Cheap Rewards For Kids – Encouraging Chore Chart Good Behavior

Chore charts are a great way to keep kids on track, but sometimes the activities can get a little boring. Here are some rewards for kids that will help keep your child on task and engaged while ensuring everyone is having fun working towards an end goal.

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Rewards For Kids Ideas

There are many reasons that parents turn to chore charts. Whether it’s to focus on good grades, promoting a specific behavior, or teaching good manners, this powerful tool can be a fun way to get your children interested in learning new behaviors through daily tasks.

But if you want to motivate your kid, you’ll need to think outside the box. Your child’s age will also play a huge part in what their favorite reward ideas will be. WIll you need video games, small toys, more screen time, a marble jar, or just acknowledgment that they’ve done a good job so far?

Each person is motivated in a different way and your child’s behavior will differ based on their specific intrinsic motivation.

Benefits of Using a Reward Chart For Kids

Setting up a system of rewards helps children understand how certain actions can lead to a positive outcome or a negative one if they refuse to cooperate. Rewarding your child for participating can be an effective way to teach them new skills while also teaching them the value of cooperation and working toward goals.

In addition, some parents opt to create charts that include chores not usually expected of younger children – such as taking out the trash without being asked or earning straight As in school. Consider these four principles:

  • Working towards a specific goal
  • Learning a new habit or positive behavior
  • Showing appreciation for all their hard effort and dedication
  • Positive reinforcement

In the long run, you will have to figure out what type of behavior reward ideas will work best at the end of the week. Bigger rewards don’t necessarily matter. Sometimes all your son or daughter needs is verbal praise from their parent on a daily basis. Remember that!

Young children typically want simple things, like positive feedback or a bike ride with dad. Need more sticker chart reward ideas? Here is a nice list to get you started:

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Choose What’s For Dinner

One reward a child might like is choosing what’s for dinner that night. If your kid is a picky eater, this could be a major win! Odds are they will choose either mac and cheese or chicken fingers. So, get ready and have those options on hand. Set some ground rules and tell your littles that junk food is not allowed as an option. That is a good idea!

Create A Family Bucket List

Making a family bucket list can be a great way to spend time together outside of the house. Take time to create one ahead of time and then allow your child to select a family goal of their choice whenever they’ve earned it.

Later Bedtime

Every child under the sun wants to stay up later than they are allowed. Opting for a later bedtime is a common goal that you will see across all age groups. Just make sure you reward their good behaviour on a Friday.

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Family Game Night

Family game night is another great way to spend time together. Whether it’s a board game, card game, or even an epic round of hide n’ seek in the house, family game night is a must. Hopefully, you will love the time spent together so much that you end up making it a weekly activity on your own. Who needs a rewards chart for Monopoly, right?

Become A Superhero

Another fun idea could be turning your kid into their favorite superhero after earning specific point values. If she earns 100 points, then he can become Batman for the week – complete with mask and cape. Head to the Dollar Store and look for cheap items to help create this fun activity. Actually, heading out to buy the items can also be part of the extrinsic motivation. It’s a special activity to look forward to!

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Extra Pocket Money

Once your child has completed all of their daily chores and shown you that they got a grip on time management, perhaps they might be interested in earning some money. Of course, this works best for older children.

Get Crafty

When you want to reward your child for a job well done, letting them pick out a new craft or activity that they can do together with the family is a great choice. These material rewards can also act as a creative outlet for those that need to get their hands dirty.

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An Outing Of Their Choice

After a great week in school, let your child pick a weekend activity of their choice. Whether it’s an official outing, like dinner and a movie with just you and them, or heading out to play miniature golf with ice cream, your child will feel so special for a great job done. And since they are picking, it will be the right reward for sure!

No Chores

If your kid is tired from a long week of school, let them have a relaxing night at home instead of making them do all the chores. Just be sure to clarify that they will still have to complete these tasks eventually.

One On One Time With Mom or Dad

Kids love spending time with their parents. What better way to reward your child for a good week than having some one-on-one time with you? Whether it’s watching a movie together, grabbing lunch at the park, or playing video games, he’ll appreciate knowing that you’re thinking of him and want to spend quality time with him as well. A lot of times, parents end up continuing this tradition which is so great!

Bake Something Yummy

Letting your kid whip up a special treat after earning her points is the perfect way to end the day on a sweet note. If they are too little to bake on their own, be sure to supervise in the kitchen and do most of the legwork. A sweet treat can go a long way. Since this is a reward, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a healthy option.

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Watch A Movie Together

Once your child has completed their star charts, let them choose one of their favorite movies for a movie night. You don’t have to go to the theatre if you don’t want to. Time on the living room couch will do.

Sweet Treat

Creating a jar of little treats that he can dip into for an afternoon pick-me-up works! It doesn’t have to be cookies either. Consider gumballs, candy, or anything else you’d like.

Extra Time On Electronics

I can tell you that extra time on electronics is something almost every child wants! If your kids are old enough, give them a certain number of points each day that they can save up for some extra phone time or computer play time.

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Get a New Book

If your child is in school, it can be a great idea to reward them with new books that they get to keep for themselves. You can even try buying their favorite series or author instead of just one book at a time.

Remembering Your Child’s Accomplishments

Have you considered creating a milestone book to document all of your child’s accomplishments? For example, if you are working on potty training, brushing teeth, making beds, and doing laundry, why not photograph each of those chores as soon as they are mastered? It will become a wonderful keepsake to look back on for years to come.

Reward System Tips For Mom And Dad

There are some things that you can offer up all week long while working on behavioral issues.

  • Praise is free and always appreciated. You can offer it up for good behavior, chores around the house, great grades in school or you name it.
  • Never take away points once they have been earned. Earned points are always kept.
  • Remember the power of positive reinforcement . It’s important to recognize when your child does something great! Make sure he or she knows about it so they are encouraged do more great things throughout the day/week.
  • Do not use a chart to punish bad behavior.
  • Have patience. Remember that every child is different and unique.
  • Every child will react to rewards differently. You have to take the time to figure out reasonable rewards for your child’s behavior.
  • Don’t get discouraged. If one chart doesn’t work, consider a new design.

How Will You Reward Your Child’s Positive Efforts?

As you can see, there are many different ways to use reward charts in order to encourage positive behavior in your children. It’s good for them to learn how to be responsible and accountable for their actions, especially in a world where these types of qualities aren’t always encouraged. Just make sure that when your child is doing something great, you let him know it! Whether it be with words or even giving him the biggest hug ever. By staying positive and encouraging them along the way, you’ll get them hooked on helping out around the house in no time at all!

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