Asmodee brings Dobble to TikTok in new influencer campaigns

Asmodee is bringing the UK number one selling game Dobble to TikTok with a new campaign that will see the social media platform’s biggest influencers take part in two new brand initiatives.

The first is the #DobbleChallenge, in which some of the platform’s most followed users – including Mr Tov, Kaygon Elliot, Fleur Roberts and Dani Speaks – will test themselves playing the game of speedy observation, which ranked as the country’s best-selling game for the second year in a row as per NPD’s Full Year 2019 data.

Influencers will race to match Dobble cards to the beat of a music track, building up a streak of matches against the clock, while encouraging their followers to do the same, giving a viral spin to the quick-playing card game.

The second campaign will see Asmodee partner with TikTok’s Abi Clarke Comedy and OTB for an Intense Games Night, in which these masters of the app’s signature short-form comedy publish video skits using a selection of the company’s best-known games.

“We’ve seen the growth in the number of users and the general visibility of TikTok since lockdown began, so we’ve partnered with Playtime PR and FanBytes to explore the potential of the platform,” said Ben Hogg, Asmodee’s marketing manager.

“For us, it is an exciting way to reach new audiences using highly entertaining and memorable content that encourages other users to get involved. The content looks fantastic and really shows viewers the fun they could have with Dobble.”

In the June release of NPD data, Asmodee was named the seventh highest toy manufacturer year-to-date by value, with the highest growth of any company above it, with and increase of 37 per cent.

According to NPD, Dobble is in the 10th best-selling item in the toy market by value in 2020.