Great family-friendly activities that think beyond the board game

Monopoly is great, but it can't be the only option available.
Monopoly is great, but it can't be the only option available. (Naassom Azevedo via Unsplash/)

Spending weekends inside with your family isn’t always easy, especially when you’ve exhausted your three go-to entertainment options: Movie nights, board games, and everyone retreating to separate corners of the house to stare at their phones.

There are other options, however. Here are some games and activities that think outside the board game and help bring family time up a notch no matter how long it lasts.

Don’t just sit there.
Don’t just sit there. (Amazon/)

Board games are great, sure, but they may not be enough stimulation for families who aren’t into sitting quietly. The Outset Media scavenger hunt is designed to be played indoors or out and has minimal accessories (just decks of cards)—so it doesn’t require any real set up or small pieces that are easily lost. Simple, fun, and much more “get up and go” than a game of Clue.

The great indoors.
The great indoors. (Amazon/)

Rather than snack while you’re engaged in a family activity, why not make snacking the family activity? All the fun of making s’mores without needing a campfire or the great outdoors, this electric all-in-one kit is flameless to ensure safety. It comes with roasting forks and side trays for graham crackers and chocolate—all of which are designed to be disassembled and easy to clean. Best of all: it all functions with a simple on/off switch.

Board games are for the meek.
Board games are for the meek. (Amazon/)

If you’ve got the space and the time, this is the kit that takes family gaming to new levels. Featuring sturdy, adjustable gymnastics rings, fist holds, and monkey bars with 13 safety strap buckles and delta rings, this is a little more than “some assembly required.” Attach the 40-foot slackline to some trees—the twin gear ratchet system lets you fasten and adjust the line easily and safely—and you’re good to go. It all packs up into a shed or garage-friendly carrying bag as well.

Smell ya later.
Smell ya later. (Amazon/)

Who says all family activities have to involve competition? Let your creative side show with this family-friendly kit for making all-natural bath bombs and essential oils. It’s a little bit of baking, a little bit of science, and a little bit of creative flair all mixed into one. The set comes with an array of all-natural scents such as lavender, eucalyptus, and peppermint as well as sturdy metal molds that ensure you can go back to this kit again and again.