Build’n Play Solo Word Game (by Mnemosynch)


Build'n Play Solo Word Game

Mnemosynch Inc.
The most unique feature of Build'n Play is its simple, intuitive UI to build and solo play ANY scrabble-like crossword b…
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The most unique feature of Build'n Play is its simple, intuitive UI to build and solo play ANY scrabble-like crossword board game. You may play solo the build-in games against AI, or you may spend 2 minutes to build your favorite game and enjoy solo play of the game forever. The app comes with four carefully crafted crossword board games: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta that you can play solo word game against AI. These games promote different strategies. Moreover, each of the four games can be personalized to ANY scrabble-like crossword board game including but not limited to classic word game like Scrabble, and more modern word games like Words with Friends, Words with Friends Fast Play, Wordfeud, Word chums, and Word chums Quick Play, as well as their variations (e.g. Scrabble board and tiles with Word Chums' bonus points). Play like a true word master and win with different strategies! Features: + Simple and intuitive UI to build crossword board game. For example, to build the classic Scrabble game, just perform the following simple steps after opening the app: 1) tap the 'Build Your Own Game' button; 2) select (a) 15x15 board Size, (b) the dictionary of your choice, and (c) tiles from Scrabble; 3) tap 'Customize Game Board' button; 4) drag-and-drop special squares to the game board to make Scrabble board, then tap 'Done'; 5) tap 'Save'. Similar steps can create other games like Words with Friends, WordFeud, and Word Chums. You may further customize the game board, letter points, bonus points if you choose to. + Support 15x15, 13x13, 11x11, and 9x9 board sizes and five special squares: double letter (2L), triple letter (3L), quadruple letter (4L), double word (DW), and triple word (TW). 11x11 boards look great on small phones. + Normal Play (until end of bag) and 7-turn quick play against up to two AI opponents. + 6 AI skill levels (beginner to master). + Built-in Guru support. When you get stuck, you can ask GURU about the current play (and tap a word provided by Guru two times to use the word in the ongoing game). You may also ask about the last play to check how well you did. When asked, the word master will give all possible moves with all words allowed by the dictionary or with only common words (about 30K most frequently used words) that are allowed by the dictionary. The dictionaries in this app are based on 2022 TWL (Scrabble US), 2022 SOWPODS (Scrabble UK), and the Enhanced North American Benchmark LExicon (ENABLE) that the Words with Friends (WWF) game is based on. Enjoy your favorite crossword board game with this app!
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Updated:May 27, 2023
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