Frostpunk getting a tabletop adaption from This War of Mine: The Board Game’s creators

Developer 11 Bit Studios' acclaimed post-apocalyptic city builder Frostpunk is being turned into a board game by the team responsible for This War of Mine's superb tabletop adaptation.

Frostpunk: The Board Game is a collaboration between 11 Bit Studios and Glass Cannon Unplugged, and, more specifically, is being designed by This War of Mine: The Board Game co-creator Jakub Wiśniewski along with Adam Kwapiński (Nemesis, Lords of Hellas).

Taking its cue from the video game version, Frostpunk's tabletop adaptation will see up to four players attempting to run a small colony of survivors in a harsh, subzero world. As you'd hope, the aim is to effectively translate the original's core into physical form, and Wiśniewski describes the board game as a "morally complex and highly, highly challenging" experience full of "tough choices, narrative depth, immersive gameplay, snow, and despair".

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