Gibsons teams with board gaming experts to launch first party game, Out of Order

The creative might of Mojo Nation’s design experts, Billy Langsworthy and Deej Johnson, alongside the encyclopedic board game knowledge of Playtime PR’s Lesley Singleton has been met by the independent jigsaw puzzle and board game company, Gibsons, for the launch of the firm’s first ever party game.

The result of such a meeting of minds is Out of Order, a ‘cheeky’, fast-paced quiz game that puts player’s general knowledge to the test, not by answering questions correctly, but by calling out the answer to the previous question.

Channeling the sidesplitting humour of that famous Two Ronnies sketch, the game, developed in collaboration with Mojo Nation’s Billy Langsworthy and Deej Johnson, and Playtime PR’s Lesley Singleton, has been designed to keep players on their toes as the ultimate test of their synaptic reflexes.

“Developing a party game is new territory for us and we’re really excited to launch,” said Samantha Goodburn, marketing manager at Gibsons. “We’ve been wanting to introduce a playful, after-dinner game for adults for a while now and when Out of Order was pitched to us, we knew it was perfect. What makes this game brilliant is the word-play – because the players have to provide the ‘wrong’ answer, the results are hilarious. There’s always someone who ends up in hysterics!”

The game starts with the Quiz Master reading out the first question to the person on their left. But instead of answering this question, that person simply says, “Out of Order!” The Quiz Master then reads out the second question. The same person now gives the answer to the first question, meaning that the answers are always out of order and more often than not, extremely cheeky.

Play continues like this for all five questions on the card and to make the quiz even harder, there is the option to add a 30 second time limit for each card. Get one wrong or take too long and play moves to the next opponent, so there’s no time for anyone to zone out or nip to the fridge!

There’s also a fast fire bonus question at the end of each card – where any player can shout out the answer!
Players score a point for every correct answer and mark it on the box with the clip-on scoring arrow … the first player to reach 20 points, wins.

Out of Order is quick to start and easy to play straight away, with amusing tongue-in-cheek results. What’s more, it is made in the UK and completely plastic free. There is a laugh on every card with this quirky quiz game for two to six players aged 14 and upwards.