Celebrate Spring With These Fresh Phone Backgrounds

Is your phone background feeling a little stale? Swap out the understated and moody tones we embraced during the holidays for something that just screams 'spring!' This is the perfect, not to mention insanely easy, way to add some extra color to your day-to-day. Keep reading to find the bright and punchy wallpaper of your dreams — which you can download here.

Everything Checks Out

checkerboard background

Checkerboards are totally in right now, and we're not talking about the board game (although we love a good game night). We're all about checkered loungewear and sneakers, but our obsession also extends to phone backgrounds.

Celebrate Good Times

kindness quote pink wallpaper

During the toughest of times, we need reminders that everything will be okay. Just like flowers need kindness, care, and time to grow, so do we!

Fresh As A Daisy

yellow and green flower background

We love big cities. The endless concrete and skyscrapers? Not so much. Nature-themed backgrounds are great for anyone who wishes they had fields, flowers, and trees to look at 24/7.

Head In The Clouds

blue and white cloud wallpaper

Sometimes all we need to feel more grounded is a simple reminder to breathe.

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