Hasbro Announces New Pieces That Will Be Added To Monopoly Later This Year

You’ve had time to properly mourn the beloved thimble, wheelbarrow, and boot heading to the great Boardwalk in the sky. Now, in anticipation of World Monopoly Day on March 19, Hasbro has announced which 8 pieces the public are allowing to pass GO and officially join (or rejoin) the legendary board game.

monopoly new pieces

The worldwide online vote was held from January 10-31, and the pieces chosen by over 4 million fans in approximately 146 countries are … drum roll, please … the Scottie dog, top hat, car, battleship, cat, T-rex, rubber ducky, and penguin. This is a mix of old and new, as several of the pieces chosen were original game tokens that were saved from being banished to board game Hell, while the T-rex, rubber ducky, and penguin will be brand new to the game. The updated version of the game will be available this fall.

If you are upset with these changes, take heart in knowing that the Internet could have done much worse: Options for new pieces included a thumbs-up emoji, a kissing face emoji, and a goddamn hashtag. Had any of those become permanent fixtures of Monopoly, that would have been a clear sign of the coming apocalypse.

monopoly boot

flickr / Rich Brooks

And while change can be a bit scary, you have to admit you’re pretty excited by the idea of getting to be a dinosaur at your next family game night. Or a penguin, because you know they set a great example for modern parents. And no matter what piece you choose, one thing remains the same: You will never stop enjoying taking every last pretend dollar from your wife and kids.

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