Funny Practical Toilet Timer

Vendor: MaviGadget
Type: Hourglasses
Price: 25.99

Prepare a fun gift or Christmas stocking gift for your favorite smell lovers.

Distribute Bathroom Time Evenly: Believe that bathroom time should be distributed fairly. With this hourglass timer, you can now adjust family bowel activities through the DOO process and scientific precision.

Unlike bathroom reading books, Sudoku puzzles, in-seat beer racks, modern smartphones, and other things that inspire potential dogs to play while strays, the hourglass timer encourages everyone to go in and out, and move on.

Wide Uses: Beautiful and safe, can be used for timing, children's toys, home decorations, card timing for board games, and sauna timing.

Please Note: The product time is about 5 minutes, 300 seconds, and there is a 10% error time.

Material: PVC+ABS + sand
Size: about 9.5*3.2*9.4cm/3.74*1.26*3.7in
Weight: about 93g
Product time: 5 minutes, 300 seconds, 10% error time.
Advantages: beautiful and safe, easy to time, make children's toys, home decorations, board game card timing, sauna timing.

Packing List:

1*Hourglass Timer