6 Tips To Make Your Relationship Feel Fresh


Have you ever thought of having some mystical potion to make your love last longer? If there was a potion, we wouldn’t be able to keep it on the store shelves, and love would be all around us. Or, maybe it’s just that some people learn secrets of successful relationships from their grandparents and friends, who know how it’s done. And since the latter is probably more accurate, here are some tried and true tips from people I know, who make it work.

Dates: Keep dating each other. Even if life seems too busy, meet at the end of the evening for something light and easy. Take a walk together in the backyard, play a board game together, or just cuddle on the couch and watch T.V. together. Just arrange some time for each other on a regular basis.

Space: Give each other some space. This accomplishes a couple of things. It allows both of you to expand your horizons individually, which in turn, will make your interactions together better because you’ll have new things to talk about. Hang out with friends separately, take up a new hobby that gets at least one of you out of the house, join an online book club.

Whatever the case, just make sure each of you have interest outside of the relationship that gives both of you time away from each other. Whoever coined the phrase, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder,” was onto something. Be sure to give and take your fair share of space.

Fun: Lighten up. Some couples who have been together for a long time get settled into boring routines. Stop that. The best advice I have in this regard is, be kids again. Look at this way, you can behave like kids with one another without the irresponsibility. You still handle your obligations as adults, but every now and then, you two cut loose. You dance, you play, you tickle each other, you explore new things sexually. In other words, you bust out of that boring box and introduce new fun things into the relationship.

Disagree: Agree that it’s okay to disagree on some issues, and leave it at that. No need to create a new religion or political movement just to appease both of you. You don’t have to agree on everything. And you won’t. It’s okay.

Refresh: Take time to look back. Refresh your memories and share what brought you together. Especially when times are difficult, look back and rely on those old memories as your foundation. Use them to glue yourselves closer together.

Memories: Make new ones together. Schedule some photo shoots together. Even consider doing a boudoir photo shoot. That might be something you both enjoy, and it can bring about some sexual stimulation you can take home with you. Just think of new ways to spend time together that you can look back on fondly. Start now with these simple ideas to keep your relationship with your special someone fresh and new.

This post was previously published on Louis Morris Coaching.


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