A Homeschool Mother’s Journal ~ Pandemic Fatigue

I used to love this format when I was a new blogger years and years ago.

On my mind: I am feeling kinda of blah about blogging today, but wanted to record our lives during this pandemic. I think I have Covid 19 Fatigue. That's a thing, right?! As we open up here in WNC, we are seeing more and more cases. The death rate in our county has doubled in just 10 days. It is interesting to me the difference in how people are being affected around the country and how they are responding. Of course, we are a huge country so we are bound to have a lot of variety. I worry about what is going to happen in our area when the tourists start arriving. We are a major destination year round. Our city doubles in size with tourists when it is fully operating. 

Outside my Window: There is finally a bit of sun. We have had rain for days and days. The garden if doing well. I need to get out there and weed the garden. 

What I am working on: We are planning our next big project. We are going to paint the stairwell and put down pet friendly carpet treads. I am really excited about this project. Our stairs are so worn out and really need some new life breathed into them.

What we are watching: Gotham. We are on season five. My crew loves it and will be sad when it is over. We have also watched the latest season of Call the Midwife.

In our Homeschool this week: We FINISHED physical science. What a relief. I thought we would never be done. Dean just has a little bit left to do and then he will officially graduate. We are so excited for him. Anne is almost done with 11th grade. We decided to skip Anne's end of year testing this year since it wasn't required due to the pandemic and she already did the highest level of testing last year. Dean did his testing before the pandemic shut everything down.

Where we are going: This week has found us much more out and about. Anne went to her job three days. We also went to SAMS, a board game store and Target. It was interesting to note that more people weren't wearing masks now that it is required then they were a few weeks ago when it was voluntary. I would say that 75% were wearing masks.  I was surprised by that. I think it is just rebellion on their part. It is sad that so many see wearing a mask as a punishment or a right being taken away from them instead of realizing that they may be saving the life of someone around them. It is a small sacrifice to make for the betterment of the community. Speaking of masks, Anne said that the only family that came in without masks at her store this week had a 4 pound preemie with them. Crazy...

My favorite thing this week: Going out for ice cream and walking around a grave yard.  Everything feels new again after our long time at home.

Blessings, Dawn