Fun Kid (and Adult!) Friendly Activities to Do While Stuck Inside

The COVID-19 crisis has given us all a lot of time indoors lately, and while this can be an incredible time for family bonding and quality time with little ones, there’s only so many times  mommas can answer little voices asking “What can I do now?” Need some new ideas to keep your family busy while you’re stuck inside? We’ve got you covered!

This list of activities for kids has something for every interest and age group — including parents looking to get in on the fun! Explore new ways to entertain your kids with indoor activities they will love. From learning opportunities to creative art projects, indoor adventures, and absorbing DIYs, discover all the activities you need to pass the time inside!

This list of activities for kids has something for every interest and age group. Discover all the activities you need to pass the time inside!

Build A Model:

Nothing keeps little hands busy like building scale models! These amazing anime models will give your kids something to focus on for hours on end. They’ll love the sense of accomplishment that comes with putting together their own model that they can show off for years to come — not to mention it gives them a complete toy to play with for other indoor make-believe adventures!

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Build A Terrarium:

Order a terrarium kit online or build one of your own out of a recycled jar and some potting soil. This is a fun activity for kids that also provides lots of teaching moments and will add some refreshing greenery to your home!

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Cupcake Decorating Party:

Bake up some cupcakes from scratch or use a boxed mix to create some delicious treats, then let your little ones go to town with frosting, candy accessories, chocolate chips, or whatever other sweet edible bits you have around the house. You can even digitally loop in friends and family by crafting your treats at the same time over Zoom, and sharing your creations over social media in a shared post!

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Get a Game Night Going:

Start a family pool tournament, a regular Uno game, Jenga session, or bust out a classic board game. Your kids will have a great time playing together, and you can make it into an event with some favorite snacks and great music! Looking to extend the fun? Create a week-long family game tournament and keep track of your wins-and-losses over the week to see who comes out as the champion!

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Brighten Up A Bedroom:

Your child will be overjoyed to have a beautiful rainbow brighten their room. With these fun rainbow window films, you’ll be able to transform any space in your home into a multi-colored wonder, not to mention add some cheer (and perhaps a science lesson while you’re at it!)

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Indoor Picnics:

Who says you need to get outside to have a great picnic? Spread an old tablecloth or blanket across your living room floor and pack a basket full of your favorite foods, including nutritional snacks and some beloved treats, as well as beverages stored in thermoses for a little bit of authenticity. You can also use this as a chance to do some quick food-based activities: use plastic knives, pre-cut celery, peanut butter, and a few raisins to help your kiddos make “Ants On A Log.” With mom or dad’s help, you can even make some stovetop s’mores for dessert when your sandwiches and snacks are done!

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Make Jewelry:

While kids’ jewelry kits are a great thing to have on hand, you can also make your own adornments from household items. Making paper beads out of newspapers, old magazines, and other recycling is a resourceful and inexpensive way to get them crafting—the only other items you’ll need are a toothpick, scissors, a glue stick, and some string or yarn. Fun, easy-to-set-up (and clean up!), this activity is guaranteed to keep them busy for hours.

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Give a Household Item a Makeover:

All this time indoors makes for the perfect, home renovation opportunity! This fun DIY lamp makeover tutorial shows you how to turn a basic lamp into a kid-friendly, fun piece of art. Another fun one that will help jazz up their rooms: a cool string garland that they can hang above their beds! Shop for a DIY garland kit or use your own crafting supplies like yarn and pom-poms to craft your own. Your kids will love the sense of pride that comes from decorating their own space and asserting their personalities through design, and you’ll love the fun and stylish new touches it adds to your home!

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Write a Letter:

Get a little old fashioned and bring back the art of letter writing! Invite your kids to write a letter to a friend, family member, congressperson, or even a celebrity they admire. Fun stationery sets for kids make this even more appealing (as do add-ons and extras like stickers, colored pencils, and multicolored pens!)

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Explore Resin Crafts:

For older kids and teens, using resin can be a great way for them to explore their artsy sides. Working with resin can be engaging for older kids, but is still relatively inexpensive, easy-to-clean-up, and pretty straightforward. Get them started with a simple rainbow resin pendant, and see where their imagination takes them!

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Improve Those Language Skills:

With e-learning taking off across the country, parents have new chances to get involved with their child’s learning. Use this time to master a new language together for a unique bonding experience that will help you both learn something new! There are many fantastic resources and apps that provide kid-friendly ways to learn a new language. Enrich the experience by researching the culture of the countries where that language is spoken, and maybe you even throw a cooking project into the mix by attempting to make a traditional food or drink!

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Plant an Herb Garden:

This one could be especially nice for both parents and kids if you are cooking at home more than usual! You’ll have lots of fresh herbs to garnish all of your favorite dishes, and you’ll get to teach your kids about growing plants, taking care of them, and cooking with different herbs and flavors. Follow these tips to create a kid-friendly outdoor herb garden or make a kitchen herb garden with a few of your favorites.

herb garden starter kit

Do a Kids’ Spa Day:

Start with a bubble bath then prepare a few kid-friendly “spa day” treatments, such as homemade face masks with yogurt or mashed avocado (don’t forget the cucumber slices for their eyes!). Top it off with other fun touches like manicures and pedicures, and some gentle aromatherapy treatments that you can make by combining a kid-friendly organic lotion with a few drops of essential oils. They’ll adore the chance to feel grown-up and relax in their robes (or towels!) for a few hours!

kids spa day foot bath

Tie-Dye T-Shirts:

Take an old shirt and make it new again with a few simple tie-dye tricks. A tie-dye kit will include everything you need to brighten up a gently used article of clothing, or you can make your own dyes from pantry staples like food coloring, rubber bands, and plastic bags. This activity is perfect for older kids who are eager to start expressing themselves through their clothes, and even teenagers looking to refresh their wardrobes!

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What are your favorite ideas for at-home play and activities? Leave your tried-and-true suggestions in the comments below!



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