All-day Happy Hour! Smith & Sinclair are making cocktails you can eat

One G&T, extra lemon slices and in gummy form, please!

If you’d ever sipped on a delicious tipple and shouted across the bar — “I could eat this!” — your dreams have become reality, thanks to the arrival of British brand, Smith & Sinclair.

Ideated by two friends in London, Melanie and Emile, who decided the making, shaking and sipping on cocktails while engaged in a gripping board game became too finicky, and turned to the only logical solution: Solidifying their favourite drinks into easy, one-bite gummies. No spills, no sticky mess, no fuss. The games can, thankfully, continue in peace.

As the self-proclaimed “Willy Wonka for Adults”, Smith & Sinclair currently offers a tempting selection of over 15 flavours, each gummy clocking in around 5% ABV, from the classic Gin & Tonic and Whisky Sour to more exciting mixers –– Passionfruit Mojito (one of the brand signatures) and Pineapple Bellini. The sweets have also been thoughtfully curated into themed box sets, made to match whichever sort of evening they’ve been unwrapped to enhance. Emile identifies her favourites as the Negroni and Old Fashioned, describing them as “strong, spirit-forward, simple classics”, while at Lifestyle Asia, we loved the Whiskey and Ginger, packed with the same familiar nuttiness and a welcome kick of spicy ginger in one sugar-coated sweet.

Those curious about the behind-the-scenes, Melanie and Emile reveal that recipes for the edible cocktails are conceptualised much like the ones behind the bar: with herbs, spices and a lot of trialing and testing. Currently, the Smith & Sinclair team are busy with a new coffee-liqueur selection (a Mocha Espresso Martini is set to make a debut), with a Christmas-edition advent calendar on the way.

The next time you’re headed to game night, skip the customary bottle of wine. A box of Smith & Sinclair edible cocktails will be so much more impressive.

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