A deep dive into the world’s first MEME Museum by 9GAG

K11 Art Mall has joined hands with world-renowned meme platform 9GAG to bring you the first-ever online-to-offline MEME Museum

Kim Kardashian’s crying face. Kermit sipping tea. Disaster girl. Distracted boyfriend. These photos, or ‘memes’ have gone viral over the last few years, having been re-posted and edited thousands of times to fit various contexts and situations.  

What exactly is a meme? Memes are behaviours or ideas expressed as a joke, spread for humorous purposes on social media platforms. Evolved as a universal language between friends, a picture or joke can reach nations across, garnering millions of likes and shares, and ultimately becoming an internet staple sensation.  

On a global scale, 9GAG is Hong Kong’s very own online meme platform. Local influences have also increased the popularity of memes, such as Hong Kong-based memes creator @hkmehmeh with over 34k followers. She posts about her personal, peculiar experiences as a non-native, drawing on the city’s unique but iconic culture through her sarcastic, comical and western style. 

9GAG has recently opened the world’s first-ever online-to-offline MEME Museum at the K11 Art Mall. The museum features over a hundred of the most viral and hilarious memes found on your Instagram feed to real-life digital prints to 4D experience reels.  

The museum is segregated into seven themed zones. The “Beyond the Meme” olfactory experience enables viewers to recreate the “Disaster Girl” meme among others with an exclusive scent pairing. “Side Eyeing Chloe” and “Confused Nick Young” can be witnessed in their true, physical form rather than your Instagram feed, changing the normative 2-D experience to an immersive, sensory 4-D experience. The Meme-go-around encapsulates 78 frames of global and local memes divided into authentic local jokes, international celebrity gags among others. Travel back in time with the Meme Time Tunnel, spanning from the 60’s to the present day.  

Other must-try meme experiences include MEME me 4-grid Snapio Photobooth that enables customers to be their own main meme character, Memeingful temporary tattoo art station and Meme Yes!Cards, transforming the iconic Yes!Cards into meme Cards. End your experience by trying out the “These MEMEs Aren’t Ours️” board game merged with a local twist.  

With the rise of the digital age, memes are the latest concept to be incorporated as an NFT, launching as the world’s first meme NFT artwork, “In Meme We Love”. The NFT will feature over a hundred of the world’s most viral memes and is to be auctioned off on the trading platform foundation. 

Exhibition details:
16th July – 5th September 2021, 12:00pm – 10:00pm.
MEME Museum is located at K11 Art Mall, chi K11 art space, B2/F.

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