’s not yet recommended to start bodybuilding at such a young age, a 12-year-old boy can start with simple exercises that can strengthen his upper body muscles gradually.

Push up bars have rubber hand grip to avoid accidental slips. Its non-skid base should stay in place while working out. It would be best for 12-year-olds to use push up bars under adult supervision when starting.

Grab them here!

HCE Push Up Bars | Stay At Home Mum

46. A Dartboard

Playing darts might seem simple at first glance but this sport takes time and lots of practice! A dartboard is a bull’s eye for a gift to 12-year-old boys. He can enjoy playing darts with family and friends. He learns the scoring and strategies in playing dart on video tutorials online. You never know, his target might be becoming a pro dart player!

Get it here!

Formula Phil Taylor Power Board Dartboard | Stay At Home Mum

47. Basketball Backboard

Basketball enthusiasts love a pick up game anywhere as long as there’s a basket with a sturdy backboard to support the shot. And 12-year-old boys are mostly basketball enthusiasts too! Gifting a 12-year-old boy with a top grade basketball backboard might just a dream come true for him! With a basketball, basketball backboard and basketball ring, 500 shots a day will be nothing.

Get it here!

Spalding 44in Polycarbonate Basketball Backboard & Rim Combo | Stay At Home Mum

48.  A Springfree Trampoline

A gift for all ages. A Springfree trampoline! Who would want a trampoline in your own backyard? They will surely jump for joy. Spring free means more space to jump and more space means more friends to invite and jump in the fun!

Get it here!

Springfree O92 Trampoline Large Oval | Stay At Home Mum

49. Fitbit Activity Tracker

It’s recommended to begin a healthy lifestyle at an early age. Surely, boys can’t wait to start their fitness journey. With the Fitbit Activity Tracker, you can go for runs, hikes, cycles and so much more with a built-in GPS in your watch! A Fitbit Activity Tracker is an overall health monitor fit in a comfortable wristband.

A Fitbit Activity Tracker might as well be the most fitting gift for a highly active 12-year-old boy.

Get it here!


Fitbit Charge 4 Black | Stay At Home Mum

50. CamelBak Hydration Pack

If it’s for mountain bike riding or a family hiking trip, a Camelbak hydration pack is so convenient for 12-year-old boys to carry. It’s lightweight but functions effectively for water storage and consumption. It can also serve as a reflective tool in the dark. Camping and hiking is a favourite activity of 12-year-old boys and they should be equipped with the right gear. You can’t go wrong with Camelbak hydration pack!

Get it here!


Camelbak Classic 2.5 Litre Lapis Blue | Stay At Home MumThis list pretty much covers everything a 12-year-old would want. I told you…We got you!

50 Gift Ideas for 12 Year Old Boys That They Will Actually Like | Stay at Home Mum