Grandkid Picture Overload

I’m late with a blog post today.  I was supposed to write one last night, but this little guy, Eli, took priority.  He’s been having a rough time with things.  He ended up with RSV and an ear infection about 10 or so days ago.  We thought he was on the mend, but yesterday when he was here, he still wasn’t “quite right”.  I told Kelli I thought he needed to go back to urgent care.

Kelli took him but left Emmett and Georgia with me.  It turns out that Eli now has an ear infection in both ears and his bronchitis stuff hasn’t cleared up all the way.

Kelli didn’t get back to my house from urgent care until after 10 pm so I didn’t get a chance to write a blog post.  So I am at the computer now and decided to give you a photo drop of cute grandkid pictures.

Here is Emmett.  He rolls EVERYWHERE…and can roll across a room.  I tease and say his eyebrows look like parenthesis.  He is posing with the baby quilt that I made him.

Here is Carver… I told you our family is obsessed with the board game Ticket to Ride.  (Find it HERE).  Well, Carver was pretty proud of himself as he played with us and beat all of the adults.  Here’s his picture.

He just LOVES playing with us and is actually pretty good at it.

Jason, Kelli’s husband, keeps their kids overnight when Kelli is working the overnight shift.  That means he has to dress her and get her ready.  They are working on Georgie dressing herself.  Well, Miss Georgie threw a fit and this is how she dressed herself!!

Baby shark pj bottoms, lady but boots, a unicorn shirt…and she wouldn’t sit to get her hair fixed.  Jason is a great dad and I admire him for tackling all three kids…and Georgie can definitely throw some crazy fits no one wants to battle.

Here are Emmett and Eli…

This is Gannon painting…

Carver had painted too.  He ended up getting paint in his hair.  We had fun teasing everyone that he had been in an accident and that it was blood.

Jasper is really into baby dolls.  He carries one around a lot.  Some people have don’t like boys playing with dolls.  Not in our family.  Boys need to learn to grow up and be dads, just the same as girls need to grow up and be moms.

Buck sent this picture of Scotty.  He got to go farming with his Grandpa Tony.  Scotty loved the day farming but didn’t love the loud combine.

Kalissa had Kelli kids one night when Kelli was working…

Kayla sent this picture of Jasper.  I just love it.

Here is Carver blowing out candles on his birthday cake.  I think it’s a cute picture.

I don’t have pictures of Lilly and Lucy this time around.  I’ll try to catch them in the next photo dump of grandkid pictures.