Baskin Robbins x Pokemon Collab! Pikachu Ice Cream Served in a Pokeball and More Available This Season!

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  • During Baskin-Robbins’ 31 Poké Summer campaign (July 20th to August 30th), several special pokemon items will be available at Japanese Baskin Robbins stores—known in Japan as simply '31'—as part of the promotion for the upcoming Pokémon the Movie: Coco which was supposed to come out this summer but has been delayed.
  • The seasonal items include two Pikachu flavors: Triple Soda with Pikachu flavor—a mixture of melon, cola, and “soda” (which refers to the popular soft drink Ramune) ice cream mixed in with crispy vanilla Pikachu cookies—and Pikachu Thunderbolt Fruit Mix which has chocolate Pikachu cookies, pineapple, yellow peach, banana, apple, and orange cream, and little popping candies.
  • One can also get the Pokémon Ice Cream Master Set which includes 6 scoops served inside 6 different colored pokeballs! The set comes in a box that then can be used as a board game after use.
  • There are also special Pikachu spoons and cups available!
  • Besides ice cream and places to serve it, there are 4 ice cream cakes featuring Pikachu, Eevee, Scorbunny, and Yamper that you can get in a Cake Palette which inlcudes a quarter of each.

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31 Poke Summer Campaign PV

[balloon_speech align="left" text="I want all of mine in Triple Soda with Pikachu flavor! What are you getting, Honey?" image="bee-happy1"] [balloon_speech align="right" text="I'll get the cake so we can share with Bonbon and Mo-chan!" image="honey-happy3"]
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