DIY Floating Pool Lights (So fun for Summer!)

Whether you have a big backyard pool or a little baby pool – these DIY Floating Pool Lights are a fun way to add some twinkle to a summer night!


DIY Floating Pool Noodles 


Looking to add a little nighttime fun to your swimming pool?  These DIY Pool Noodle Luminaries are super simple and inexpensive – using just a couple inexpensive items from Walmart or the Dollar Tree.

PPP Team Member Kristen recently made these floating lights for her backyard pool – and they turned out so cute!

Here's how she made these DIY led luminaries….: 

What You'll Need:

  • Large pool noodles (the thinner, smaller ones don’t work because they don’t have a large enough base to help them float)
  • LED tea lights
  • Scissors
  • Large knife
  • Plastic wrap
  • Small rubber bands


Instructions for Diy floating pool lights:

1 . First I cut the pool noodle with the sharp knife into 2-3 inch sections. (It cuts pretty easily and evenly with the knife as opposed to the scissors.) You don’t want them too small or the tea light will show over the top, but if the noodles are too tall they will not float steadily.

2 . Using my fingers I gently squeezed the pool noodle inside the opening to make the opening a little larger.

3 . Peel the red sticker off the LED tea light. In order to protect them from water and make them last longer, wrap a small piece of plastic wrap around the bottom of the LED tea light and put a rubberband around it to hold it in place.

4 . Then insert it into the pool noodle and press it down until just a little lip is showing above the noodle.

5 . You can reach in through the opening and turn it off and on.

6 . Place in the pool and watch them float and add a great ambiance to your pool!


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