Creating the ultimate luxury games room in your home

Whether you’ve just purchased a bigger home or are looking to make better use of the space you’ve got, a games room is the ultimate luxury addition to your living set-up. A dedicated space for all of your entertainment needs, nothing says welcome to your guests quite like a private recreation space filled with all of the best equipment and facilities to make for a fun and sociable night. Plus, it’s a great place to escape to for some alone time when you need it the most.

Games rooms can also be a great option for families with kids, keeping the mess and noise out of the main living space and providing an area in which they, too, can entertain friends.

So, if you’re looking to upgrade that spare room or basement and make it a room to be proud of, then look no further – because it couldn’t be easier to get started.

Define the space

First, consider the décor. While you might want to make this space unique, it’s important to keep the interior design in-keeping with the rest of your home to maintain that luxury feel throughout. Going for an entirely different look can be jarring when you walk in and detract from the overall effect of your home, so keep things chic and sophisticated and you can’t go far wrong.
Lighting is a key consideration, so consider a statement chandelier to ensure that wow factor as soon as your guests enter. Dim lighting and lamps placed strategically around the room to highlight each gaming station will ensure an atmospheric vibe.

Whether you’ve just purchased a bigger home or are looking to make better use of the space you’ve got, a games room is the ultimate luxury addition to your living set-up

Plan your set-up

Setting up different zones in the room by designating spaces is a great way to differentiate the areas and encourage people to flow around the room. By doing so, you’ll pave the way for them to move from station to station, making for a more sociable experience all round. Having people move from the pool table to the bar, then onto the billiards table, will ensure they are kept entertained all evening.

Foosball tables and retro-style arcade games can up the fun factor, while a built-in bar to serve drinks from can ensure that you retain a high-end vibe.

Placing additional seating around the room with tables, rather than in one central location, will encourage guests to mingle with others. Think chic cocktail tables or comfortable sofas to ensure a sociable set-up all round.

It’s important to ensure that your space is well organised to get the maximum out of your set-up. Each game needs to have a dedicated area to make it easily accessible, so consider the furniture you might need for each. Console tables, book cases and storage chests may all have a place in the room, depending on what sort of games you are going for, so decide what the key entertainment options are going to be – whether it’s a games console, a pool table or a board game station – and plan your layout around them. Each should be easily accessible and ready to go at a moment’s notice for a fully functional games room.

Comfortable club chairs around a coffee table will make for a cosy central set-up. Opt for opulent surfaces like polished wood and suede for your games tables to continue that luxurious feel.

The best broadband speed for gaming could be the difference between a lag-fuelled defeat or coming out on top

Install super-fast broadband

Super-fast broadband is a must – so check out for the best options. Fibre broadband is generally the fastest choice, which you’ll want if you plan on having games consoles or a home cinema set-up within the room.

Whilst there are many different packages available, unlimited broadband is best – allowing you to use as much as you want to, anytime. If movie nights are likely to be a feature of your games room schedule, then you may want to combine your broadband with a TV package – Sky Cinema generally offers the widest variety of options to choose from, but take your time to look at the options and work out what will best cater to your needs.

And finally…

Nothing kills a luxurious vibe quote like visible clutter, so keep wires and equipment hidden or carefully stored to allow the room itself to do the talking.

Follow these simple steps, and your home will soon become the go-to for stylish social events amongst your friends. Just don’t forget the cocktail shakers and the Champagne for an evening to remember.