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Family Board Game Gift Guide -- The best board games for families!

Best Family Board Games (Updated for 2020)

Here’s a list of (maybe) new-to-you games that your family will love. Something for every age and personality! Some of these have limited availability (which is noted), but should at least give you some ideas so you can keep your eye out at other retailers.

1. Blokus — Fun strategy game for the whole family! Easy to learn.

2. HedBanz Game —  Such a silly, family-friendly game that gets everyone engaged and involved.

3. Telestrations — Like playing Telephone — only with markers! One player sketches, the others try to guess what it is, then draw something based on it. (only the Party Pack is available right now on Amazon)

4. Taboo — Such a fun classic game that can be played as a family OR for game night with friends. Adaptable for all ages and fast-paced!

5. Word On The Street – The Hilarious Tug Of Words — Great for Scrabble lovers. Teams use tiles to spell words that fit categories (types of cheese, for example). The challenge? The other guys can steal your letters. Also available in the Junior version.

6. Qwirkle Cubes Board Game — Similar to the original Qwirkle game, great for kids and adults alike!

7. Catan (formerly The Settlers of Catan) — Not available on Amazon right now, unless you want the full expansion pack.

8. Sequence and Sequence Numbers — A mix of a board game and a card game.  The original is one of our all-time favorites.

9. Beat The Parents Board Game — Brings kids together with their parents to go head to head in the fun filled family trivia game.

10. Bananagrams — This game is great for travel or home. SO much fun and can be adapted for any age!

11. Apples to Apples — Kids go crazy for this game. Great for larger groups!

12. Ticket To Ride — This game makes several top 10 family game lists. One reviewer says, “Highly popular game everyone should own. Possibly the best general family game for all ages and “must have.” Light strategy game is easy to learn and does not take long to play (45 minutes). Fun for adults and kids of all ages (except the very young).”

13. Exploding Kittens — AMAZING reviews and well-loved by Frugal Living NW and their families! For 2-5 players. You can also grab the first expansion pack Imploding Kittens or the second Streaking Kittens.

14. Quiddler — Recommended for ages 8+ and up to 8 players! Gets FANTASTIC reviews.

15. Catch Phrase — Another super fun word-guessing game for families or parties. Fast-paced and you work as teams so all ages can play together.

16. Unstable Unicorns — This is a new one to us, but comes highly recommended! A strategic card game recommended for ages 14+.

17. Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza — You guys. This is seriously one of the silliest, dumbest games we’ve ever played but it’s HILARIOUS. It’s fast-paced and fun, requires very little critical thinking and honestly, you just can’t be in a bad mood after playing.

Family board game suggestions from FLNW readers:

  1. Sushi Go! (not currently available on Amazon, but you can grab Sushi Go! Party) — Fast paced, quick card game that has been recommended to us over and over!
  2. Anomia — Card game that benefits having lots of random facts in your head! Says “tons of replay” value, which is so useful with games like this.
  3. Munchkin — Dungeon adventure card game that gets GREAT reviews, listed as “fast paced and silly”
  4. Timeline — Card game that has you sort out when historical events happened and in what order. Gets really good reviews and we will absolutely call it educational. Comes in Timeline ClassicTimeline Events and Timeline Inventions

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