7 Weird And Wonderful Beyoncé Interview Moments You’d Probably Completely Forgotten


These days, Beyoncé is a big enough star that she only gives the most select of interviews to promote her latest projects – if any at all.

However, that wasn’t always the case, and back in the day, you’d find Queen Bey on the promo circuit the same as any of her peers.

What that means is there are plenty of interview moments from the early years of the Formation singer’s career that may have totally slipped your mind.

Remember, for example, when she and Alison Hammond whipped out a board game classic? Or when Reggie Yates tried to school her in local lingo?

Here’s a selection of Beyoncé interview moments you’ve probably completely forgotten about…

Tyra (2008)

Beyoncé paid a visit to Tyra Banks’ talk show a number of times over the years, but it’s the above clip that most stands out to us.

The former Top Model judge decided to have a bit of fun with her guest with a bit of word-play, culminating in questions like “Seancé… if you could communicate with anyone who’s passed on, who would it be?”, “Brie-oncé… what’s your favourite type of cheese?” and “Grey-oncé… when you get older, are you going to dye your hair?”.

By the time you get to, “If I Were A Tolstoy… can you do a Russian accent?”, you might be questioning whether the whole thing was a fever dream, but we assure you it was all real.

The X Factor (2008)

Obviously Beyoncé’s iconic duet with Alexandra Burke at the X Factor final is one for the absolute ages, but who remembers her slightly awks encounter with Dermot O’Leary afterwards, during which he called her “hun” while trying to steer the conversation back onto her upcoming tour.

The View (2010)

This appearance on The View in 2010 alongside her mum (shout-out to the icon that is Tina Lawson) is best remembered for when Whoopi Goldberg pointed out: “You are Beyoncé.” Bey’s response? “Thank you.”

Top Of The Pops (2006)

Beyoncé was clearly rather bewildered when Reggie Yates tried to get her to discuss some of London’s top football clubs, Tottenham and Arsenal – to the extent she had to double-check he wasn’t making her “curse”.

Almost 20 years later, Bey would bring her already-legendary Renaissance tour to Tottenham’s grounds for a whopping five-night stint (and despite her previous struggles to say the word “arsenal” she managed it not once but twice on the Renaissance cut Plastic Off The Sofa).

This Morning (2008)

While Alison Hammond is these days known for making headlines thanks to her interviews with A-listers like Lady Gaga, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and, of course, Harrison Ford, she previously shared the screen with Bey while the singer was promoting her I Am… Sasha Fierce album.

After trying out some body percussion, Alison whipped out a game of Connect 4, much to the Grammy winner’s delight.

Did Alison let her win? Well, probably. But wouldn’t you?!

Extra (2013)

Beyoncé’s appearance at the Super Bowl Half-Time in 2013 really was show-stopping… in more ways than one.

After she took to the stage, there was a 30-minute black-out in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome stadium, which fans joked was due to the sheer power of Beyoncé (although, we should point out, her performance was not actually to blame).

Joking about it backstage, she surprised many when she quoted the then-recent viral sensation Kimberly Wilkins (better known to most as Sweet Brown) when she declared: “Lord Jesus it’s a fire!”

Sadly, the above video cuts out right when John Travolta is about to speak, so we’ve been deprived of his take on the matter…

Toazted (2001)

This candid Destiny’s Child interview from over 20 years ago went viral fairly recently, with fans suggesting the trio might have been a little *ahem* refreshed while sitting down with this reporter in Amsterdam.

According to Beyoncé herself, though, this was not the case.

“That video was after a 16-hour press day,” she insisted back in 2019, adding: “Not marijuana!”